Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Morning After With Simple

I can imagine that tonight will be full of laughter, bubbly and dancing. What a great way to see in 2017. You may wake up tomorrow with a bit of a sore head and aching feet. Perhaps that glittery eye make-up look just wouldn't budge and so resulted as some left over smudges on your pillow... not really a good look... I've been there too, don't worry. 

So with this in mind I wanted to share with you a couple of products I've been using recently that remove every single last bit of make-up. Super quick, gentle and simple (see what I did there?)

First off there's the Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil, made from natural grape seed oil and packed with vitamins A and E, this oil dissolves all impurities and make-up is melted away. Gentle on the skin with deep cleaning results your skin will look restored back to it's best. Considering this is a cleansing oil, no oily residue is left behind and your skin feels completely hydrated without any irritation. Perfect! 

Next up there's the Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover. I personally love products you have to 'shake to wake' and this remover provides fabulous results! Once you've shaken the mixture together the oil will help the product glide over the eyes with ease with no nasty tugging and the purified water will dissolve away your make-up in one sweep, even waterproof mascara and stubborn glitter! The eye area is very delicate so the fact you can remove every bit of make-up without stripping the skin or causing irritation is a huge plus in my opinion. Containing all sorts of vitamins it also looks after your lashes too!

So there you have it, a little duo that will give you a squeaky clean face so the only thing you need to worry about the morning after will be how to stop the floor from spinning... 

You can find these Simple products in all sorts of stores, Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets. So grab them when you are fencing those last important bits before your big night. 

How are you all spending your New Years? I'd love to know. XO

*the small print: The products featured in today's post were kindly sent to me to try. However the opinions and words are by yours truly. Thank you very much Simple! 

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