Monday, 9 January 2017

How To Beat The January Blues

Poor ol' January, it really is met with a bit of a groan isn't it? Christmas is all packed away in the attic, the radios have stopped playing Michael Bublé and the "new year, new me" mantra has already lost all meaning. It's no surprise really we all feel a little blue during this month, so with that in mind, here are a couple ideas to see you through the first month of 2017. 

1. Read
I know I sound a little like a school mistress but get reading. I plan on making my way through the piles of books I have in the house. Reading a book before bed, instead of watching the TV will help you slip into a peaceful slumber. There's a study floating around that advises you to avoid blue light, which happens to come from any form of screen, before bed time. So put the phone, iPad, laptop, TV etc a rest and pick up a real page turner! Stumped on what to read? Take a look at your local Waterstones for the latest favourites. 

2. Set The Date 
I'm personally a real culprit of this, but instead of mentioning a date to meet for that coffee, lunch, catch up with some friends and family, really set a date. Once you get the hang of it you'll have such a busy social calendar that it'll be February or even March before you know it. 

3. Get Cooking
With the miserable weather making staying in a lot more appealing. Why not turn home cooked dinners and baking into a little hobby until the weather cheers up a little? Cooking everything fresh and from scratch instead of having take aways is friendly on the wallet and waistline too! I'm currently working my way through this cookbook, perfect for all the family, the pesto prawns in particular, are delicious! 

4. Have A Clear Out
With your cupboards and wardrobes no doubt stuffed to the brim, why not have a good old clear out? Grab three black bags, labelling each one a different name, for example "Throw" "Donate" "Sell" and get sorting. You will feel so much better, even your head will feel clearer, as crazy as that sounds. 

5. Beat The Sniffles 
Found a cold is making it's way through the family? Give the Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser a go and get everyone breathing easy and feeling healthy again. I am obsessed with this wonderful little gadget and my home has been transformed into a tranquil, spa like atmosphere! 

6. Try Something New 
I love trying out new beauty products! I've recently been giving the Nubyen Nude Lip Augmentation Gloss a go. For someone who has a little fantasy of having a full pouty set of lips, this is right up my street and delivers brilliant results! Give it a try for yourself, you can also use code ROGUE10 for 10% off too. 

7. Get Active 
I know, such a cliche for January. I am inching to get back to the gym, so you will see me dusting off the sports bras. With a membership is a little daunting to you, why not try some classes instead? Yoga? Trampolining? or perhaps just a weekly hike. Anything to get those endorphins rushing! 

8. Set Yourself A Challenge 
Whether it's saving money, or attempting Dry January, setting a challenge or target is a brilliant way to give you a positive focus and will make this month disappear and those blues well and truly forgotten. 

9. Print Out Your Photos 
Putting together a photo album would be a lovely way to spend an evening. We rarely look at hard copies of memories captured, as they are usually all in a phone or up in "The Cloud" So for those of you as nostalgic as me, this will be a dreamy evening spent! 

10. Save The Nights Out
December and Christmas was such an excuse for a party that you may be a little worn out, or perhaps a tad broke? I'm no way telling you all to stay in the entire month of Jan, but instead of going out, just because it's a Saturday night, why not actually plan a good old knees up with your friends? That way it will be worth your time, money and effort! 

So hopefully these little tips will help you kick the January blues and welcome 2017 in with a bit more cheer! 

What have you got planed for January? I'd love to know XO 

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