Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How to invest in your make up (Part I)


"It's all fun and games, until you see your foundation in natural light"

We've all been there, taken time and effort to finish off our makeup, only to find our foundation is completely the wrong colour. This wouldn't be such a problem if the foundation was achingly expensive to begin with! When investing in a high end foundation, research is key, here are a couple of tips to help get the right foundation and not have it collecting dust.

Skin Tone

When looking for your foundation, consider what your skin tone will be in the next following months. For example, during the Summer months, chances are your skin tone will become darker, whether its a real glow from a holiday or out a trusty bottle. Therefore, I would recommend holding off on taking the plunge until you are sure your skin tone will be complimented. One idea is to ask for a sample of the foundation in a couple shades darker so you are able to have a try before you buy. 

Skin Type

Now, it's easy to get caught up with all this makeup malarkey! It is extremely tempting to dash out and grab the foundation your favourite Youtuber is currently loving. Hold your horses, and make sure that this foundation will work for you. Does it work best for a dry skin when yours is more oily? Are you after full coverage when it offers light? These are things to consider before buying the product. Head to the beauty counter and explain you want to give the foundation a try for the day. Once the beauty consultant has applied the foundation, go about your day as normal and see if the product is the right one for you. If by bed time you are head over heels then you've found the one! 


Expensive foundations are an investment. For me personally, if the price is eye watering, I have to be sure it is the most amazing product I have ever tried, as though it has been created by the Gods themselves. I generally try out a sample or, as mentioned before, try it on for the day. This allows me to get the best results, there is nothing worse than seeing such a pricey product sitting there unused. You can also do my trick and pop it onto my Christmas wish list and hope for the best....


So many foundations get the best results with different applications. Really take note on how it is best applied and whether you'd be happy or even have the correct tools. For example, if you find yourself rather wasteful, a foundation that works best with hand application would probably not be the one for you. 


One other point to consider is how often you plan on using your foundation. Will it become your everyday or kept for special occasions? I find if it is the latter, I usually invest in an foundation during the festive or wedding season. Both times involve long days/nights and a lot of photos! The perfect way to get the best use out of your new foundation and look flawless for the events! 

I hope this mini guide has been of some use to you, foundation buying can become one stressful task at times. Don't feel the need to rush into anything and regret it after, once you've found the right one, everything else falls into place..... I sound as though I'm giving you all relationship advice, which in a way, I am! Once you and your foundation have a bond, nothing can tear you apart...Well, until a new one catches your eye... 

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

How to get a face like Cleopatra

I always had the feeling that Cleo was fibbing about her secret to perfect skin.... I mean, bathing in Yak's milk in those temperatures in Ancient Egypt, talk about smelly! 

It was when I got myself the Egyptian Magic that I found the true, ancient secret to gorgeous looking skin. This all purpose skin cream is packed full of natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey and olive oil. It can be used for taming unruly hair, chapped lips and even a primer. The list is a little endless if I'm honest, it reminds me of coconut oil, but more like a great, great, ancient grandmother of coconut oil that's taught it some of her tricks.

You can probably tell by the images just how loved this cream is as I use it every night, without fail. Of course you can wear this during the day too, I just prefer my day creams to contain some SPF. Using the magic cream has resulted in my skin feeling a lot more hydrated and comfortable. My skin tone appears more even and my pesky blemishes have reduced so much I can now leave the house without any make up on, if I need to! 

I personally really like the packaging, simple, clean and not at all flashy. It looks like the sort of product you'd notice if you knew it's secret. Great value for money also, as it lasts for a very long time! The cream itself has a hard waxy texture, a bit like a candle. Take a small, pea sized amount and rub it in your hands until it melts. Once you've done that you can now rub it into your skin. Now, you may go to bed looking shiny/oily but once you wake up your skin will look well rested with a beautiful glow. 

If you are after age fighting properties, this cream isn't really up for the task to tackle deep set wrinkles, however team it with your favourite anti age serum and you've got yourself a powerful duo! If you suffer with irritable, sensitive, or blemish prone skin then this is certainly worth giving a go. 

This cream is a great little add on for your routine, wether you were on the hunt for a new one to try, or to give your skin an little boost. This product will get you noticing a real difference. It's no wonder Marc Antony was so awe stuck by the flawless, Queen of Ancient Egypt! Cleopatra's secret is finally out. Thank goodness I discovered Egyptian Magic before hunting for Yak's milk, pretty sure they won't stock that in my local Tesco....  


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