Friday, 30 December 2016

How To Get Your Legs Ready For New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is just one sleep away, you've got the special dress, got your midnight smooch parter and have an idea of how you want your makeup. Tick, tick, tick. Oh, but wait a moment... that oh so special dress is a little more leg flashing than you thought. Your little pins scream winter, pale and a little on the hairy side. (Hey, no judgement here, that's what tights are for!)

Never fear, as here is a couple of tips to get your legs New Year ready.

1. Have a luxury soak
When my skin is feeling beautifully pampered I find myself to be in a fabulous mood. Why not spoil yourself with a lovely bubbly bath before you start getting ready for your big night? It's not secret I'm a huge fan on Lush bath products, why not try one on my favourites here.

2. Scrub
Buff away those dead skin cells and get those legs glowing like new! It's a great way of banishing any left over fake tan too. I love the smell of the Jo Malone scrub and with the added benefit of Vitamin E will really help your skin to look it's best! Get your scrub here.

3. Shave Mouse
I don't know about you, but I really notice a difference in my legs when I shave without using a mousse. They always feel dry and that dreaded stubble seems to return in minutes! I've been loving this Soft & Gentle 2 in 1 Shower and Shave Mousse. You can try it for yourself here.

4. Tan
Having a pair of gorgeously bronzed limbs will set your NYE outfit off perfectly. I've recently tried this fake tan from Kiss. The application was easy, quick and developed into a beautiful natural and even finish. I'm in love and the staying power compared to other brands I've tried is remarkable! If you haven't got the time to apply the developing product, there's a brilliant instant tan too! Oh, and it has a lovely mango scent, no biscuit smell! Take a look for yourself here.

5. Moisturiser
Applying moisturiser to your newly tanned legs will make the skin a super soft and extra healthy looking. I love popping on Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Souffle Body Creme as the fragrance is so stunning you will be smelling delicious all night long! Oh, and don't forget to pop from lotion on your feet to allow them to last in those new heels!

6. Gloss
Try adding a strip of highlight down the middle of your legs, this will make them appear longer, shapely and just down right sexy! Why not team Palmer's Body Gloss with a little of this Topshop Glow Highlighter Pot for the perfect finish.

7. DIY Pedi
Local salon fully booked? I feel your pain... Not to fret as Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel gives you salon fresh looking toes and all done by your own two hands! I particular love this shade here.

8. Final Touch
To give your legs the finishing touch, spritz your favourite perfume on the backs of your knees. Oddly enough this spot is a pulse point, where your veins are closest to the surface of your skin. The more heat they let off the more your perfume will last! I'm loving this one at the moment.

There you have it, your pins are ready to dance in 2017!

What are your plans for New Years? I'd love to know! XO

*the small print: some of the products featured in today's post were kindly sent for me to try. The opinions and wording however are by yours truly. Thank you to the brands/ pr companies for sending them over! xo

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