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How to be a good Beauty Intern

How to be a Good Beauty Intern

If Andy can do it, so can you!

When I was lucky enough to land my internship with InStyle I was so excited! This wasn’t my first go at interning. Throughout my Fashion Degree I had to complete a number of internships to pass certain areas of my projects. This has probably helped with my background knowledge of the interning basics… things that I thought were quite easy to understand as standard intern jobs, tea making, multi tasking, photo copying, transcripting… However, since getting to know the Instyle beauties and sharing the odd little chat with them, apparently good interns are hard to come by. With this in mind I thought I’d share with you my hint and tips on how to make a good impression and get the reputation of being a good beauty intern!

SMILE  Yes, sounds utterly stupid, but it works! If you are unfortunate like me to have a bit of a bitch face when it is relaxed or concentrating, make a conscious effort to crack a smile on those lips when someone calls you or asks you a question. I have learnt this trick from my friend Louise and it has really done wonders, you won’t believe me until you try it. So keep happy and once you finish your internship, you will be remembered as the lovely , friendly [insert your name here]

smile, its the second best thing you can do with your lips


ALWAYS DO SOMETHING This is something I have done since I started working at the local Harvester restaurant. Its something I have learnt from my dad and it will be something I teach my kids. So long as you keep doing something, you will not be seen as a nuisance. Of course, make sure what you are doing is useful and will be appreciated. Once I finished all the tasks I was given and there would be a lull in things to do I tidied my desk. You will not believe how quick a beauty desk can get messy! Spending some time organising everything will keep your area tidy and it will help you get a better understanding where everything is.
ABSOLUTELY NO EGO Leave that ego at the front doors! It will do you no favours! If you have talent in photography, a language or maybe you have a blog. Mention it through chit chat when introducing yourself, the team will remember it and you never know, they may ask you for help! Just don’t run in all guns blazing as it will go down as well as a cup of cold sick… (apologises for that, but I am making a point)  


 OFFER TEA I know, how bloody British is that?! This little offer of hot beverages or water can only help you leave a good impression.
DON’T BE OVERLY SENSITIVE Brace yourself to not being spoken to by anyone outside your team. This isn’t because they are all being rude, they are just getting on with their work. One of my first beauty internships at a popular weekly magazine had a fashion writer basically scream at me about a mistake the intern before me had made. Keep calm and carry on. Just focus on your work and being a huge help. It’s your team you are trying to impress so don’t worry about not having others say good morning to you, if they do then that’s just a bonus. By all means, if you fancy the need to make friends for lunch break purposes then exchange a few smiles and brief conversations with other interns. Just remember to not distract them from their work!

GO THE EXTRA MILE Yes you are exhausted from your commute and your new special internship shoes are rubbing, but you always, always, must, must, must go the extra mile! There is honestly nothing wrong with doing that. Just make sure you are multi tasking and keeping on top of everything. If you show you are willing to finish off anything you are given to the best of your abilities you have basically made yourself intern gold!

BE PREPARED TO MULTI-TASK Multi tasking, is an good interns secret weapon. You will have a million and one things to do. I would suggest taking a couple of good pens/pencils and notebook with you. You will be totally lost without it and make sure you write down EVERYTHING and it will really safe your butt at times. Be so organised that you become slightly OCD. I know this sounds a bit much, but if you want your reputation to help you gain more experience, than this is what you have to do.

NEVER BULLS@*T You must remember, the team you are working for are professionals. The amount of brands, names, locations, trends, tips and tricks they all know is insane! You may be well versed in all things beauty, but you will never be able to blag your way out of something. Honesty is the best policy, and if for example, that job you were given had slipped your mind than just be honest and crack on with it. The team will understand you don't have as much experience as them. 

GET A LEAVING CARD AND GIFT I may sound patronising to some of you now, but it real does leave a good impression. Just a little thank you card and box of chocolates will leave your team touched at how thoughtful you are and will certainly remember you.  

So there you have it, you may have noticed I put up a couple images of The Devil Wears Prada, but like I mentioned in previous blogs, I couldn't help but picture it to be like that! Of course I was lucky enough to have a lovely team to work with and from what I saw on my trips about, it is quite a friendly industry to be involved in. However I'm sure there is one Miranda about there somewhere... Even if you do find someone like that, just don't let it trouble you too much and focus on what you are there to do! Have any of you got any internships coming up? Or any tips for me? Let me know! Much love cake lovers xo 

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Kim Kardashian Inspired Bridal

Whether you are a fan of hers or not, you can't deny that Kim Kardashian did not look astonishing during her wedding to Kanye West. 

The outfits, the city, the hair, especially the make up was beautiful. So, with that in mind, I decided to recreate the look the new Mrs Kanye West sported during her rehearsal dinner. 

I understand that some of you may think this look is a little too heavy for your own wedding days, so perhaps not having a dark lower lash line will be more your style. For those of you who do like this look, I would advise for you to go easy on the smoked out under eye as the risk of looking more Halloween than Haute Couture is high! 

So here you are my cake lovers, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think xo 

First and foremost.... glowing, healthy skin is important to every bride! So I would suggest really focusing on this before your big days! My skin is my downfall and I have suffered with it for years and years, however, with having bad skin comes the benefit of knowing what to do when it comes to having it look good! I have really stripped my routine down to basics and it has really helped! Keep your routine as simple and natural as you can before your big day. This will give your skin time to calm down and balance out. If you haven't got sensitive skin, I highly recommend using a Clarisonic, this has totally transformed my skin! 

Keep your products to a minimum. Organic cleanser, toner and moisturiser is all you need, with a good eye cream and of course Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for night cream. 
Kiehl's Eye Cream is amazing!

This really does finish off your face perfectly and it even smells like roses! 

Secondly, the base I personally think, is the most important part of your wedding day make up. If you really focus on this, the rest of your look will fall into place and look flawless! This part is very time consuming, but so, so worth it. My tip would be after you've applied your moisturiser and primer, start with the bits and bobs you want to hide first. Those pesky blemishes and uneven skin tone can be covered. I would use MAC concealer and apply it with clean fingers, the warmth from your hands will make the product blend much better into the skin. Once all this is done, all you need is a good foundation to finish off the base.

My life was nothing before this product! A-MAZ-ING

This foundation is a totally new product from bareMinerals. It's liquid, but not full of bad chemicals like so many other products on the market. The trick for a wedding look is that it should be about you looking beautiful and not your makeup looking beautiful. This producthas healing lilac plant extract in it and nourishing coconut oil which your skin just even smells great. Use the new bareMinerals foundation brush with this for a perfect finish. Light, breathable foundation with full coverage and is good for your skin..... the perfect guest to a wedding surely!

Charlotte Tilbury's contour and highlight gives a soft, candlelight glow to the skin.You may have noticed that even the Queen of contour Kim went easy with it on her big day too.

This gives you such a beautiful, glow from within flush. Just what a blushing bride needs!

For the eyes I used a couple of lovely palettes I have from MUA. This brand is so affordable and it delivers! I used quite a lot of MUA products when I was learning how to be an makeup artist so grew a little fondest for them! 

I used a light, shimmery pink from Barry M on the mobile part of the lid, all over and into the tear duct, next I built up a cut crease with a soft plum purple, then used a black shadow on the outer corners and under the lower lash line. Be sure to blend the shadows up towards the end of your brows for a flattering, subtle cat flick, this look suits every eye shape! to finish off the shadows I highlighted the inner corner with a milky shimmery colour. I then gave the eyes a little bit of sexiness with a liner across the eyes and all over the upper and lower water line. Don't forget lashings of mascara and some light, fluttery falsies! 

Finally, for lips, I used my all time favourite nude, MAC's Honeylove and had a sleek of Chanel lipgloss in the colour Glossimer. If you don't mind wasting these products when you're smooching up to your new hubby of course! 

This colour is just....mwah! 

The Finished Look

There you have it, a Kimmy K inspired bridal Look. Hope this has been some use to you all out there, and for all you brides to be, huge Congratulations and wishing you all the love and happiness in your marriage!