Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How To Really Spoil Him This Christmas

I'm not going to lie to you all, but shopping for men can feel so limited at times. I feel as though my poor dad has received countless socks, ties and biscuits during Christmas past. Us girls are super lucky with the huge variety of treats we can receive! 

So with this in mind, I made it my mission to find something that be brought for any man over 20 that they will undoubtedly adore... You know what, I think I found it.... 

Barbeshops have existed since Ancient Roman times believe it or not, usually a place to obviously get a weekly trim, but also a place to relax and gossip of the comings and goings. Time has flown by and it's safe to say that a Barber's still holds a special place in a fella's heart. Whether he visits his Barber religiously, or once in a while. You can bet he throughly enjoys his time whilst he's in there. 

Murdock London is the ultimate brand when it comes to male grooming. From the products you can buy, to the shops and even the services available. Murdock are the leaders of the barbering world. You can only imagine how excited I was to find the most handsome little package waiting for me one afternoon. Obviously the products I found in the box wouldn't benefit me, but I got a tad giddy at the thought of casually handing over the goodies to my chap, who happens to be a barber himself. It's as though I was passing over a key to a secret, exclusive club. The trio of products found in The Gentleman's Shave Set allow a close shave using an oil and balm to keep the skin moisturised, nourished and left feeling super soft! This is only one of the variety of sets available, you really are spoilt for choice! Take a look at the fabulous collection of gifts here 

Needless to say, it was Christmas come early for him. What about the other out there with facial hair? Well, Murdock have you covered there too. With their website full to the brim of every beard, shaving, skincare products you could ever think of, you can certainly find something that will be the ideal present. There is also tips and videos to watch, as well as features on The Murdock Man page. The best part of all, is the opportunity to book a service in one of their beautiful shops. I personally had a peak at the shop in Liberty and thought it was simply stunning, I wouldn't blame my chap for wanting to spend hours in there. 

So if like me you were at a loss this festive season of what you can leave for the man of the house under the tree, I most certainly recommend giving him the Murdock Treatment. A chance for him to feel totally spoilt and in touch with a tradition that has developed over centuries. Not to mention being considered the most outstanding wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter!

Have any of you got someone a Murdock goody before? I'd love to know XO 


*the small print: The product featured in today's post was very kindly sent to me, the opinions and wording however has be written by yours truly. Thank you Murdock! 

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