Thursday, 16 February 2017

How I Tackle Breakouts

I have suffered with breakouts for almost my entire life. Of course they have mellowed slightly as I've grown older, age aside, my skin still freaks every now and then. It's pretty easy to figure out the cause nowadays. Stress, too much partying and that time of the month brings them all out at once! 

So with this in mind, I thought I'd let you know the little tricks I do to kick those unwanted blemishes out the door! 

Make-up Free 
I made this mistake when I was younger. My face would become sprinkled with various pimples and I'd slap on a ridiculous amount of make-up in a sad attempt to hide them all. My poor skin would be screaming for air and usually resulted in blemishes lingering round for much longer and usually getting worse. So nowadays, my skin flares up, and I stay away from the make-up. I will cleanse and moisturise as usual but leave my skin the chance to just stay calm and left alone. Result, spots usually disappear a lot quicker. 

Don't Over Scrub 
Having blemishes regularly means for me to feel, well, grubby. The temptation to grab my strongest, roughest face scrub and grind it into my skin until I am pink in the face can become a little over whelming. I stop myself for this one reason. Harsh scrub will break spots, and broken spots will lead to bacteria spreading itself all over your face, resulting in yet more spots! Nasty cycle that can then become tough to break. So just give that scrub a rest for a couple of days, until the worse part is over, instead try a liquid exfoliate, Clinique and Pixi Glow provide the best, in my opinion. Oh, and this goes for squeezing spots too. I understand the satisfaction of ridding yourself of those pesky blemishes can feel fabulous. But squeezing again leads to the spread of bacteria AND scaring. 

Anti Blemish Lotion
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo has become my absolute trouble skin saviour! This cream definitely packs a punch and rids my skin almost over night of any little buggers. It's so light and fresh on the skin that you can really feel it helping to sort out any skin problems. In just a mere two weeks, post "time of the month" blemishes are well and truly vanished. My skin surface appears smoother, I'm shine free and pores are unclogged. It makes me feel so skin confident I can leave the house without an inch of make-up on! Now that for me, is a triumph in itself. 

Topical Treatment
I'm not going to lie, the day I spotted Rosie Huntington-Whitley rave about the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I felt like a total super model for even owning it myself. I got a bottle of this little magic potion in Liberty last year and it still amazes me, one year on. The product looks different to any other spot treatment out there, and you'll find it tempting give the bottle a quick shake. But the trick is to grab a cotton bud, submerge it into the pink formula that sits on the bottom. Then taking your soaked cotton bud, dab it onto any nasty blemishes. I like to do mine at night so by the morning my spots would appear calmed and reduced in size. Honestly, this stuff is amazing. It's no wonder all the big time celebs love it so much! 

Over Night Mask 
Kiehl's Cilantro & Orange Pollutant Defending Masque is a clever little product that helps to protect the skin from daily aggressors, leaving it replenished, radiant and just generally happy. I like to save using this until I notice blemishes starting to make an appearance. With the protection from the mask, I find my spots disappear a lot quicker with the helping, defending hand of this treatment.You can use the mask three times a week in the evening, apply a layer all over, tissue off any excess and wake up to some gorgeous skin! 
There's me thinking cilantro only benefited my cooking... 

So there you have it, how I tackle my breakouts! How do you tackle yours? XO 


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Ultimate Mid Week Pamper

Oh Hump Day, It really is a tricky one isn't it? Some weeks its done and dusted in a flash, others feels as though you've been stuck on Tuesday for eternity. So, with this I've put together the ultimate mid week pamper for you all to try! Now, bare in mind, this pamper is intended to be easy and fuss free. Other elements of a far more in depth pamper are left to one side. Let's be honest, after a rough start to the week, do you really want to be fake tanning and painting your nails? So take a look and see how I give myself a little pick me up in the middle of a busy week. 

Dressing Gown 
I've come of age recently, yes Christmas found me asking for a soft, cosy dressing gown. Come in from work, get yourself fed and washed and slip into a soft, cloud of loveliness. I am so in love with mine, which you can find here. Once you're wrapped up, the day's stresses will melt away. 

Fresh PJs 
Nothing better than a fresh pair of pjs is there? Something about a truly comfy pair that makes everything better. If you have the energy, try teaming it with a fresh set of bed sheets. Heaven, I swear you have the best night's sleep when you're surrounded by beautifully smelling, laundered bliss. I'm currently lusting after these here

Body Scrub 
Now I obviously mean for you to do all this before the fresh jammies and dressing gown. Buffing away dead skin and getting the blood circulating around your body is a brilliant way to give you a boost. You're skin will be rejuvenated and left super soft. I've recently received the Willow Body Black Coconut Body Scrub. You only need the smallest amount to notice a huge difference. With help from the caffeine targeting, cellulite, stretch marks and acne, your skin is left as though you've spent a week in Hawaii, rather than stuck behind your desk. You can now use code ROGUE to received 30% off Willow Body products. This brand is fabulous, no nasty chemicals, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Oh, and they work amazingly too. Have a look at their site here

Oil and Lotion 
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula have always had a place in my heart. I've used their products since the dawn of time. They always deliver fabulous results, which is probably why I reach for them when I'm in need of some real, skin therapy. What I usually do is pop the oil on first, focusing on the areas I've just buffed the scrub into most. Using strong strokes I work the oil into the skin. Sort of similar to how a therapist would massage you. Once I've finished with the oil I then take the lotion and apply it all over the areas that always get neglected, such as feet, knees, elbows, hands, cuticles, anywhere that really needs that little extra, TLC. With the mix of the coffee scent from the scrub, and chocolate from the lotions, you'll smell good enough to eat! Find the Palmer's products, here

Face Mask 
I know, I always bang on about masks, but you just can't beat the feeling. Sheet masks are easy and mess free for a mid week pamper session. Pop one on, relax, remove, done. Simple, I love to squirrel away some extra special ones in times of crisis or to help with a crappy day. The Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask is the perfect saviour for such an occasion. Packed with pearl extract for antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise and plump the skin, as well as many more. Honestly, you're world could have fallen apart, but this mask will make it appear like nothing ever happened. Take a closer look here

Grab A Good Book
Switching the tele on and moulding into the sofa is the easiest thing to do. What I've been doing lately for some me time, is to pick up a book or a magazine and read it from cover to cover. I find that I relax more and sleep easier, not only that, but I find myself thinking about what I've read a lot more than that same Friends rerun that plays away in the background, whilst I find myself scrolling through Facebook. 
My old University Lecturer always used to say knowledge is power, and how right she is. I can't seem to put down Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes and have already learnt about so much about an industry that is my life, work and obsession! So get reading, you won't regret it. 

Warming Bed Time Drink 
The final stage to my ultimate mid week pamper, is to grab yourself a warming bed time drink. Could be anything you like, but I suggest avoiding coffee or tea with caffeine. Instead, herbal teas, hot chocolate, lemon and honey and even your nan's favourite Horlicks will be the ideal cherry on top of the cake. 

So, there you go. The ultimate mid week pamper, just right for when life gets a little bit shite. 

Happy Hump Day my loves! XO

*the small print: Some of the products featuring in this post were sent to me. The wording, images and opinions however are by yours truly. Thank you to the brands and PR companies for sending me them to try! x 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Valentine's Handbag Essentials

So Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I figured I would share with you my handbag essentials for the big night. Whether it's a date, dinner or a night with your girls these will have you covered. 

Now, you can pop this on before you head out, or perhaps keep it back for a touch up throughout the night. I know, sounds odd, but excusing yourself from your date for a quick trip to the bathroom is always a great thing to do. It gives you a chance to calm your nerves, especially if you find yourself really fancying him. But another trick to try is popping on the slightest touch of colour to your cheeks, I personally love Mac's blush in Desert RoseBy adding a flush of rouge to your face will give you the most beautiful glow of health, he won't be able to tear his eyes off you as you breeze back to the table. If done subtly you will just look down right sexy. However, try not to go over board and avoid this trick if there's poor lighting or if you've had one too many cocktails. I'm sure I don't need to remind you what happened to our dear friend Bridget Jones in that rushed taxi ride do I....? 

Black Eye Liner 
Running black eye liner over your water line and tight line will give your eyes a stunning, smouldering look. Using a soft black kohl will elongate the eye and give your lashes a fuller appearance. Perfect for some flirting and just right for those sultry looks across the table. One other great thing about lining both the tight and water line is the longevity of the product will last as you'll be blinking black onto black. I still like to take a liner out with me, just in case. I'm currently obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's Rock 'N' Kohl pencil in Bedroom Black (I know right, how saucy!) 

Now, don't ask me why I find the need to take a highlight along with me. I guess I'm your standard make-up junkie. If you aren't glowing like some sort of Goddess, then what's even the point of being out? I love taking Benefit's Watt's Up! with me for the perfect glow and end with a handy blender. 

Lip Plump 
Nubyen Lip Augmentation Gloss is my secret weapon. Perfect for using when your Valentine's date is with someone new. Chatting and getting to know each other means watching each other's lips. So with the help of this brilliant product, your lips will look irresistible. Oh, and if it is't with someone new and a special night with your partner, he may even notice a difference too! And don't forget to code ROGUE10 for 10% off. 

Handbag Fragrance 
Now this could be any scent, your absolute favourite, or perhaps something new. I love the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk spray at the moment. It makes you smell like some sort of delicious dessert that will add up to about 60,000 points on Weight Watchers! Don't forget to spray the fragrance on your pulse points, so the wrists, back of your knees, top of your head and even a little in your hair. 

So there you have it, my handbag essentials that you will find on me this Valentine's Day. I hope you all have a wonderful time, whatever you decide to do. Stay safe and kiss your beau's face off! XO