Tuesday, 21 August 2018

My Dermablading Experience With The Sussex Sanctuary

So I've seen a lot about Dermablading over social media and was really intrigued by the whole idea. For those of you who are unsure, it is a none invasive procedure which removes the hair on your face (you know the peach fuzz everyone has) and dead skin cells on the top layers of your skin. 

I had tried an at home version a while back and liked the results, but I am by no means a pro. So with that in mind I got in touch with Lara at The Sussex Sanctuary. The pictures I saw on Instagram looked too good to pass by! So I booked myself in ready to see just how good the results are! 

Lara sent through some pre treatment information and a handy note with directions so finding the sanctuary. True to it's name you step through the blue door away from the busy high street and into a lovely little tranquil spot. I loved the relax atmosphere and felt very at home. I even found myself eyeing up the cushions in the treatment rooms! 

Once the paperwork was out the way I hopped on the bed ready to go! Lara explained everything that I was filled with confidence and very excited to see the results. My skin was cleaned and the treatment began! Dermablading itself it doesn't hurt, you feel a scratching, but nothing too terrible, it's also perfectly normal to have the odd nick due to the blade coming across a large build up on dead skin cells, causing your skin's surface to be uneven. This is the beauty of Dermablading, you are literally removing all that nasty build up that can cause blemishes, blackheads and unhealthy skin.

I personally loved the feeling of having all that being removed, especially after all this hot weather! All that excess suncream, sweat and general yuckiness was gone in less than 45 minutes! I also loved taking a look at all the peach fuzz and dead skin left behind on the pads... yes I'm one of those people..  

Lara then applied a cocktail of products and SPF perfect for my skin type and I jumped off the bed feeling like a new, shiny me! Yes admittedly you do look a little blotchy, but your skin feels glorious...although try your best not to touch it! I set off for home and found it amazing how, even in the hot weather, I could feel the slightest breeze on my face! 

It's best to avoid makeup for following day, but I found myself not putting any on for three days after. I really focused on treating my skin with lots of hydrating moisturiser and SPF. Cleaning your skin after the treatment should be gentle too so avoid any acids or strong toners. Once I did give makeup a go I loved how perfectly my foundation sat on my skin and lasted! Without having to battle against the hair on my face I achieved a fabulous application and loved the finish. It all makes sense now why Liz Hurley and Marilyn Monroe are fans too! 

It is now a couple weeks after I had Dermablading and I am still loving the results. I haven't noticed any peach fuzz coming back worse than before and I've used the opportunity of having new skin to keep it healthy and extra clean! 

I have now found myself looking at all the other treatments available at The Sussex Sanctuary with Lara for my next visit. You all must take a look at her  website, here, and book yourself in for a pamper! You won't regret it. 

Thanks again to lovely Lara for my new skin and wonderful Dermablading experience! 

Everything that came off my face!

Results 1 hour later 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why We Need To Stop Living In Little Square Boxes

It has only been recently I've started out on this blogging journey again. I felt as though I needed a break just to enjoy life and perhaps get over the terrible writers block I had.  

With this break from the blog I've had a chance to relax and enjoy some time with my family. Which has been most enjoyable and has given me a good number of topics I wanted to talk to you all about. 

I guess the biggest difference I noticed about my blogging break was how less stressed I felt constantly. I have such a huge amount of respect for all the influencers, who have the courage to put everything out there for the world to see (and most of the time be criticised) it's astounding to me. I found myself getting worked up about loosing followers on my social media, or a certain picture not getting the same about as 'likes' as the previous one. I'd worry was wasn't dressed well or my hair was too messy, or my legs or arms looked too chunky. All of this anxiety over what? Having people double tap a little square box displaying the snapshots of my life? It's honestly laughable to me now, but at the time it seemed so important to me. 

The world of social media is a strange old thing... You can scroll through millions of model types enjoying sandy beaches, designer accessories or expensive super cars and feel so envious.  But do you ever know the truth behind these pictures? perhaps that super car was parked in a show room? or those designer heels are crippling with each step? heck, what if that bikini glad shot came before a serious case of deli belly?! No one ever knows what happens behind closed doors, so there's no point in beating yourself up about not having the same as these people you follow. 

The point I'm trying to make is to not compare yourself to anyone. Look at these images and take inspiration from them, but don't compare yourself to them. You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it, always find the positivity in what you see. In doing this you have a much healthier mind set and can therefore enjoy social media a lot more. 

One thing I've noticed since having a switch up with my attitude is the fact I'm commenting a lot more on images I like. You never know, your positive, happy comment may pop after some nasty troll verbally attacking that person. We are all dealing with personal difficulties, and it doesn't cost a thing to throw around some love and appreciation. 

So you lovely lot, get yourselves out there and live your lives anyway that makes you happy and remember, it doesn't need to fit in a little square to make it worth while! 




Monday, 30 July 2018

Parenting: What I've Learnt So Far

I don't really know what I thought being a parent would be like. It's basically keeping them happy, fed and clean(ish) right? I guess I was very clueless to the idea that every day was a learning curve, for me and my child.

I rarely had contact with young children before my daughter, and was under the impression I wasn't a child friendly character.... I tired my best but I was perhaps a mixture of a drop of Miss Honey from Roald Dahl's Matilda with a a heavy dose of Miss Hannigan from Annie....

Needless to say my little one has thrown me in the deep end and I cope better than I thought I would, I mean, kids in the park don't run away from me screaming, so that's got to be a bonus right?

I joke with my friends I'm an unmumsy mum, but in recent times I figured I'm perhaps a laid back mum? Or dare I say it, a cool mum...! (insert Mean Girls quote here) The complete opposite to how I thought I was going to be. I was certain I would be a 'helicopter' mum and stay close by doing everything for her.

However, I find myself holding back on rushing to my daughter's side when I see her have difficulty with something, such as tying up her shoe laces, or taking the lid off her play dough pot. It's not because I'm being mean, it's just I want her to be indepedant and I've noticed after the initial struggle has been overcome she can do the task with ease.... Still working on the shoe laces... but they are a tricky task to master for a two year old!

The other morning I could hear a great deal of activity from the kitchen. I go in to find Zara making herself some breakfast, she'd fetched out a bowl, spoon and even place mat. Poured in the cereal she fancied and had pulled a chair up to the open fridge door to grab some milk. After I got over my fit of giggles, I sat with her and watched her pour the milk and munch her breakfast with her eyes and perfect apple cheeks beaming. I don't really know why I found this whole situation so extraordinary, perhaps because I could never remember doing anything remotely similar at that age.

It is with this in mind I like giving myself a pat on the back when parenting my little, fire cracker. Yes she is strong willed and dramatic at times. But she knows what she likes and won't hold back on telling you her dislikes. This to me says that at such a young age, she's got a determined head on her shoulders and know, without doubt, it'll be develop stronger as she grows. For me, that's something remarkable. Yes on some days I would love a tot who is quiet and does as they are told, especially when I feel like I'm training for some crazy SAS parenting course. I've experienced all levels of tantrums and made it out the other side. With each meltdown I get another insight to Z's character and understand her even better than before. So I guess I'm thankful for this baptism of fire and with any hope the tantrums will starting easing up a little, please god!

I guess the point I am trying to make is that it doesn't really matter what sort of parent you planned to be, it's best to mould yourself to the character of your child. For me, firm, but fair works well, I give my daughter respect and the opportunity to explore, but reign her in when needed and always with an explanation and listen to her. Even when I'm seeing red.... which is bloomin' hard work at times.

I am interested to see if I can say something similar to the post in a year or so, I guess I can always write another once we enter the "threeager" stage... It's not as a bad as they say is it? is it?? 

What sort of things have you all done differently since becoming parents? Any tips or stories to share? I'd love to know.

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Monday, 23 July 2018

How To Keep Your Little Ones Safe In The Sun

Well, seeing as the UK has now become a hot country (this weather is staying forever now right?) I thought I'd share with you some tricks to keep your little ones safe in the sun whilst away on your holidays or at home. 

1. Know your factors
I have been told that the factor of a sunscreen means the amount of time you are able to stay in the sun. The easy way to remember it is this, Factor 50 means 5 hours in the sun, Factor 30 is 3 hours, Factor 15 is 1 and a half hours and anything lower than 10 is just basically cooking oil... 
For me I always reach for 50 when it comes to my daughter then I know she is at the safest factor she can be and I don't need to run after her so much trying to reapply. Having said this I still recommend reapplying every 2 hours especially on a very hot day.

2. Amount 
Studies have shown the correct amount of suncream for infants is a table spoon per limb. Yes you will make your child look very white but with some rubbing in they will be ready for some fun in the sun. 

3. Brands
Brands aren't very important to me when it comes to sun cream for my little one. I look for a factor 50 and with 5 stars protection from UVA and UVB on the back of the bottle. Anything less than 5 stars is pointless as your child will still burn! Remember UVA is the ray that 'A'ges the skin and can penetrate class, e.g. windows and UVB is the ray that 'B'urns so protection from both is important. 

4. Buying overseas 
Speaking from experience buying suncream whilst on holiday isn't as easy as back at home. Supermarkets aren't as well stocked so it's best to head for a pharmacy and ask for help. The pharmacists will no doubt speak english and will help you find the best product, be warned however, it won't be cheap.  

5. Take a break 
The hottest parts of the day are midday until 3pm which is a perfect time to head off to the shade for some lunch. I've always said the best naps I had as a child in Cyprus was in my swimming custom, wrapped in a towel in the shade. The sound of the water from the pool or sea would lull me into the best sleep. You'll find me having trouble staying awake even now, 25 years later! I find taking a number of toys and books to play with on a sun lounger is always a good idea to keep them still for a while in the cooling shade. 

6. Pack the right gear 
If you have the same trouble as me and find keeping your sprogs out of the sun then these tricks may help. I pack a couple spare tee shirts I call 'pool shirts' to pop on over the top of their swimsuits. They can be super cheap and perhaps have a favourite cartoon character on them too. I am aware of the wet suit style costumes you can get, which are fab, but if you  also have a little madame who doesn't like the feel of them, I've found the tees to work a treat. As for hats packing two or more then leaving them on the side will result in my daughter deciding on one and copying the rest of us and wear it happily. There is no way in hell a hat will stay on her head if I pop one on. So putting it into her control works best for us, even when she does put them on back to front... 

7. Hydration 
I wouldn't recommend giving your little ones only juice whilst in the sun as it won't keep them as hydrated as they need to be. Instead opt for water throughout the day and perhaps keep the juices for lunch or maybe even an afternoon treat. I'd also suggest applying able amounts of after sun to them in the evenings after they are washed and ready for bed. Their skin will need the moisture and hydration after a day in the sunshine. 

8.Keep an eye 
Sunburn can still happen, no matter how careful you are. If you notice your tot getting rather pink then it's time to call it a day. Taking yourselves off to the hotel room will protect them from whether sun damage and also a nice rest and cool down. Heat rash can be very uncomfortable and from my own experience, there isn't really anything you can do. Soaking a towel with some water and using it on the rash will stop the itching, but sadly it won't completely disappear until you are back on your home turf. 

So there you have some tricks I use when we are on holiday or spending the day in the sun. They all work for us but of course every child is different so you are able to adapt any of these tips to suit you and your family! 

Now, off you go and enjoy that sunshine! I get the feeling we are in for a good few wet months after this glorious Summer... fingers crossed I'm wrong! 

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Bronzed Age

Summer has got to be my favourite season when it comes to how I wear my make-up. Colour takes centre stage and glowing bases are a must, rules fly out the window and we are all able to have fun with getting ready for the day or evening. 

I have recently changed my everyday routine lately and I must admit I'm a fan of it's speedy simplicity. Natural skin with a hint of glow and flushed hue which makes you look less kissed, and more liked snogged by the sun! You can step out your door looking like some angelic, bronzed goddess. Here's how to get the look! 

1. Firstly start with a well prepped face, clean and mositurised with a little primer if needed. Next I apply a light coverage base, like a CC Cream buffed into the face with a brush. For me, the Summer allows you to really lighten up with coverage. With this heat we've had you've no doubt picked up some colour, or have a splash of pretty freckles, why not show them off!

2.Next take some concealer and place three dots under the eye, close to the inner corner then blend in with your fingers. This is an area we are most dark so using a touch of concealer will really brighten your face.  

3.Adding bronzer with a medium to large brush to the outer part of your face will give you that Summer tan as well as adding in dimension to the your face. Bronzers usually have more orange undertones to them so I would suggest not contouring for this look. Just brush the colour onto all the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit you. 

4. Peach tone blushers are my absolute favourites for Summer, however a more natural flushed tone will work well for this look also. When applying blush take the colour from the high points of your cheeks right the way onto the bridge of your nose. Then add a dash more onto the highest point of your forehead and a little on your chin. I am obviously meaning a wash of colour and nothing too pigmented. This application will make it look as though you've had a fabulous day on the beach. A subtle change with some very pretty results! Trust me, it's a lovely Summery look! 

The rest of your face is up to you, but in my opinion keeping it simple will give you the best results. Some bushy brows and a couple coats of mascara will bring all this look together.It is so easy and quick you'll find you have some spare time to give yourself some effortless, beach waves, and there you have it... Perfect, Summer, bronzed look. 

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

St Moriz Tan Primer Review

I got this product on a bit of a whim whilst out shopping, as a big fan of the fake tan (oh I'm a poet..) I was intrigued to try out a formula that will benefit it's application. 

The St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Exfoliating Skin Primer preps and primes the skin with exfoliation making it a flattened and even surface, ready for the optimum base for tanning. I must admit, I was sceptical. I had visions of it leaving behind a slimy residue on the skin and creating a patchy finish. 

I was however, totally wrong! It's application was easy, just use it whilst in the shower and you aren't left with any nasty residue. It smells lovely, a bit like a suncream so you feel like you're on holiday! 
I found my tan developed flawlessly, I usually find tans to sit in the pores of my skin, especially on my chest. It's not a good look! But with the primer prepping my skin beforehand I didn't have any of that, I was able to achieve professional results at home.

3 to 4 days later I used the primer again to help buff away my fading tan without any ugly streaks. My skin was ready for a fresh tan again! I even found you can use the pro formula to work away any build up of product on those pesky areas such as your knees or ankles. 

All in all I am very impressed by St Moriz Primer! It has been designed for tanning so works a lot better than any other body scrubs I have used previously, and I still can't over it's lovely scent!

Safe to say this tube has made it's place firmly into my tanning routine! Find yours in Superdrug here, it's currently in the sale too!

Now I expect to see you all looking flawlessly tanned with help from my new favourite product! 

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

5 Things To Do This Weekend

How gorgeous is this weather we are having at the moment? Us Brits have actually seen a summer for once! 

So with the weekend fast approaching I thought I'd share with you some ideas of what to do! Take a look and let me know what you think 

1. Declutter 
I know this first one seems a tad boring, but having a good sort out does wonders. You get a lot more space and everything fits in place better. So whether it's a certain kitchen drawer that needs a tidy, or maybe even the garden shed? You'll really notice a difference once your task is complete!

2. Breakfast in Bed 
Butter some toast, make a pot of tea and jump in bed! You could be enjoying your cosy bed to yourself, or maybe the whole family, including your pets! Just take some time to enjoy your bed, just make sure you dust off any crumbs once you're done.

3. BBQ Roast 
Finding it too hot for a Sunday roast? Well throw it all on the barbie instead! Use all the ingredients you would for your roast, but with a BBQ twist! Why not make your veg into kebabs, wrap your potatoes in tin foil and cook in the coals or rub some yummy piri piri on your chicken. Team it with a crisp salad and cloudy lemonade and you're done. Delicious BBQ Sunday roast! 

4. Get Walking
I know I say this all the time, but a good old walk is always a good thing. You can go the whole hog and hike somewhere, or have yourself a stroll. There's so much to see and I find you have the best conversations on a walk! There's also no excuse with this glorious weather too!

5. Have A Catch Up
Keep thinking how you haven't seen a friend in a while? Then get on the phone and get them round. Head out into the garden with some wine and nibbles, or chill out on the sofa and just chat, no need to clock watch, just chat and chat until your throats hurt! If they live too far away to visit then set aside some time to catch up over the phone or better yet, Skype!

Well I hope that has given you a few ideas for the weekend my loves! Let me know what you get up to!