Friday, 23 December 2016

10 Things To Get A Mum That Won't Cost A Thing (or cost very little)

I realise I wrote a similar post last year, but this sort of popped into my head and figured I'd share these ideas with you. Now, this post doesn't necessarily need to be tips on what to get for mums, but will work with anyone, just add a different twist! 

If you are anything like me, Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. I swear it was only September yesterday. So if I'm feeling the pressure of time running away from me, I expect a few of you are too... perhaps a few more of the male variety... not that I'm stereotyping of course, but you boys do love to leave it to the last minute... 

So here are 10 different ideas for a mum this Christmas! Perfect if you've run out of time and pay day is just too far away! 

1. Make A Christmas Story 
Create a Christmas adventure staring the whole family and use inspiration from the children's favourite stories. You don't have to be the next Monet or Oscar Wilde, just grab some stickers, crayons and paper and let your imagination go crazy. She will love how personal and sentimental it is. 
Still stuck for a story line? Perhaps have some naughty Christmas elves pinch the turkey and you all chase them to the North Pole which results in a festive feast with Father Christmas.... There you go, you can have that one if you like, I won't mind.. 

2. Breakfast In Bed 
Now, I understand if this may not go to plan with children around. However, if you have a little one, who doesn't really understand yet, or perhaps older children that could help you, this could be a brilliant treat for the morning. The breakfast can be as elaborate as you like, pull out the stops and cook her up a storm, or just some simple tea and toast. She will be so touched by the thought and will start off her Christmas Day in a perfect way.  

3. Make Her Queen Of The Day
Grab a cereal box, some tin foil and a pin. Cut a star out of the cupboard, wrap it in the foil and add the pin so it can be added to her top. There you have it, Queen of the day badge. This can mean anything you like, whether it be she totally relaxes and you take the lead with everything, or you surprise her with treats throughout the day, the opportunities are endless. 

4. Christmas Performance 
This idea is brilliant for children who are old enough to want to get their parents a present, yet don't really have the funds. Depending on their age, you can leave the idea up to them, whether its a song, play, dance or poem. If they are a little younger, then jump in with a helping hand. She will be over come with joy and you'll score extremely high on the brownie points for sure! 

5. Pottery Painting 
Take the children to your nearest pottery painting cafe and create something beautiful. If you are local to the Eastbourne area, head to The Art House. If you've left it too late, but like the idea, you can always head to your local supermarket grab a mug, some glue and glitter and create it yourselves at home. 

6. Picture Frame 
Mums, rarely feature in photos as they are usually the one behind the camera. I always love natural, non staged pictures best. Why not try and snap a few secret shots of her and the children together then print it out and pop it in a frame. It'll be a perfect surprise for her and will no doubt take pride of place in your home. 

7. Get Baking 
You don't have to be a Mary Berry when it comes to baking, but why not get the kids involved in baking mummy a treat for Christmas. From Rice Krispy treats to shortbread, anything will do, you can even cheat and grab some easy home baking mixes. I love this one

8. Fill A Jar 
Fill a empty jar of notes from you and all the family. The notes could be anything, from what you love about her, favourite memories, or suggestions on day trips you could all do together. You can do as many as you like and could maybe become a new Christmas tradition. 

9. Draw Out A Treasure Map
Send her round the house on the hunt for some pirate treasure. You can print a picture out at work or hand draw it, depends on what you are most confident with. Use an old tea bag and rub it over the paper to make the page look like an old scroll, and perhaps burn the corners off a little to really make it look authentic. Write out clues to take her from place to place until she finds the prize. The treasure can be anything you want. Perhaps a basket with a face mask, flowers, hot chocolate sachet, a new nail varnish. Just a collection of little things she will love, and that you can easily grab at the supermarket on your way home from work. 

10. Build Christmas Den
This can be a family affair or once the children are asleep. Grab all the cushions and blankets you can find, turn off all the lights and let the fairy lights of the Christmas tree add a cosy glow to the room. Pop on her favourite Christmas movie and snuggle down with a hot chocolate, or perhaps a mulled wine? It is Christmas after all. 

There you go, a collection of ideas you can do to make her feel special this Christmas. You can choose your favourite or go crazy and do them all. I'm sure whatever you decide she will be very touched by the thought and effort you've made. Oh, and there's nothing stopping you from doing these for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's too. 

Let me know if you give any of these a go! XO

*the image featured above was found on Pinterest. 

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