Friday, 16 December 2016

Bath Time With Radox Kids

Bath time has recently become a bit of a dreaded thing for me, at the end of a long trying day, to then have Zara scream the place down about getting washed was the cherry on top of the cake. 
So when I received a couple of Radox bath time products I was interested to see if they could have a positive effect and turn bath time into something wonderful? 

First off, the bottles, besides the bonus fact they had Star Wars and Elsa on the front, the pump tops are so incredibly handy to use. Something I had never really thought about before. With me usually feeling like an octopus, having one hand out to stop Zara climbing out, one hand to open to the top to then have two spare to squirt the shampoo then massage it in her hair. This, compared to a shift pump and all that stress is over and with the fact the rose scented bubble bath creates some impressive bubbles, Zara much prefers to be sat down surrounded by them and has learnt that kicking her legs creates even more bubble friends. Quite the transformation, I don't even mind the fact I get soaked. She has recently taken a liking to grabbing the bottle and trying to pump more product into the bath herself. Something I can imagine as she gets older will be a great way of growing independence, especially when using the hand wash available too, find that here.

The formula of the Radox Kids products are extra gentle and dermatologically tested which leaves my little ones skin clean and super soft. The scents are lovely too and after using the apple fragranced shampoo I find myself sniffing her hair constantly! Speaking of the shampoo, her luscious locks are left soft with a healthy shine. Her little ringlets seem to bounce along as she runs riot looking like she has just stepped out of the salon! However, I've learnt that you don't need a lot of product as it can weigh down her fine hair and look a little greasy after a while, but that could be considered a bonus too as you won't use up the shampoo too quickly. 

So, as if by magic, bath time is no longer a formidable ordeal. Instead, she now cries when I take her out... These toddlers aye? You can grab yourself a bottle or two of these in most supermarkets and I believe they are currently on offer in Superdrug here

Have any of you tried Radox Kids before? Let me know if it transforms your bath times too. XO

*the small print: The products featured in this post were very kindly sent to me. The opinions and wording are by yours truly, with a little help from Zara. Thank you Radox for allowing us to test these out! 

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