Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mascaras to flutter your lashes at

I am never normally too adventurous when it comes to mascaras, I usually stick to the same brand for a year or two. Recently however, I've started to mix it up and given a few new brands a go, have a look to see what I thought of them. 

Tom Ford Extreme Mascara
Now the brush on this is enormous, I was a tad worried I would poke my eye out! It isn't drying so your lashes won't feel rock solid and not have any flexibility. It is a bit of the gloopy side so does clump up if you aren't careful. 5/10

YSL Volume Effect Mascara
Now this does give great volume and thickness to the lashes, love that the black is jet black so gives your lashes some punch. I did get the waterproof version and my goodness, it certainly is waterproof! 7/10

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
Love this mascara, love the wand, love the packaging, even love the name! If you are after length and full on gorgeous lashes that look like you've got a pair of bottom and top falsies, than get your mitts on one of these for sure! 10/10

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 
I love using this mascara for days I want my eyes to be the main focus, all you need is a couple of coats and it gives you a fresh, doll like set of lashes! 8/10 

Too Faced // Better Than Sex // here
Tom Ford // Extreme Mascara // here
YSL // Volume Effect Mascara // here
Charlotte Tilbury // Full Fat Lashes Mascara // here 

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Getting Cosy - The Baby Edition

I had a few errands early the other morning, so got up with the birds and wrapped little one up. Good job I did as it is certainly crisp, and I love it! Having my daughter snuggled into me as I went about my day made me want to show you all some baby bits that I am loving that match this season! Enjoy cake lovers xo 

I got these items when I was expecting, I just think every child needs a bright raincoat! Teaming it with a striped headband just gives it a perfect nautical feel that gets me so excited about my little girl fitting into these ready for a gorgeous Autumnal walk by the seaside. You can get a similar raincoat here. The headband is handmade by a lovely company called Blaebird, I am a little obsessed. They are currently out of stock of the stripes but have many more to choose from, take a look here  

Just look at these tiny little socks! The added frills make them extra special and keep those little toes warm! Have a look at some more here 

My boyfriend has gone crazy for the brand Ra an Roo, he can't stop buying their pieces! The brand is usually designs for boys, but there's nothing stopping us having our girl wear them! Have a look for yourself here

Now the Brambly Hedge books have so many of my own childhood memories connected to them. This is probably why I have really enjoyed reading them recently, especially Autumn Story. Find the rest of the books here 

This gorgeous book already has me looking forward to rainy Sunday afternoons, keeping ourselves entertained learning all about nature. Find Nature's Day here  

Finally, a post dedicated to all things cosy and snuggly has to feature a Teddy Bear, everyone meet Monty and you can get him here

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Monday, 19 October 2015

BooTea Review

I have heard and seen a lot about the BooTea Teatox and have always thought "I guess I can try that one day" That day never really came about until a few weeks ago when I bite the bullet and went for it. 

I had recently had a baby and was feeling amazing! I felt the skinniest I'd ever felt and the most confident I have been in my own skin. My body had just preformed something spectacular and I was full to the brim with adrenaline and a sense of euphoria. The weeks went by and all this confidence started to become drowned by the old insecurities pushing their way back into my thoughts...stubborn bastards.... So I thought that was the time to take  action. Unfortunately I couldn't brush my sports bras off and hit the gym as I would have caused myself some damage. Instead I wanted to try the Teatox as a gentle way of getting back into the swing of things and feel good about myself.

I went for the 14 Day Teatox which comes with a Daytime Tea and Night Tea. The Daytime tea should be drunk every day for the two weeks, doesn't matter what time of day, just as long as you get it down ya! The Night Tea is drunk every other night, starting with Day one. It explains on the packet that you will experience laxatives effects whilst using this tea, if I'm honest, it isn't as terrible as I had imagined. I was picturing waking in the mornings feeling as though I won't make it to the bathroom in time, but it was absolutely fine and nothing a trusty scented candle couldn't disguise! 

The tea has only natural ingredients in so you won't feel as though you are reading a list of Star Wars characters on the back of the packets, a big plus in my eyes and not a bleached white tea bag in sight! Now if you are used to green tea you won't mind the taste of this tea at all, if it's all new to you however, just try a drop of honey. 

You are now all thinking "Yeah that's great, but did you notice a difference?" and I did! Don't get me wrong, I didn't drop to a size 8 overnight, but I did feel a lot less bloated! In total I lost about 5lbs of my post baby weight which is just what I needed to feel better about myself. It's as though this little Teatox has given me a leg up over my mummy tummy flabbiness, teaming it with a balanced, healthy diet and some exercise (mainly pushing the pram the long way home) I'm starting to feel like my old self again, only now, when I do some at home yoga stretches, I have a little coo-ing cheerleader on the sidelines swinging in her chair!

So if you are after a easy way to give yourself a little boost in the right direction, defiantly give this Teatox a go! You can find out more about BooTea here

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Getting Cosy

Something happened the other night, I was sitting in my toasty oven of a flat (yes we have one of those constantly warm without the heating on homes, lucky huh?) and I felt, dare I say it, I felt a draft... 

It's turned into to Autumn overnight which got me thinking of all things seasonal, the cosy jumper wearing, numb finger tips feeling, hot chocolate sipping kinda seasonal goodness that you only get as soon as you have that first chilly night. 

So with that I wanted to show you some things I am loving at the moment, and also things I usually turn to when the weather turns itself.

The frame is a brilliant birthday present from my sister one year, to be honest, it's not very Autumnal but just had to use it as a prop! The faux fur collar every year, without a doubt, makes its way around almost all my coats for some extra snuggle factor. Finally, the YSL foundation is a shade more suited to me for winter, plus the fact that it has a more liquid consistency means I prefer using it for a more hydrated feel throughout the colder months.  

Roll necks and loafers and fedoras...oh my! I adore greys and beige as a combo for this time of year. I've become more adventurous with my look and started wearing hats more, they can really make an outfit. If something can give me a sudden effortless, chic look I'm having it..... in various colours please! The loafers are a bit of a fashion staple of mine, comfortable and cute, even if the boyfriend says they look like slippers! 
I got all these goodies recently so you can still find them, they are all from Primark believe it or not.... you can find some gems in that enormous mess I promise you that. 

Whoever said that Summer bodies are made in Winter has clearly never had this hot chocolate. There are no words, you just have to track it down in your nearest M&S. Let me know what you think, that's if you don't collapse into a chocolate fuelled state of pleasure.

Colder months mean musky perfumes, I have written a review on this Jo Malone fragrance a while back and it is still a favourite. Dark and heavy with just the right amount of lingering power to give you a scent Christmas songs are written about! Don't forget to keep that body moisturised too, I love how Aveeno makes my skin feel and it's packed full of oat-y benefits too! 
Of course a Diptyque candle needs to feature in my posts every now and then.... they are a cult favourite and I'm trying to get in with the cool blogger gang! Just kidding, it was a gift that I have been nursing for a long time now, it has such a beautiful smell suited for this time year.

So there you have it my darling cake lovers! Have any of you noticed the weather turning nippy? What do you use to keep those tootsies toasty, I'd love to know xo 

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Favourite Highlights

Now when it comes to highlights, if it makes me look as though I've just stepped out of a pampering facial then it is firmly in my favourites. Here are my personal stash that I constantly reach for. Don't get me wrong, there are loads more that I have my eye on, especially the popular ones from the States such as the Becca Opal and So Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills, two that are on my next hit list for sure! 

Right, so on with the show, take a look and let me know what you think. 

Bobbi Brown here
Tom Ford here
Charlotte Tilbury here
Sleek Makeup here
Mac Cosmetics here
Topshop here  

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Berry Picking

So it is officially Autumn, this only means two things, first off, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available in Starbucks again (can I get a hallelujah!) and second, we can now crack out the berry tones from our makeup collection again. Here I've chosen my favourite autumnal berry products for you, enjoy having a nosey through, theres an array from blackberry to currant! 

Do any of you have any favourite berry makeup bits? I'd love to know in the comments below! xo

Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duo here // Stila Eyeshadow here // Nars Lipgloss here // Nars Lipstick here // Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick here // Bobbi Brown Lipstick (similar) here
Chanel Lipstick here // Clinique Nail Varnish (similar) here // Topshop Nail Varnish here //
Essie Nail Varnish here // Dior Nail Varnish here // Dolce & Gabbana (similar) here

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Friday, 9 October 2015

The power of Makeup

So, I'm a little late to the boat on this... the world has taken an huge interest in just how the use of makeup can achieve these results. Bloggers and Youtubers have taken the challenge  of showing just how powerful makeup can be. 

Now I thought I'd give it a go, but I've decided to give it a twist, I wanted to show you the power of makeup with a look inspired by Huda Beauty. I chose Huda purely because it was her videos that got me into makeup in the first place. I remember downloading Instagram one day and whilst navigating my way around I stumbled on to her page.... I was hooked! I never knew there were so many videos out there with countless tips, tricks and how tos. I didn't even know just how incredible contouring could be. I didn't.... now bare with me whilst I confess this.... I didn't even enhance my brows.....just left them, not even groomed.....(I was sick in my mouth a little then, the horror!)

Since that day a enormous love affair with beauty saw me complete a Diploma in makeup, start up a blog, preform professional makeup on shoots and weddings and even trek to London for a number of beauty internships. You see for me, the power of makeup is more than just contouring your cheekbones, spending ages getting your brows "on fleek" or even drowning yourself in highlight. For me it's made it possible to have a life that allows me to love what I do. 

Some people say girls use makeup for a few reasons;

1. For men- Ummmmmmm no my friends, we certainly do not watch countless youtube videos of our favourite blogger's latest makeup hauls, to then rush to our local department store to track down the entire collection featured in said video, to then spend hours getting ready for a Saturday to then have some shmuck chat us up.... No, just no, all that hassle was for our own pure enjoyment. 

2. Self Esteem- Ok, so what if we use a full coverage foundation to disguise those pesky blemishes, we aren't hurting anyone doing so. I am also sure you'd prefer to see our faces looking happy and relaxed than covered under hair or huge sun glasses. 

3. Pressure from Social Media- Please, in today's world of Instagram filters and apps such as Facetune we can all make ourselves look like a Olivia Pierson lookalike, what's becoming more of a challenge is how subtle you can use all this trickery without looking obvious. I'll tell you something now, one huge insult to a makeup obsessed girl is "she's soooooo over Facetuned herself" 

So all in all, the power of makeup is great, so great in fact that it not only allows us to use our faces like a blank artist canvas. We are able to display our moods with either a fresh faced, peachy toned day look to a smouldering dark smokey eye. It allows us to hide anything that we want and enhance our favourite features. Finally, it allows us to never have any awkward silences when being introduced to a new bunch of ladies.

Of course, what you must remember is that makeup is only skin deep and no amount of product can cover up a bad attitude or miserable face. I once went away for the weekend only to discover hours later, once I started to get ready for the night, that I had left my makeup bag at home. To my dismay I had already washed my face clean and was with a friend how had supermodel skin with strong brows, you know the type, the BB cream types, all she basically had was some mascara. I sucked it up and braved a busy Saturday night with my plain face.... it was a fantastic night! I never felt so happy and free and I even got a couple drinks brought for me. So I recommend you treat makeup as I do, use it to create whichever looks you desire, but never be afraid to go it alone every once in a while! 

The HudaBeauty makeup inspiration 

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Products I have used up

Thought I would mix it up with something different in Today's post, showing you all the products I've used up and whether I'd buy them all again. For a makeup and beauty junkie, finishing a  product is kind of a big deal, as it takes a lot to get through the huge collection of goods! 

Fresh Cupcake mask here

I love Lush face masks, even the fact they need to be kept in the fridge is bonus for me as it makes them feel gorgeous when you're applying them all over your face. There's a large selection of different ones for various skin concerns, Cupcake is for troublesome blemish prone skin. 
Would I buy it again? I already have....

MAC Studio Fix Fluid here // MAC Fix+ here
MAC Fix+ is perfect for keeping your makeup in place and also giving your highlight a glimmering finish, it somehow takes the powder look away from the makeup and instead makes it look more like skin. I love it! Safe to say, Fix+ will forever be repurchased! Now as for Studio Fix Fluid... Great that it has SPF and that it is full coverage.. I would recommend you colour match yourself whilst in store, or perhaps if you're not confident, take a friend who will be able to help. Each time I have been colour matched by a MAC girl I have ended up with shocking choices! Hasn't put me off the foundation though, I just tend to keep my head down when venturing in to my local MAC store. 

Would I buy them again? Yes....perhaps online...

Chanel Sheer Moisture Mist here

This spray is certainly more purse friendly than it's big sisters that you will find here But if you are anything like me, this spray will be gone in a week. I'll stick to putting Chanel on my Christmas and Birthday wish lists as I can see me getting myself into fabulous smelling debt!

Would I buy it again? Sadly no, but anyone else is welcome to treat me...  

Vita Coco Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil here // Cocowhite here

Now if you read my post on coconut oil, you will know I'm crazy for it! Now I've had a few people say "Why don't you just use coconut oil for your teeth and not spend money on basically more coconut oil?" In answer to that, No.... I like how the oil is measured out for you, I love the flavour and I like being part of the Cocowhite gang ok, so stick that it your pipe and smoke it! 

Would I buy them again? You bet!

Bondi Sands Self Tan here

The. Best. Tan. Ever.  

That is all I need to say about that.... You can find it in Superdrug,  for the love of God buy as many as you can afford and thank me later. 

Would I buy it again? Well....Duh?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz here

I don't think I need to explain my obsession with brows or the Brow Queen herself. For a pencil like consistency it draws on like a dream and gives you natural, beautiful eyebrows! Don't believe me? Just take a look at her Instagram here 

Would I buy it again? I don't only just buy it again... I keep the old empty pens for the handy spoolie!  

Benefit The Pore Fessional here

Now this little number has made it's way into almost every single make up artist, blogger and super fan's bag. Too right if I'm honest as it does do exactly what it says on the tin.

Would I buy it again? Yep! 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions here

This moisturiser is light weight and helps fight against blemishes, sounds great and I do find myself reaching for it when I have a flair up. The downside to it is that I don't find it very moisturisering, perhaps I'm asking for too much from it, but my skin still feels thirsty after I've applied it. 

Would I buy it again? Maybe..... 

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