Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Current Baby Favourites

So I talk a lot about my beauty favourites, figured it was time to share some baby/toddler favourites! I love trying out new things for Zara but I do like to make sure everything I use will be gentle on her skin and tummy. So take a look, there's all sorts in this post so read on to find out more! 

Bath Time 
The Mustela Nourishing Cleansing Gel is a newbie for us and I was very excited to try it on Z. With the fact it contained Cold Cream, I knew this would be great for keeping my tot's skin well looked after, especially during this absolutely freezing weather we've got at the moment! Take a look at the Mustela range here
Now you are able to use the Mustela Gel on hair too but I found Zara's hair got rather flat and greasy quickly, so I love using the Kiehl's Baby Hair & Body Wash instead. This leaves Zara's hair super soft with a lovely gentle baby smell. Delicious! Find Kiehl's here

Handmade Accessories 
Much to the dismay of my mum, I dress Zara in a lot of neutral tones and grey. Seeing her in an outfit I would even wear makes me feel all fuzzy! I love to add flashes of colour using her accessories, especially stunning, handmade ones like the ones found on Willow and Ivy. The scarlet red leather Aurora clip has been glued to her head it feels during the past few weeks. Such a simple but stunning piece that's just the right size to keep Z's locks out of her eyes. I'm personally not a huge fan of those enormous things you can get nowadays, but the collection from Willow and Ivy are just right. I've found the clips to be smooth and very easy to pop in without any nasty tugging, my little monster doesn't even feel it, so they are a huge success! Have a look at the beautiful collection here. Oh, and give their Instagram a follow too, I swoon every time I spot their images, @willow_and_ivy 

Feeding Time
Now I know I've spoken about Piccolo before, but I still love it and I recently received the loveliest little letter from them containing little seeds for herbs to plant. I must admit I became very excited at using the planting as a little activity with Zara. As I read the information I found they are working on increasing the understanding of adding herbs and seasoning to your children's food. I love this campaign and am lucky enough to be joining them investigate more! I will have an entire blog post dedicated to this topic so I will keep you post! For now, take a look at Piccolo's site here.

When I collect Zara from the child minders I sometimes get a little keepsake they had worked on in the morning. My heart swells with just how lovely it is to be surprised with her artwork. I do a lot of colouring and crafts with Z at home, but the pictures are usually surprises for her Daddy, so it feels really special to receive something that she worked on without me. I just know I'm going to be one of the mum hoarders though... 

Story Time 
We do love a good story and are currently obsessing over Oliver Jeffer's book The Day The Crayons Quit. A story of a little boy, named Duncan who's collection of crayons have decided they have had enough, and each leave for various reasons. It's so brilliantly written and terribly funny. An absolute favourite, and the sequel The Day The Crayons Came Home is just as good! You can find both books in your local Waterstones. 

Body Care For Mummy
I know this one is a little different but I have found the Pai Stretch Mark duo to be fabulous products. I luckily didn't get stretch marks on my stomach, but I do have some on my outer thighs. The stretch mark cream is thick and blends into the skin so smoothly with a gentle scent of pomegranate. The oil also absorbs into the skin quickly and you aren't left feeling greasy and slippery. They both leave your skin hydrated and cared for, with a sort of spa like vibe, and they work too, my pesky stretch marks are a lot less visible! Take a look at their full range here

So there you have it, my current baby favourites! Have any of you tired any of the products? I'd love to know. XO 


*the small print: Some of the products featured in today's post were very kindly sent to me to try. The opinions and wording are all written by yours truly. Thank you to the PR Companies for sending me the products to try! x

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Kisses from Avon

Now, don't get me wrong I am really enjoying these frost covered days we're getting, but I'm not enjoying the flaky lips the cold weather gives me! Being a bit of a lipstick addict means I love to wear some when I can, but trying to battle applying a deep red onto chapped lips? Not happening.... 

This all changed when I received a parcel a couple weeks back containing Avon's new True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick. The all-in-one beauties contain a nourishing balm packed with honey, Jojoba oil and beeswax to help keep your lips comfortable and hydrated all day in a stunning, rich colour! 

There's a selection of 12 shades that are so easy to wear and literally go with everything, I'm currently wearing Sublime Wine with a grey roll neck as I tap away on my keyboard. I look a lot more polished than I feel that's for sure. I particularly love just how nourishing the lipsticks are and the colour doesn't falter, like, never. One tip I'd say is to try lining your lips to really enhance your pout. One other little feature that I also have a bit of a thing for, is the ribbons on balm throughout the lipstick. Somehow slightly marble-esque appearance, which lets face it, everyone is obsessed with at the moment! 

I'll be honest with you I have never owned anything from Avon in the past. A build up of stereotypes lend me to believe the shades of lipsticks wouldn't be my thing, this meant I would just give it a miss. How silly of me to do so! The quality of their products are brilliant, from the packaging to the pigment of the lippie and for £8 I reckon that's great value for money. I'm certain I'll be taking a look at their other products available in the coming weeks. 

So why not have a look at Avon's new kissable beauties here. Seeing as they are set to launch on the 10th February that gives you just enough time for Valentine's Day! 

So if you fancy a nourishing gorgeous new lipstick, take a little look, oh and let me know which shade you decide on! XO

*the small print. The lipsticks featured in this post were kindly sent to me for try. The wording, imagery and opinions are all by yours truly. Thank you for letting me try them Avon. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Current Morning Skincare Routine

I've got a thing for skin, not in a freaky, Silence of the lambs type way... But I do have an obsession with skin and, in particular, how I look after my own. 

I've gone through a number of different routines over the years. Quite a bit has changed I must admit and I'm sure it will change again. For the moment though, this is working out for me, so read on if you wish to find out more. 

First off, I can't wake up without a splash of water to my face. Instantly revives me and gets me set for the rest of the routine. I love using a cleanser with added exfoliation to really help get the skin looking it's best. Buffing away dead skin cells and leaving my skin smooth and easy to work with. I'm loving this Clarins one at the moment. 

Then what I like to do is pop some of the Simple Hydrating Cleanser over my skin. I know, I'm doing a strange double cleanse, but my skin isn't the sensitive type and I love how calm and hydrated my skin feels after using this cleanser. Plus, if there are the little spot of rogue make-up left on, it sure won't be after this! 

Sometimes I swap the Simple cleanser for the Pixi Glow Tonic as my stage two, depending on how my skin is feeling that day. With a combination skin type you really have to play it by ear and see how it's feeling in the mornings. So on a more oily feeling day I like to pop this tonic on for a good old clean so I'm fresh and prepped! 

Next up is the eye cream. I've recently been using the Skin Chemists London Advanced Caviar Eye Serum. I know right, how fancy am I adding caviar to my morning skincare! But it's with the help from the caviar that the delicate eye area is protected from harmful rays and harsh environment. The serum rejuvenates the eyes and I instantly look rested with a brightened a smoothed pair of peepers. I honestly really notice a difference if I miss this step as my concealer looks terrible! 

From eye serum to face serum. I can't stand the look of my pores, nasty little buggers that always ruin a close up. I understand that there is little that can be done to make them disappear entirely. Perhaps you may be wondering why I even bother using the Khiel's Precision Lifting & Pore- Tightening Concentrate. Well, I'll have you know that I have noticed a difference! Though they haven't completely gone, I have noticed their appearance and size are dramatically different! Ignoring my pores for a moment, this serum has always helped with the elasticity of my skin and somehow given me some structure back into my face. So for those reasons alone, this little goody is staying put. 

The final step is moisturiser. Now I skip from various ones depending on how my skin is looking, however, I'm having a little love affair with Clarins at the moment so find myself choosing this one a lot. The Multi-Active Lotion feels so glorious to put onto my skin. It's never too greasy feeling and my skin drinks it up with complete delight. Hey, if it helps with ageing and has an SPF in it, how can it go wrong? Take a look at the lotion here

So there you have it, my current morning skincare routine! Do any of you use these products? XO 


Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Three Favourite Blushers

I've always been a blush fan, even when I was a teen and it was the done thing to look extremely rosy cheeked (I still can't bring myself to look at the pictures) Needless to say my blusher collection is rather vast with a smorgasbord of shades and textures. However saying this, I found myself reaching for three shades in particular recently, so thought I'd share them with you.

Benefit Cosmetic Dallas 
Now Benefit describe this blush as an outdoor glow for the indoor girl. Quite a good description if I'm honest, you can look as though you've been up with the larks working hard around the farm on horseback..when really you've pressed the snooze button an alarming amount of times. This blush is a beautifully natural tone which would suit a fair few skin tones. I find that once I pop some of this on I look instantly more alive and find it super easy to use on a "no make-up, make-up day" for shaping out my cheeks so can give the contour a miss. You can find your own here

Nars Cosmetics Orgasm 
The infamous blusher with the name that makes you giggle like a school boy. Name aside, there is a reason this blush has a bit of a cult following. This blush in particular really benefits from being applied in other areas apart from just the apples of your cheeks. The hairline, jawline and end of nose are great places to apply a light hint of product for a natural all over colour. Find your orgasm *sniggers* here.

MAC Cosmetics Harmony 
I find that I reach for this shade in particular when I'm aiming for a certain look, such as all those mauve, nude, brown you see all over Instagram. You know the type I mean, very Kardashian-esque and when teamed with a camel coat and peep toe boots will be a very on trend look. Mac themselves describe the shade as a muted rose-beige brown. 
I do love those types of looks I must admit and with this blush I can really sculpt out my cheekbones and look very polished (quite the comparison to the messy mum I look like on most days) Take a look at it here

So there you have it, the three blushers I keep finding myself reach for of late.

Do any of you use these blush at all? XO

Monday, 9 January 2017

How To Beat The January Blues

Poor ol' January, it really is met with a bit of a groan isn't it? Christmas is all packed away in the attic, the radios have stopped playing Michael BublĂ© and the "new year, new me" mantra has already lost all meaning. It's no surprise really we all feel a little blue during this month, so with that in mind, here are a couple ideas to see you through the first month of 2017. 

1. Read
I know I sound a little like a school mistress but get reading. I plan on making my way through the piles of books I have in the house. Reading a book before bed, instead of watching the TV will help you slip into a peaceful slumber. There's a study floating around that advises you to avoid blue light, which happens to come from any form of screen, before bed time. So put the phone, iPad, laptop, TV etc a rest and pick up a real page turner! Stumped on what to read? Take a look at your local Waterstones for the latest favourites. 

2. Set The Date 
I'm personally a real culprit of this, but instead of mentioning a date to meet for that coffee, lunch, catch up with some friends and family, really set a date. Once you get the hang of it you'll have such a busy social calendar that it'll be February or even March before you know it. 

3. Get Cooking
With the miserable weather making staying in a lot more appealing. Why not turn home cooked dinners and baking into a little hobby until the weather cheers up a little? Cooking everything fresh and from scratch instead of having take aways is friendly on the wallet and waistline too! I'm currently working my way through this cookbook, perfect for all the family, the pesto prawns in particular, are delicious! 

4. Have A Clear Out
With your cupboards and wardrobes no doubt stuffed to the brim, why not have a good old clear out? Grab three black bags, labelling each one a different name, for example "Throw" "Donate" "Sell" and get sorting. You will feel so much better, even your head will feel clearer, as crazy as that sounds. 

5. Beat The Sniffles 
Found a cold is making it's way through the family? Give the Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser a go and get everyone breathing easy and feeling healthy again. I am obsessed with this wonderful little gadget and my home has been transformed into a tranquil, spa like atmosphere! 

6. Try Something New 
I love trying out new beauty products! I've recently been giving the Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss a go. For someone who has a little fantasy of having a full pouty set of lips, this is right up my street and delivers brilliant results! Give it a try for yourself, you can also use code ROGUE10 for 10% off too. 

7. Get Active 
I know, such a cliche for January. I am inching to get back to the gym, so you will see me dusting off the sports bras. With a membership is a little daunting to you, why not try some classes instead? Yoga? Trampolining? or perhaps just a weekly hike. Anything to get those endorphins rushing! 

8. Set Yourself A Challenge 
Whether it's saving money, or attempting Dry January, setting a challenge or target is a brilliant way to give you a positive focus and will make this month disappear and those blues well and truly forgotten. 

9. Print Out Your Photos 
Putting together a photo album would be a lovely way to spend an evening. We rarely look at hard copies of memories captured, as they are usually all in a phone or up in "The Cloud" So for those of you as nostalgic as me, this will be a dreamy evening spent! 

10. Save The Nights Out
December and Christmas was such an excuse for a party that you may be a little worn out, or perhaps a tad broke? I'm no way telling you all to stay in the entire month of Jan, but instead of going out, just because it's a Saturday night, why not actually plan a good old knees up with your friends? That way it will be worth your time, money and effort! 

So hopefully these little tips will help you kick the January blues and welcome 2017 in with a bit more cheer! 

What have you got planed for January? I'd love to know XO