Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ideas for Baby Shower gifts

I don't know about you, but I do love a good Baby Shower! So much out there for teeny tiny tots you may not know where to begin looking for the perfect gift! That's not all, it's a pricey business this celebration lark! So here are a couple of ideas of thoughtful gender neutral gifts suitable for Baby Showers. 

You will notice that there aren't any clothes etc included as I thought I'd show you alternatives that are guaranteed to make any Mum-to-be super happy. One added bonus.. They won't break the bank either! 

Teddy Bear- Little ones can never have enough cuddly toys, found this little guy in our local Waterstones. Loved how it was a classic looking Teddy, soft and ready to become someones best friend.  

Colourful Blanket- Perfect for little girls and boys! This blanket is from the Mothercare Tusk Range. 4% of the cost of the item goes to help endangered animals which is an idea I personally love! Take a look at the rest of the range here

Baby Lotions, Baby Wipes and Nappies- No mum-to-be would turn their nose up at any lotions and potions they can use on their new little bundles. They certainly won't be disappointed with nappies or wet wipes either! There's a Baby Event on in Boots at the moment were you will find all these goodies on offer! If you want to make these gifts look a little more 'premium' then why not pop them into a lovely gift box full of shredded tissue. Thoughtful and beautiful gift that may even set off some hormonal tears from the lady with the bump!

Swaddle Blankets- These Aden + Anais swaddling blankets are gorgeous and so handy! They also donate money to a charity dedicated to new mothers with positive HIV care for their newborns too. Take a look at their collections I found a selection here.

Childhood Books- Found this idea on my beloved Pinterest! Why not grab a copy of your favourite childhood book? You can even sign the front page with your well wishes, simple, yet personal and something that little dribble monster will have forever. 

Teaching Books- Good quality, sturdy books that will help teach numbers, colours and animals are a great idea! These FisherPrice books can be found almost anywhere! I even spotted some in Tesco the other night.

Milestone Cards- Now, for a snap happy mum-to-be like myself, these beautiful cards open up a world of photoshoots! Perfect keepsakes for priceless images which can even be used again for any other children to follow! You can grab these here

Of course the greatest gift you can really give a new mummy is love and support. Believe me, just the fact you arrived at her special day with a smile and hug will be all she needs. It's a scary old world out there for mums, especially for the first timers, you won't understand how a positive attitude can make all the difference to her! 

Hope you enjoyed the post today cake lovers and let me know if there are any Baby Showers you are off to soon?

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Monday, 11 May 2015

What's in my make up bag

Haven't done one of these in a while! So here's a peek inside my make up bag. Enjoy Cake Lovers xo 

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Scott Disick 

So #ManCrushMonday is upon us and we fancy giving something new a go... Showing you a Man Crush of the day, whether it's to do with style or looks where's a lil' treat for you all. Today we'll kick start this new post series with none other, than the Lord Disick himself. You must all admit, this gentleman has great style whether relaxed and comfortable to suited and booted (or rather loafer-ed)! Keep your eyes peeled for a shot of a mini Lord D too. 

Enjoy Cake Lovers xo 

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Product Review: Illamasqua Gel Sculpt

So, I keep reading everywhere, that strong contouring is out... I'm a little sad about this if I am perfectly honest, but it was bound to happen. Especially for me personally, with a little mini me on the way, the thought of slapping that war paint for longer then 10 minutes will become a thing of the past! *sobs* 

During my morning scroll through Instagram (my version of reading the morning paper) I stumbled across this image-

It was a jaw drop, stunned kind of moment, what's So Real? Why haven't Illamasqua explained anything in further detail?! I was losing my mind!! 

It wasn't until a couple days later Alex Box herself posted the image explaining what this magical product is, 

"....World first transparent beautiful natural sculpting product, you are going to flip #gamechanger...."

Holy Moly I need this in my life right now, I ordered it and waited by the post box for the following 3-5 working days. My first reactions were, obviously excitement, but also how small it was... £22 for something that looks as though it won't last a minute. However, once I gave it a go I realised you actually don't need that much of it at all. It has a lovely creamy consistency that isn't sticky and blends really well.

I use mine on top of foundation before setting it with loose powder. The gel sculpt really does shape and contour the face in a very natural way which leaves you looking well defined without the risk of looking cakey with a fifteen thousand layers of makeup on. 

Use it on your temples, jawline and hollows of your cheekbones to give your face a chiseled finish, you can also pop some on your lips to boost your their natural tone. 

I liked how quick and easy it is to give your face a "finished off" look without taking forever, I particularly love how it looks when I use it on my nose... I'll admit to being a victim of the tiger striped nose prior to this product.... yes I forget to blend sometimes...

The transparency is such a great feature to this product, you don't need to worry about getting the wrong shade anymore as it honestly blends with your skin tone. One added bonus is that it stays put all day too! 

This is a great product for any of you busy mums, newbies to make up and also pros (I have one my professional make up kit too!) I got the silhouette contouring shade which you can take a look at here. Take a look at the website as there is also a blush available in two different shades that both look gorgeous and summer ready! 

With their perfect little size and durability to stay all day, these are a great idea to take away on holiday for a warm nights alfresco dining or even to pull of a natural beauty look whilst you dance around with a cider in your hand at a fabulous music festival. 

The Finished Look 

Let me know if any of you have had a go of the new Gel Sculpt too, hope you enjoyed it cake lovers xo 

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