Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cheryl Cole Inspired Make Up Look

Crazy Stupid Love 

Everyone certainly gets a case of the Chezzas when Miss Cole releases a new single, and her latest is no exception! It was whilst I was having a little peak at the video of Crazy Stupid Love that I saw Cheryl had a dramatic red smoky eye. The red shadow looked so much like MAC's Coppering that I just had to give the look a go! I'd never used that shadow before and, for what had felt like eternity, it has sat in my palette looking like a fairytale princess with no happy ending. So I dusted it off and got stuck into getting this inspired make up look. Hope you enjoy cake lovers xo

To get this look, take MAC's Coppering on a flat brush. Pat it all over the lid and blend right above the crease and into the sides of your nose. To get rid of any harsh lines I blended MAC's Omega shade to really soften it all out.

For definition, I used MAC's Swiss Chocolate and Embark in the outer corner of the eyes and crease. Be sure to blend all these colours in an upward motion towards the end of your brows for a sexy feline look. Blending the colours down will make your eyes look sad!

I then used Illamasqua's liner and drew a simple flick and extended it using MAC's Carbon colour for a soft smoky look, similar to the one Cheryl is sporting!

For the lower lash line I used Swiss Chocolate. I layered the shade mainly on the inner and outer part of the eyes and blended it in. You want the middle part of your lower lash line to be quite soft in colour compared to the corners. This adds drama and a more seductive feline look to the eye!

Line the entire inside of your eye with a good waterproof liner and pile on the mascara, if you have time throw on some falses for an extra kick.

For the rest of the face, use a matte finish foundation and loads of blush!! Be sure to use one that is in the same colour family as the eye shadow. Dust some highlighter down your nose and cupid's bow for a glow.

For extra drama, and to try out the other look seen in the video, apply a dark red lippie! Illamasqua's Galmore Lipstick in Vampette is so so gorgeous and worked beautifully with the rest of the look.

There you have it! Now all you need is a saxophone player and learn the dance moves and you're all set! 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Updated Skin Routine

The picture above is of the day I finally realised I was acne free! My skin and I have had a rocky relationship, we both said and done things we didn't mean and at one point I thought we were too far gone to ever get along again! 

I would spend an absolute fortune on dozens of acne fighting creams and all things skin related. None of it worked and if anything, I was over loading my skin with too much product! So I decided to strip it right back to basics. 

Here are a few things I do to tackle my skin and how I have changed around my routine! Enjoy cake lovers xo

1) Diet 

Keep your diet as healthy as you can! Lots of salad and fruit, the natural waters will keep your skin hydrated and glowing 

Take your vitamins! 

Lemon water is a god send! Warm water with fresh lemon to start the day is perfect! If you're lacking in energy first thing in the morning, try a a spoonful of sugar or honey for an extra burst of life.

You're water intake needs to go through the roof! I drink one huge bottle of water a day, cucumber, watermelon and broccoli are great for your skin too!

2) Lifestyle 

The sun is a tricky so and so. Great for your skin to get the odd few rays, but too much will age your skin and make those acne scars even darker! Make sure you protect it from the sun everyday! Slap that SPF on!

We've all been there, one too many shots and in the morning your skin is hating you! I'm not telling you all to go T total, but just brace yourself for your skin to freak! You will know you've overdone it at the weekend from looking at where the blemishes and spots appear on your face. If they are based mainly on your forehead that is telling you that excessive drinking has given your liver a battering. If you notice acne on your cheeks that is usually respiratory problems, those drunken cigs in other words. The main part to remember is to always, always, always remove your makeup, no matter how badly you want to pass out face down on your pillow!

3) Skin Care 

This is amazing stuff! My skin feels squeaky clean every time I use it. What you need to focus on is C.T.M Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. Do this every morning and bed time, find products with as little chemicals in as possible and you are good to go!

Not just for baby bottoms! Sudacream is gentle and works! Acne treatments shouldn't sting your face, if they do that means there is too much Alcohol in them! Remember, as natural as possible is the key! 

This product is like the second coming of Christ! Its a little pricey yes, but you can do what I did and pay it off monthly! There are no words to describe how this has changed my skin! Love it!!

4) Dare to Bare 

Give that cake a miss 2-3 days of the week if your skin is being slightly argumentative, it will thank you for it later on. 

Finally, don't let it all get you down, I know its easier said then done but it will pass I promise! 

Stay beautiful my lovelies xo 

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Kendall Jenner Inspired Make Up

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are just unstoppable! Whether it's Kimye's wedding of the century or Khloe's incredible figure, they all just knock us off our feet. None more so, than Kendall Jenner. The leggy super model has become more and more stunning as the years go on! Here I have created a look that was inspired by Kendall's look she sported at the latest Vogue Paris Event. Accompanied by big sis Kim, Kendall looked every inch the fashionista in a stunning Balmain dress and flawless makeup (big thumbs up Mario!) This look was dramatic, yet still carried a dash of youth with the rosy flush of the cheeks and minimal looking contouring. Quite refreshing to see a Kardashian take it easy on the trusty fake tan too and embrace a more pale soft skin tone! Kendall Jenner is going to have to be one to watch for sure! 

Believe it or not, I used no foundation for this look (faints) But my skin has cleared up a lot lately. I found that contouring with a foundation that is a few shades darker than my natural skin tone not only gives me some chiseled features, but covers any nasty little acne scaring I have left! I highlighted with MAC's prep and prime in light boost. Then concealed under my eyes with Laura Mercier after I  used MAC's blusher in Peaches , I applied the blush just above the contouring in a half moon shape along the cheek bone for a soft, fawn like appearance.

For the eyes I cracked out my Smashbox full exposure palette... I'll admit, I'm a Naked Palette kinda girl, but I'm trying to break out of that habit and give some more palettes a go! I primed my eyes, then applied the shimmery gun metal colour on the middle of the lid. Then used the black shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eye and really blended it out to get a smoky look. Not forgetting to use the black to create a flick for a feline look. I tidied up any messy areas with a makeup remover soaked cotton bud, this meant I was able to get a sharp, perfect finish. Don't forget a set of your fav lashes too!

For the lips I chose something that was pretty close to my natural lip colour, then topped it off with this amazing Chanel lipgloss! 

There you have it. My attempt of a Kendall Jenner make up look. Hope you like the post cake lovers! xo 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Midas Touch

Midas Touch

The sun has been shining and it's had an affect on my makeup! I thought I would show you how I get this sun kissed, golden smoky eye. Enjoy cake lovers xo 

I used MAC Studio Fix in NW25 mixed with Chanel for a glowing finish 

This little threesome gave me a sun kissed, bronzed look.

This mascara is unbelievable!

For a bit of a different look, I lined my waterline with this Bronze pencil

For a coral/nude I mixed these both together 

To create the look I blended the colour NAKED all over the lid, BUCK in the crease, then HALF BAKED over the lid. For a final hint of smokiness I added DARK HORSE in the outer corner of the eye. For a seductive feline flick I lined them with a brown liquid liner from Collection. 



Let me know what you think! 

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