Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day in the life of a MUA

On Monday I had another shoot with some talented students at Brighton University. Here are a few snaps to show you how the day went! It is always such fun working on shoots like this! So relaxed and calm, if you listen carefully enough you can literally hear the creative thoughts running through the heads of the designers too! Enjoy cake lovers xo  

Set up for the morning, just some of the kit I used.

Look One on the lovely Emily 

I wanted these so badly!

It is all in the detail. photographers getting close ups of the pieces

Mix up with a head scarf. Gabby the hair stylist of the day was amazing!

Look Two, take a look at those cute freckles

Such a beauty 

Rachel the Designer working her magic 


There you have it folks! What do you guys think? Hope to work with everyone again soon, such a good day! 

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Simple Everyday Look

Simple, Everyday Look 

Now, this may be a shock to some of you, but in the mornings, if I have a choice between getting extra sleep or taking ages with my makeup, sleep always wins! 

So I've decided to show you guys what I do for a simple, every day look. 

The first look is very simple and could easily be called a 'no makeup , makeup' look so I decided to show you another look that is just a quick but aimed for you out there who are like myself and prefer a little extra punch! Here you are, enjoy cake lovers xo 

Here is all I used for the first look
Benefit Porefessional 
Rimmel Wake Me Up! Foundation and Concealer 
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Contour and Highlight compact
Mac Blush in Peaches 
Shu Umera Lash Curlers 
L'Oreal Studio Secrets in Light Brunette 
MUA Black Kohl
Rimmel Brown Kohl 
Maybelline The Falsies 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette 

So, as you can see, its very little makeup, but it makes you look put together and naturally pretty... which is always a good thing! 

I applied my foundation as normal over the primer using a damp beauty blender. Then contoured and highlighted lightly to give my face some shape. I always look ill and very flat when I just have foundation on! 
Remember to keep it fresh and light, just a little brush in the hollows of your cheeks and temples with the shading colour and highlight the tops of your cheeks, down the middle of your nose and your cupids bow. This will give you a very simple and pretty glow that looks very natural. I then applied peaches by Mac to my cheeks, line the blush up to the outer conner of your eyes, this is were we naturally flush with colour, so for a cute girly look, apply the blush on that spot.

Now for the eyes! I used a  soft brown, kohl pencil and lined the middle to outer corner of the upper lash line, give the liner the tiniest flick at the end to give your eyes a more bright, wide awake appearance. Once I was happy with the shape and thickness of the liner, I blended over it with a small angled brush to soften the look. I continued this down onto my lower lash and water line. 

By now you should have a soft and beautifully natural looking eye and you can easily stop there, but if you fancy a little more, take a black kohl pencil and line your tight line (upper water line below your lashes) Now this will feel funny, but it shouldn't hurt! This is a great trick to give you some fuller looking set of lashes without having to bother with any falsies (blondies, this is a great trick for you especially)  Next have a quick curl of your lashes and pile on the mascara. Finish off the look with some natural lip balm or gloss and of course don't forget those eyebrows!

You may get a lot of 'Have you done something different?' comments with this look as its so pretty and effortless. You are just working with your beautiful features and making the products work for you! 

Now for all you out there that want the look with a little ju ne su qua... I grabbed my faithful Naked palette and the colour Buck on a Mac 217 blending brush. I blended the colour firstly into the inner corner of the eye. Then worked it across the lid following the natural shape of the eye and down onto the lower lash line.This is such a 90s heroine chic look that I love! 

Effortless, Kate Moss, rolled out of bed and look this gorgeous kind of makeup! 

One great thing you could do, is change the shadow from Buck to a light grey colour, this will look amazing on blue eyes and has that real rockstar vibe to it!

There you have it guys! Hope this was useful for you all, especially to my lovely friend Marta who asked for this look! Let me know what you guys think! xo 

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Date Night

Soft romantic look for Date Night 

There's nothing like getting all dressed up and girly when you are off out for the night, whether its a date, girl's night or a romantic dinner with your better half. Here is what I used to come up with this pretty, girly look. Enjoy cake lovers xo 

Before I use anything on my skin, especially if its a special occasion, I'll give my face a gentle spray of the Avene spring water that totally cools down the skin and leaves me feeling as though no redness or irritation will occur whilst I'm applying my make-up. 

I have a bit of a crush on all the products I used for this look, I really can't get enough of the Illamasqua foundation I use, teamed with a foundation stippling brush it really works the product in and leaves you with an airbrushed finished that is perfect. 

I contoured with the Sleek contour kit and used Sleek's beautiful blush. I placed the blush on the sides of the cheek to give my face a more fawn like appearance... I know it sounds odd, but trust me it does make a difference on where you put your blush!

Next I used Anastasia Beverly Hills for my eyebrows and benefits brow highlight. Teaming the highlight on the brow bone with the shape of the shadows really helps give the eye that seductive feline appearance.

I used the Naked 3 palette. First I applied Dust all over my lid. Then in the crease and corners of my eyes I worked in Nooner blending the colour up towards the brow bone which gives the eyes a cat like appearance even without any liner. Be careful not to go too over the top as it will just start looking messy! For my under eye I applied Blackheart then Trick in the tear duct and a little along the under eye too.

Once all the shadows were blended I used Illamasqua's cake liner and drew on a dramatic cat flick that I took down a little past my tear duct, this is a great way to make your eyes look bigger and very sexy. On my water line I used a cream kohl from Rimmel which opens the eye and isn't as obvious as white kohl, finally lashings (pun intended) of mascara and you are good to go! What do you guys think of the finished look? 

To finish the look off I thought I'd show you what I would wear for Date Night. 

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

She's Faking It

Now I don't know about you guys, but I really do feel like a smelly, dishevelled, ugly mess when I look through a glossy mag. How do these stars look so good all the time? Yes I know they have a team of professionals working on them behind the scenes like little fashionable elves, but still.. I mean, just take a look at Olivia Palermo!

You know what is even worse however, is seeing actual real life human beings look fantastic constantly too and they've done it all themselves (shock horror). Fabulous as they all look, I can't help but wonder how long it actually takes them to look that good? Gone are the Heroine Chic vibes of the 90s when it took hours to look as though you hadn't made an effort, nowadays its as though there is a silent battle happening to see who wins at looking immaculate 24/7 (cheers for that TOWIE)

I'm not one to get shirty about how long it takes to get ready, if you want to take three hours getting ready for your saturday night its not an issue with me. The only personal problem I have is that no matter how long I take to get ready, there is still always something a little scruffy about me.... it could be a chip in my nail varnish, or my hair being a little flat. I guess you could call me a Monet painting, good looking from a distance, but the closer you get, the messier I begin to look. With saying that I've decided to show you how I cheat in making myself look far more put together than I actually am! I'm going to teach you guys how to fake it! Enjoy cake lovers xo

How to fake a healthy glow

St Moriz is a great fake tan. I find using their mist easier, but you can also get a foam and gel too. If you're a tanorexic like me I'd go for their dark colour as it gets you natural looking results straight away. 

I'd usually start with my feet and work my way up my body, finishing with my face and ears. Great tip to make your tan looking natural is focus on the areas on your body that tan more naturally. You can fake a toned tummy by applying slightly more colour down the sides where your abs would be, also add more colour on your cleavage and under your bum cheeks to fake a bigger chest and Kimmy K booty!  

Once the tan is settled and ready to go I cover my entire body with The Body Shop body butter, I love the coconut one which has a shimmer in it. The shimmer gives your skin a gorgeous glow and the coconut covers the smell of the fake tan! You'll end up looking like you've had a week in the sun in no time, darn sight cheaper than a holiday too! 

How to fake a flawless face 

I've mentioned this before, but my skin isn't at its best in recent years. This issue seems to be easily resolved though with this brush from Real Techniques. The shape and density works your skin into a flawless, airbrush finish. 

I usually take my foundation and work it into my face in small circular movements then finish it all off with a final pat around to smooth out any brush marks or areas I've missed.

For a beautiful finish I use a primer and cream foundation. These products all seem to work well together and give you a finished base that looks cover of Vogue ready!

How to fake a manicure 

Maybelline express remover is a great product, I don't know what I was doing before it came along. So quick and easy and really does get rid of any traces of varnish without being too drying to the nails. 

Thinking about nail varnish itself, my old faithful is Barry M's black varnish. I find this so easy to apply compared to other brands and colours I've tried. The colour really works for me and stays looking neat for a good while. 

The way I apply nail varnish to make it look more professional is to brush off the excess varnish from just one side of the brush, turn the brush round and start with a drop of varnish on your nail near your cuticle. Use that drop of colour to paint your nail, adding another drop if you need it. This technique leaves your nail colour looking smooth and streak free!

How to fake perfume that stays with you

I feel totally naked without perfume! I'm constantly giving myself a spritz and carry about three different fragrances in my bag at one time 

'My names Jess and I'm a perfumaholic!'

If you have the same obsession as me, a great way to keep smelling fantastic all day and night is to use a body cream the same scent as your chosen perfume. Chloe offer a lovely box set, both products work so well together without being too over powering. In the words of my dear mum, you want to leave a trace of your fragrance behind and not have people smell you before you turn up!

How to fake a perfect pout

I love taking ages on my lipstick, but get so annoyed that it only takes one sip of your drink to have all that hard work disappear! That is why I love a strong pigmented lip gloss, or cream as Sleek call their product. I posted about this product before, but now I've added more colours to my collection and it is truly a brilliant! Two glides of the wand and you have a perfect pout! No more worries of looking like a clown after each drink, just a quick retouch and you're flawless again!
Effortless Effort you can call it I guess and it's what I specialise in! What can I say, I'm good at faking it! Hope you enjoyed the post everyone, let me know what your tricks and tips are! 

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