Friday, 25 November 2016

How A TV Advert Made Me Feel About Christmas

Christmas adverts are becoming a bit of a thing nowadays I feel. It's as though we all sit and wait for the John Lewis ad to be released and we all start dropping the C word (Christmas that is you rude so and so) 

2016's selection of festive ads have been rather lovely, but there has been one that's really hit home for me this year. If you haven't seen it take a look here. It's a story about a father dashing about filled with the stresses that come with this time of year, shopping, work deadlines, missing time at home, awful weather and miles of crazed shoppers to battle against. This is until he has a little thought to himself and thinks it's time to really spoil his family this year, by having him at home more. (Oh, and the song is fab too with some lovely vocals by James Corden)

Now, I don't know about you, but I have to appluade Sainsbury's for this. They've really gone back to basics and has made me totally rethink Christmas. I'll admit I feel very pressured to spend an absolute fortune on everyone, especially on my daughter. But why? Will she really understand just how much money was spent on all those presents for her under the tree? Or will ripping off the paper and laughing her head off whilst playing with the boxes be enough for her? I'm a huge fan of making memories and snap her like some sort of paparazzi. When we look back at those pictures, will she ask "how much was that toy mum?" or will she laugh a her crazy bed hair and embarrassing, festive pjs? 

I am by no way giving all you super generous lot a telling off, if you want to spend lots on your loved ones then you go ahead! But for me, having a child is an expensive life choice and would rather spend a majority of my money on various classes and a pass to our local Zoo. 

The idea of baking gingerbread men, decorating the tree, chilly woodland walks all as a family is what Christmas is about for me now. I really look forward to all these activities becoming stories we tell each year filled with warm, fuzzy nostalgia. 

I am aware that my Facebook feed will be full to the brim of parents showing the piles of presents waiting for their little ones to open in the morning. I'll admit I went a little crazy last year as the excitement got too much for me. Of course I'll end up buying a few bits for my family, this year however, I won't feel guilty about not over doing it. Thanks to Sainsbury's beautiful advert, I get the feeling my Christmas this year will be a lot more special. Just like the message in the ad says, the greatest gift to your family, is you and your time spent together.  

How are you all spending your Christmas this year? XO

*The image used today is from Pinterest 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why I'm Totally Obsessed With Korean Skincare

Can you imagine performing a 15 step beauty routine every morning.... even before your morning coffee? Well the women of Korea actually do, morning AND evening. Its incredible the time and energy they put in to looking after their skin. It does certainly work though, they all have flawless, ageless faces.  If you can find the time then I say go for it. If you're like me and treasure your time in bed too much for a extra early morning, there is a step from the ultimate skincare routine that will have you looking fab, and it only takes one step! 

Sheet face masks are one of top products in Korean skincare, some ladies even use a mask every night! For those of you who aren't sure what I'm talking about, sheet face masks are a fabric style mask you pop onto your cleansed skin and leave for 30 minutes. Once your time is up, you remove the mask and rub in any excess serum left on your skin and ta da, a pampered face!  I'll admit you do look a little scary, but these masks do wonders for your skin! 

You can get sheet masks quiet easily nowadays, so for me it's finding the best type available now that's become a bit of a challenge/hobby for me, I am literally drowning in sheet masks! I gave the When Special Package a go recently to see how they tackled my problem skin! 
The pack includes five masks all with a different benefit for using them. This idea is something I loved the sound of, and the names of them are brilliant too, the different types are, Travelmate, Glamour Base, 10:00pm, Snow Magic and The Last Choice. Want to know what the names mean? Oh ok... I'll tell you... 

When you are on the road, take along When Travelmate. This bio-cellulose sheet mask contains gentle, moisturising ingredients to help your skin recover from sun, wind and dry air. It is save to say I'll have this little fellow in my bag for my next flight, my skin hates to fly! 

Glamour Base
When you want to beautiful for that special day this is the one for you. This clever masks removes flaky skin and makes large pores disappear, it's the fairy godmothers of face masks! Perfect for that Christmas party coming up, it makes your makeup go on flawlessly too! 

Our skin rejuvenates itself during the hours of 10pm - 2am, this mask is designed to use at night, when you're all tucked up and want to give your face a little pamper. Let yourself recharge from all the stresses of the day, with one of the ingredients being watermelon to promote skin regeneration, you'll look completely refreshed and new by morning. 

Snow Magic 
Now this is my favourite I must admit. It sums up what this blog is initially about, how to achieve amazing results in super quick timing! This mask has a real WOW factor to it and my skin was instantly brighter and radiant. I love to look glowing all year long, after all, it's not only the Summer that calls for glowing skin after all. 

The Last Choice 
My dehydrated skin can honestly be a right old pain. If you have the same problem, this mask is there for you when all the serums, moisturisers and glasses of water just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. It's literally a pint of water for the face, once your skin has drunk up all the goodness it will look totally hydrated. Thirst well a truly quenched! 

I can honestly say that these little beauties are my go to for sheet masks now! Defiantly worth giving a go, you can find them at Fenwicks, selected Topshop stores and 

So there you have it, beautifully cared for skin with all the benefits of a famous Korean skincare routine in one easy step! My obsession is stronger than ever! 

Have any of you tired the When face sheets? I'd love to know XO

* the small print. The product featured in this post was very kindly sent to me. However the opinions and wording is all by yours truly. Thank you very much to the PR company for sending me these to try. XO 

Friday, 18 November 2016

A Love Note To My Pre Baby Body

This post was not meant to happen today, and admittedly it's a little different to my usually topics. However, I like to think of this blog as a little spot of the internet where I can share with you all sorts of things. 

It may be the story teller in me, but today I just wanted to send a little love note to my pre baby body. I know, how total random. It all started after a friend posted a picture up of the weekend. I'd had a rare night out with the girls which was great fun, but that damn picture made it all go to shit. (Pardon my French) I couldn't help but notice just how different I looked. I guess I hadn't really noticed before, after all, I'm fortune enough to be the same dress size I was before my daughter. My fashion sense hasn't changed, my hair style is still the same (perhaps in need of a trim) But I couldn't help notice how bloated, pale and tired I looked, with about three extra chins! 

This got me thinking about how much I whinged about my body in the past. Oh if only I could climb into a time machine, go back and slap myself. Isn't crazy to think I would dream of having the body back I once hated? I'm sitting here thinking of the millions of times I didn't wear something as I felt 'too fat' in it... foolish girl. 

I mean, nothing has really changed. I've always had a bit of tummy so not really worried about a mummy tummy, if anything it's given me the excuse to go shopping for some new high waisted jeans. I did always seem to have a year long tan which has been totally neglected nowadays and I did spend a lot more time on my eye makeup. To be honest, I think that's just me getting older and favouring an easy day look that doesn't invovle a smokey eye. Anyway, making the extra effort of an evening gives it a bit more of a special feeling, and getting a little double take from the fella is always a confidence boost. 

I know some of you are probably thinking 'get down to the gym and stop complaining' Yes I could get down to the gym, don't get me wrong I would love to. I could find the time, it's just a case of money and energy. Being a mum means coming last, so the thought of forking out gym fees each month gives me an aching guilt trip, all that money that could be saved or used for something for everyone to enjoy. As for energy, well running around after a toddler all day is enough exercise for me, we stay active a lot and get out almost everyday so it's actually really lovely to just sit down of an evening. 

Weight wise, I'll admit I wasn't a keen scale user before, I would mainly go by how I felt, looked and how my clothes would fit. I'd say I'm a few extra ponds over my previous self, but it's Winter and need it for warmth! What I have noticed is my face is a lot fuller and I can't seem to shed the tubby arms that are still hanging around after the birth of my tot. How do you loose weight from your face anyway? If anyone knows, please share your secrets! 

This also has me looking to the future and seeing my daughter examining how she looks in the mirror and pinch that none existent roll. I can't believe I will hear myself saying `You'll miss it when it's gone' I thought that was just useless babble mums said, but it's actually true and I will say it, and probably receive the same eye roll I would give my own mum. Why didn't I listen? Sorry mum, you were right after all... 

I guess this rambling chat today is me wanting to apologise to my former bod.... 

Dear pre baby body,

You were actually quite lovely to have. Toned, tanned and made for heels! 
I'm sorry for poking the bits I didn't like or complaining about this or that. I didn't mean them, if you ever wanted to come back and give things another go I will be so thankful!
I promise you won't regret it. 

Love you forever and always, 
slightly chubbier, pastier, wobblier, tired post baby body X 


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Winter Skin Prep (Day Edit)

I'm always mixing up my skincare, especially when the seasons change. With this in mind I wanted to show you the latest products I have found myself reaching for as the winter chill makes its way in. 

First off Pureogicol Super Antioxcidate Moisturiser has had my back this week! I don't know about you, but Winter gets me very paranoid about all the impurities your skin can pick up during the day. Traffic pollution, harsh weather, all of it layers on to the skin. With the protective layer of this lovely moisturiser, I can get about my business without worry. Oh, and just because sunshine is hidden a little behind gloomy clouds, doesn't mean it can't do any damage! So with an SPF 15 my skin is fully proctected from UVA & UVB rays! Packed with green tea and grape seed extract, the skin is given a great boost and I've noticed a lovely glow too due to it being very hydrating! Perfect for giving collagen a helping hand (something this girl has become a little obsessed with recently) You can find the Pureogicol Moisturiser here 

Next up there's the NYX Pore Filler Primer. Finally my local Boots have a NYX counter so I took the opportunity give this primer a go. There has been a lot of hype about this product all over social media so I really had high hopes it would work for my skin. With the Summer gone I always notice my pores as my tan fades! This primer has come along at the right time, with a thin layer my pores are a lot less visible and my foundation stays put all day and no sign of turning orange! Always a bonus in my opinion! Grab yourself one here 

I always used to forget about my hands during the Winter when I was younger, silly of me I know! Nowadays I do love to have a good hand and nail cream in my bag, ready for me to apply throughout the day. This hand cream from RMK is very moisturising with a non greasy finish, does anyone else hate that slimy feeling on their hands?! Your hands and nails are felt as luxurious as the stunning Japanese brand. The scent is lovely, zesty, fresh and won't overpower you. This hand cream comes in a super cute trip boxset, pretty great idea for an Christmas present!  Why not take a look at their website here. Oh, and don't blame me if you spend your entire wages though! 

Finally, a trusty tin of Vaseline. I haven't had one of these for years, not since my school days. I couldn't help myself when I spotted the new Lulu Guinness design. Since then I've been hooked. I apply liberal amounts of this stuff  to my lips constantly throughout the day, but don't forget that it can be used in various other ways to help your skin. I like to apply it to help sooth my sore nose when I've got a nasty cold. Find your chic little flapper girl tin here

So there you have the latest selection of newbies I'm giving a go recently and loving! I will be working of a night edit of this too so stay tuned lovelies! 

What have you guys been trying out recently? I'd love to know XO 

Come say hi! 

*the small print , this post consists of products I have purchased and others have been very kindly sampled to me. 
Please note that the opinion and wording of this post is by yours truly.
I would now like to thank the lovely PR Companies for sending me these beautiful goodies to try out, thanks a million. XO

Friday, 11 November 2016

5 Things To Do This Weekend

I know all you little sun babies are going to hate me for saying this, but with snow in some parts of the U.K..... Winter is on it's way! Now, don't fret, here are a 5 things to do this weekend to really get you into the spirit of the most wonderful timeeeeeee of the year!! ahem... Sorry about that, a tad premature I know... 

1. Berry Nails
Colder months call for dark cherry, berry and plum nail manis! If you're local to the Eastbourne area I recommend Essential Beauty Salon. Lovely staff, peaceful setting and a top notch manicure that lasts and lasts with proper care! 

2. Splurge On Cashmere
Don't freak out now, I don't mean spending an absolute fortune. I found these b-e-autiful pj set with a mix of cashmere. Super soft and mega cosy, perfect for those chilly nights. Take a look at my favourite pair here

3. Take An Hour For Yourself
This may be the mum in me talking, but having one entire hour to myself, I mean completely to me and my thoughts would be bliss. Give it a go yourself, start that book you wanted, or even catch up with those blogs and YouTube videos you've been missing. If you need some help on the blog front, I'm a teeny tiny bit obsessed with this one. Don't forget to grab a cuppa and wrap up under piles of blankets. 

4. Prep Your Home
Now, I don't know about you, but having your house smelling totally gorgeous is the best. Stepping over the threshold when your fingers are so numb it hurts to move them and you spend a least 15 minutes peeling off the layers. When you have a beautiful scent filling your home, it makes it all the better, I'm obsessed with these.

5. Netflix Binge
I say Netflix, I mean The Crown. Everyone, and I mean everyone is talking about The Crown. With good reason. My goodness it is the best thing I've watched since Doctor Foster. The type of tele you can watch for days and never get bored. Cinnamicly brilliant, perfect costumes and the casting so accurate, you feel as though you're watching a family video of the Royal family. 

There you have it, 5 simple things you can do this weekend to really get into the fast approaching Winter. What are your plans for the weekend? XO

*the picture featured above is from Pinterest 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Is it a Crime not to Prime?

Primers have become a bit of a neccessicity to my own makeup routine. I've been known to start over if I forgot to prime in the past. It was after reading that talented Kardashian favourite, Mario Dedivanovic claims he never uses a primer. 

Resisting the urge to scream in horror and consider Mr Dedivanovic had lost the plot, I gave the no primer idea a go and to see if it was a crime not to prime... 

The first thing I noticed was how I had to blend my foundation in to the skin more to achieve my desired finish. Which I suppose isn't so bad, but for someone who needs to look 'made up' in less than 30 minutes, I found this some what annoying. Perhaps something to save for when I have spare time. Having said this, the extra time I took for working my base into the skin saved it from sliding off my face and by the end of the day still looked pretty flawless. My pesky pores, although visible, didn't look as terrible as I'd imagined. My T-zone however was shinier than a glazed doughnut, something that my trusty primer obviously helps with.  

Finally, I gave it the photo test. My goodness, that wasn't a pretty sight. Every blemish and pore visible... Even without zooming! Terrifying. The blurring effects of primers are something I never really thought about prior to my experiment, but clearly they do a great job of making my skin more selfie friendly. 

So, although this little trial, sans primer, was a quick one, I can safely say my love for a good primer will stay strong. However, I won't be as worried if I have to give them a miss for the day. Usually taking whatever Mario says as gospel, these results have thrown me a little... But what you've got to remember is that makeup is personal to you and whatever works with someone won't necessarily work for you. Playing around and experimenting is half the fun anyway. 

What do you think about primers? Love them or leave them? I'd love to know XO 


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

What happened to the Ugly Duckling?

Who doesn't love the children's classic? Poor little duckling bullied for her looks, only to bloom into a stunning swan. This story gave all adolescent girls a small glimmer of hope, the light at the end of a tunnel filled with acne, bad eyebrows, non blended shadows and orange foundation. Yes you'll look back at old pictures from behind embarrassed hands and shrieks, but my goodness, it certainly is a proud moment to see how far your makeup and beauty routine have come! 

With this in mind, I can't help but look at today's teens with my jaw hitting the floor. I was sent a picture by a friend of a stunning relative. I gazed in wonder at the chiselled cheekbones, subtle highlight and immaculate eyebrows, yes I was dying in a pool of envious admiration over just how flawless she was, did I mention this girl was 15? Yep. I am 13 years her senior and I'm pouring over this picture as though she is some celebrity of a similar age... What? How? Why? Was there a lesson I missed out on at school? How have this generation skipped the awkward, ugly duckling stage? 

It'll be easier for me to point the finger at social media, celebrity influences and magazines, or could it be that this bunch are just more clued up? Not to sound like a total grandmother, but back in my day inspiration came from the popular types in school. In my school, even the colour choice of your year 10 jumper would mean the difference between social acceptance or social suicide. All eyes were on the 'cool kids' and we'd all follow religiously, never really straying from the herd in search of any unique and original inspiration. Bare in mind this was years before the iPhone was even dreamt about and your trusty Nokia would only be used to text your mum to say you'll be home late. 

These lucky teens now have the entire world literally at their fingertips. In just a few clicks they can spot what supermodels had for lunch, behind the scenes of a vogue shoot and watch a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect feline flick. Truly amazing. Does this make me jealous? No. Does it make me angry? Only slightly. I suppose the greatest feeling I have towards the whole debate is sadness. These girls have missed out on the right of passage. No cringe worthy pictures, no hilarious stories to share and no embarrassing memories to chuckle to themselves about. These little ducklings with their airbrushed foundation and on trend lipstick will simply grow into equally perfect swans. All this (slightly) older, late bloomer of a swan can do is watch from a distance and applaud their effort and skill.

Question is, would I do it all over again with all the knowledge I know now? Don't count on it. Yes the pictures make me die inside. But even to this day, I've never felt as good as I did whilst getting ready for school. Piling on layers of pale purple eyeshadow. Sweeping on my favourite, extra sticky glittery lipgloss. Or even using those tiny sparkly butterfly hair grips to really jazz up my pony tail. Yep, I felt like the bee's knees and I'd leave the house ready to take on the day. Without a second thought about my bare eyebrows.... 

Do any of you look back at old photos?
 I'd love to know!