Monday, 20 July 2015

Clinique Face Forward

Clinique's new Face Forward to be honest couldn't come at a better time for me personally. This campaign is an all over fresh start, when it comes to your skincare, and also aiming for your dreams and goals. 

I have been using Clinique for a few years now and have really noticed an amazing difference. I honestly couldn't think of using anything else, so long as I have my trusty 3 step, everything is correct with the world. 

So Clinique is a firm staple in my skin care, the other part of their campaign is something that I need to work on. Reaching my goals and making my dreams come true. Well the dream part is basically complete for the moment, I found someone to spend the rest of my life with and in less than five weeks (if she behaves and arrives on time) I'll have my very own mini me to look after. Family dream has a big, old, accomplished tick by it. Now goals is something to work on. I have heard a lot of comments from people which feature the word "can't " in them a huge amount. 

"You can't get any rest now" 
"You can't ever have a lovely holiday until she's in school"
 "Can't really have a great job anymore"
 "Can't get your figure back after baby turns up" 
"Can't have any time for just you two anymore" 

I could let these comments weigh down on my shoulders, or I can use them as a boost and show these "can't-ers" what I'm made of. So my goal is to improve on my blogging, I let it slip every now and then. I don't expect to make my millions, but I do like the idea that this little corner of this vast internet universe is all mine. There's a great feeling when I see my own snaps and posts up and out there for people to stumble across. 

So with thanks to the new Face Forward campaign I have the confidence to take on the world and have myself some gorgeous skin at the same time! 

Visit your local Clinique counter and ask for a Seasonal Skin Check to find out which of their products best suits you. Then there will be nothing stopping you. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Musings

Now aren't Sundays lovely? I try my best to have my mornings spent with thirty minutes of me time with a coffee and good read. Here are a few things I have been loving this week and have been slightly obsessed with, especially the last few pictures that include bits and bobs that are waiting for a little person's arrival. 

River Island cream and black espadrilles here
Tan espadrilles (similar) here 
Bondi Sands self tanning foam here
Aussie Shower Smoothie here  

Lee Stafford leave in treatment for hair that doesn't grow past a certain length here 

Nars creamy concealer in ginger here
Rimmel Kate Moss nudes in shade 43 here
Wild About Beauty Lipstick (similar) here  

Tobias and the Bear leggings here
Baby Bib available in store at Harrods  

Organic rubber dummy here
Little Peanut babygro here
Tiny little rabbit teddy here   

H & M babygro here

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Why French Girls don't wash their faces..

Whether you like to admit it or not, the French are a cool bunch. Effortless and achingly fashionable, you almost feel ashamed for even looking at them for too long. You may be thinking to yourself after reading the title of this post.. "Well they can't be that great if they don't even wash their faces!" Well that, mon ami, is just the secret to their beautiful skin and believe it or not has become an idea embraced by the beauty world! For those of you who are already up to date with the gossip from the glossies, you will know I am talking about Micellar water. 

This little wonder product can't really be called a toner, cleanser or even a face wash. This beauty is in a league of its on, strong enough to remove your entire makeup and cleanse the skin without any need of a rinse. You are left squeaky clean without any nasty stinging or tightening sensations. How this is achieved is by the tiny round shaped cleansing agents that sweep away oil and dirt from the face. 

I must have been using Garnier Micellar water for quite a while now, I believe I grabbed it purely because it had itself a "NEW" sticker on it at the time. It wasn't until I heard more about it's qualities I really started to appreciate just how great it is! Let's face it, as soon as a product has been given the "as seen backstage in LFW" label it truly hits the big time and becomes a sort after cult product. It makes you almost annoyed that the French have been hiding it away in their notorious pharmacies for so long. 
For me personally I have really noticed a difference in my skin from using it, clean and fresh without any discomfort. Seeing my face in the mornings with just the right amount of healthy shine is a lot more satisfying than having it feel tight, and looking greasy, a look that will never be tres chic... Therefore I recommend you give it a go and do as the French girls do, ditch the face washing! 

Perhaps after that you'll find yourself sipping on coffee and tasting macaroons in Laudree, wearing an gorgeous ensemble of soft tailored, peg leg trousers and to die for loafers. Having a sultry, dark haired Parisian tucking your thick, glossy mane behind your ear as he whispers sweet nothings in to it. You'll response to him with the slightest approving head nod as you take a toke of your red lipstick stained, thin cigarette, all in one smooth move that will make him fall even more deeply in awe of you...... Then again, maybe not.... but you'll have yourself some healthy cleansed skin to be proud of, that's got to be a bonus right? 

Garnier Micellar Water here
Paris Street Style here
Chanel Nail Varnish in Dragon here
Chanel Les Biege Compact here
Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo here  

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lush Cravings

The other day I fancied getting myself a treat, it is good to now and then don't you know. I went to my usual hot spots for something that will satisfy my spoil yourself moment. I tried on shoes, strolled down makeup aisles, even gazed at freshly made cupcakes. Nothing tickled my fancy, nope this craving was more specific than I had anticipated, this was a Lush craving. So I followed my nose and found myself spending, what felt like hours, sniffing. I decided on my treats and dashed home, fighting the urge to throw them all in my bath at once.

The Butterball

The Butterball smells good enough to eat, even its name makes you want to sink your teeth into it. With Cocoa Butter to leave your skin feeling super silky soft and Ylang Ylang acting as your own spa at home aromatherapy claiming the nervous system by easing stress, anger and fear. 

The Yuzu & Cocoa

This has to be my favourite of all time, I can't visit Lush without getting one! This macaroon shaped treat will hit the spot, and not the damage the waistline. Simply crumble this under running bath water if you need a little comfort. The coconut oil and cocoa will leave your skin feeling totally gorgeous, whilst the citrus oils will work away lifting your mood, perfect finish to a long day  

The Sea Vegetable 

Now, I personally can't take credit for buying this soap. I'm a bit shallow when it comes to bath bombs, you'll find me reaching for the prettiest looking or nicest smelling ones, not a soap that looks as though it's been dragged up from Davey Jones' Locker. Vain, I know... This little number was picked up by the boyfriend. I get the feeling that our recent visit to our favourite Spa has felt him feeling a bit blue having to return to work and not being able to stroll around in a hooded dressing gown. It has been seaweed this, and seaweed that and in all honesty, a relaxing bath is wasted on this man, so soap is the answer. The Sea Vegetable soap leaves the skin feeling soft with the help of the nutritious seaweed and exfoliating sea salt. It has a fresh, limey scent too which is perfect for a proper bloke's bath product. 

The Honey Bee 

This final bath bomb hasn't really not a strong smell like the others, to be honest, it was the name that got me! It has a lovely trio of products that will give the skin a bit of pampering and cleanse. Honey will leave the skin clean feeling, aloe vera will act as a soothing agent and the Rhassoul mud contains natural cleansing properties! Just what you need to feel squeaky clean and as soft as a baby's bottom!  

To find out more about other Lush Cosmetics products, click here

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Monday, 13 July 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review

 I must admit I found myself doing a double take the day I found a picture on the Nars Instagram page hinting towards a new foundation. "Say whatttt?? They plan to match Sheer Glow? What are they smoking in that place?" 
Yes, I was sceptical, you see, I'm a Sheer Glow girl through and through, chop me in half and I'll still be Sheer Glow, Sheer Glow girl fo' life.... Get the idea? Sheer Glow was on a pedestal so high I can't even see it anymore. Curiosity however, was just too strong (it killed the cat after all) so one day I went to a little trip to Bluewater and found myself at the Nars counter ooo-ing at the variety of shades. That is one of the benefits in my opinion of buying Nars foundation, such a fantastic choice of shades!

I got matched up to the shade Punjab which is just the right warm undertone for me and I found I can use it even when my fake tan has well and truly been scrubbed off. Whilst being colour matched I asked just what the difference was between Sheer Glow and All Day Luminous was. First of all, the coverage, now this coverage is dreamy, light weight yet still remaining full without looking or feeling cakey.

Whilst I had my colour match, I asked just what was the difference was with this foundation. This little number is an innovation featuring new treated pigments on the market. It contains green pigments to counteract redness to the skin and gold to combat the appearance of dullness. Now this was right up my street. It wasn't until the makeup artist mentioned a root extract that conceals uneven skin tone that I was sold! Due to my pregnancy, I have developed dark pigmentation on my face, nothing new to me really as I suffered from acne scaring in the past. These new bad boys are in a league of their own. Two unattractive lines down my cheeks looking as though I have been crying mud, and one across my top lip that would make it very easy for me to join the circus as the bearded lady.... not exactly what you want when you are already feeling the most unattractive you have ever felt. I tired using the fullest covering foundations and even colour corrected, yet those ugly brown marks merely turned grey. The Luminous foundation however, vanished them in one fine swoop! I am in awe. 

I have found myself using a little of Mac's Strobe Cream on the tops of my cheeks under the foundation for a 'glow from within' appearance too, handy little trick if I'm feeling a little flat. The cheek contouring duo by Tom Ford is another product I've thrown into the mix for my make up base recently. Well, what's a preggo to do when you are still feeling a little green around the gills every now and then. Highlight the living hell out of your face for a disco ball gleam, it's worked a treat for me and been receiving daily "Oh you're glowing" comments.

This foundation really has knocked my socks off and has a firm spot on my vanity. Flawless, natural-looking coverage, that lasts literally all day, what more could a girl want, safe to say it now has a firm spot on my vanity. Now, you may be wondering what my relationship status is with Sheer Glow, well it's forgiven my jaunt with Luminous and there is still a firm love and understanding we share.... I guess you can say I'm having my Nars cake and eating it too.

Nars All Day Luminous here
Tom Ford Cheek Contouring Duo here
Mac Strobe Cream here

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