Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Morning After With Simple

I can imagine that tonight will be full of laughter, bubbly and dancing. What a great way to see in 2017. You may wake up tomorrow with a bit of a sore head and aching feet. Perhaps that glittery eye make-up look just wouldn't budge and so resulted as some left over smudges on your pillow... not really a good look... I've been there too, don't worry. 

So with this in mind I wanted to share with you a couple of products I've been using recently that remove every single last bit of make-up. Super quick, gentle and simple (see what I did there?)

First off there's the Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil, made from natural grape seed oil and packed with vitamins A and E, this oil dissolves all impurities and make-up is melted away. Gentle on the skin with deep cleaning results your skin will look restored back to it's best. Considering this is a cleansing oil, no oily residue is left behind and your skin feels completely hydrated without any irritation. Perfect! 

Next up there's the Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover. I personally love products you have to 'shake to wake' and this remover provides fabulous results! Once you've shaken the mixture together the oil will help the product glide over the eyes with ease with no nasty tugging and the purified water will dissolve away your make-up in one sweep, even waterproof mascara and stubborn glitter! The eye area is very delicate so the fact you can remove every bit of make-up without stripping the skin or causing irritation is a huge plus in my opinion. Containing all sorts of vitamins it also looks after your lashes too!

So there you have it, a little duo that will give you a squeaky clean face so the only thing you need to worry about the morning after will be how to stop the floor from spinning... 

You can find these Simple products in all sorts of stores, Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets. So grab them when you are fencing those last important bits before your big night. 

How are you all spending your New Years? I'd love to know. XO

*the small print: The products featured in today's post were kindly sent to me to try. However the opinions and words are by yours truly. Thank you very much Simple! 

Friday, 30 December 2016

How To Get Your Legs Ready For New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is just one sleep away, you've got the special dress, got your midnight smooch parter and have an idea of how you want your makeup. Tick, tick, tick. Oh, but wait a moment... that oh so special dress is a little more leg flashing than you thought. Your little pins scream winter, pale and a little on the hairy side. (Hey, no judgement here, that's what tights are for!)

Never fear, as here is a couple of tips to get your legs New Year ready.

1. Have a luxury soak
When my skin is feeling beautifully pampered I find myself to be in a fabulous mood. Why not spoil yourself with a lovely bubbly bath before you start getting ready for your big night? It's not secret I'm a huge fan on Lush bath products, why not try one on my favourites here.

2. Scrub
Buff away those dead skin cells and get those legs glowing like new! It's a great way of banishing any left over fake tan too. I love the smell of the Jo Malone scrub and with the added benefit of Vitamin E will really help your skin to look it's best! Get your scrub here.

3. Shave Mouse
I don't know about you, but I really notice a difference in my legs when I shave without using a mousse. They always feel dry and that dreaded stubble seems to return in minutes! I've been loving this Soft & Gentle 2 in 1 Shower and Shave Mousse. You can try it for yourself here.

4. Tan
Having a pair of gorgeously bronzed limbs will set your NYE outfit off perfectly. I've recently tried this fake tan from Kiss. The application was easy, quick and developed into a beautiful natural and even finish. I'm in love and the staying power compared to other brands I've tried is remarkable! If you haven't got the time to apply the developing product, there's a brilliant instant tan too! Oh, and it has a lovely mango scent, no biscuit smell! Take a look for yourself here.

5. Moisturiser
Applying moisturiser to your newly tanned legs will make the skin a super soft and extra healthy looking. I love popping on Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Souffle Body Creme as the fragrance is so stunning you will be smelling delicious all night long! Oh, and don't forget to pop from lotion on your feet to allow them to last in those new heels!

6. Gloss
Try adding a strip of highlight down the middle of your legs, this will make them appear longer, shapely and just down right sexy! Why not team Palmer's Body Gloss with a little of this Topshop Glow Highlighter Pot for the perfect finish.

7. DIY Pedi
Local salon fully booked? I feel your pain... Not to fret as Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel gives you salon fresh looking toes and all done by your own two hands! I particular love this shade here.

8. Final Touch
To give your legs the finishing touch, spritz your favourite perfume on the backs of your knees. Oddly enough this spot is a pulse point, where your veins are closest to the surface of your skin. The more heat they let off the more your perfume will last! I'm loving this one at the moment.

There you have it, your pins are ready to dance in 2017!

What are your plans for New Years? I'd love to know! XO

*the small print: some of the products featured in today's post were kindly sent for me to try. The opinions and wording however are by yours truly. Thank you to the brands/ pr companies for sending them over! xo

Friday, 23 December 2016

10 Things To Get A Mum That Won't Cost A Thing (or cost very little)

I realise I wrote a similar post last year, but this sort of popped into my head and figured I'd share these ideas with you. Now, this post doesn't necessarily need to be tips on what to get for mums, but will work with anyone, just add a different twist! 

If you are anything like me, Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. I swear it was only September yesterday. So if I'm feeling the pressure of time running away from me, I expect a few of you are too... perhaps a few more of the male variety... not that I'm stereotyping of course, but you boys do love to leave it to the last minute... 

So here are 10 different ideas for a mum this Christmas! Perfect if you've run out of time and pay day is just too far away! 

1. Make A Christmas Story 
Create a Christmas adventure staring the whole family and use inspiration from the children's favourite stories. You don't have to be the next Monet or Oscar Wilde, just grab some stickers, crayons and paper and let your imagination go crazy. She will love how personal and sentimental it is. 
Still stuck for a story line? Perhaps have some naughty Christmas elves pinch the turkey and you all chase them to the North Pole which results in a festive feast with Father Christmas.... There you go, you can have that one if you like, I won't mind.. 

2. Breakfast In Bed 
Now, I understand if this may not go to plan with children around. However, if you have a little one, who doesn't really understand yet, or perhaps older children that could help you, this could be a brilliant treat for the morning. The breakfast can be as elaborate as you like, pull out the stops and cook her up a storm, or just some simple tea and toast. She will be so touched by the thought and will start off her Christmas Day in a perfect way.  

3. Make Her Queen Of The Day
Grab a cereal box, some tin foil and a pin. Cut a star out of the cupboard, wrap it in the foil and add the pin so it can be added to her top. There you have it, Queen of the day badge. This can mean anything you like, whether it be she totally relaxes and you take the lead with everything, or you surprise her with treats throughout the day, the opportunities are endless. 

4. Christmas Performance 
This idea is brilliant for children who are old enough to want to get their parents a present, yet don't really have the funds. Depending on their age, you can leave the idea up to them, whether its a song, play, dance or poem. If they are a little younger, then jump in with a helping hand. She will be over come with joy and you'll score extremely high on the brownie points for sure! 

5. Pottery Painting 
Take the children to your nearest pottery painting cafe and create something beautiful. If you are local to the Eastbourne area, head to The Art House. If you've left it too late, but like the idea, you can always head to your local supermarket grab a mug, some glue and glitter and create it yourselves at home. 

6. Picture Frame 
Mums, rarely feature in photos as they are usually the one behind the camera. I always love natural, non staged pictures best. Why not try and snap a few secret shots of her and the children together then print it out and pop it in a frame. It'll be a perfect surprise for her and will no doubt take pride of place in your home. 

7. Get Baking 
You don't have to be a Mary Berry when it comes to baking, but why not get the kids involved in baking mummy a treat for Christmas. From Rice Krispy treats to shortbread, anything will do, you can even cheat and grab some easy home baking mixes. I love this one

8. Fill A Jar 
Fill a empty jar of notes from you and all the family. The notes could be anything, from what you love about her, favourite memories, or suggestions on day trips you could all do together. You can do as many as you like and could maybe become a new Christmas tradition. 

9. Draw Out A Treasure Map
Send her round the house on the hunt for some pirate treasure. You can print a picture out at work or hand draw it, depends on what you are most confident with. Use an old tea bag and rub it over the paper to make the page look like an old scroll, and perhaps burn the corners off a little to really make it look authentic. Write out clues to take her from place to place until she finds the prize. The treasure can be anything you want. Perhaps a basket with a face mask, flowers, hot chocolate sachet, a new nail varnish. Just a collection of little things she will love, and that you can easily grab at the supermarket on your way home from work. 

10. Build Christmas Den
This can be a family affair or once the children are asleep. Grab all the cushions and blankets you can find, turn off all the lights and let the fairy lights of the Christmas tree add a cosy glow to the room. Pop on her favourite Christmas movie and snuggle down with a hot chocolate, or perhaps a mulled wine? It is Christmas after all. 

There you go, a collection of ideas you can do to make her feel special this Christmas. You can choose your favourite or go crazy and do them all. I'm sure whatever you decide she will be very touched by the thought and effort you've made. Oh, and there's nothing stopping you from doing these for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's too. 

Let me know if you give any of these a go! XO

*the image featured above was found on Pinterest. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How To Get Party Hair With TRESemme

Party season is here! You've got your work do, your partners work do, the annual Christmas girls night out, the small get together, the family gatherings. The list is endless, you social so and so. 
You've spent a small fortune on a sparkly party dress that you will get a good number of wears out of, but worried of looking the same in every picture that is snapped of you during all the celebrations. 

Not to fear, as TRESemme are here to help with a selection of gift boxes containing a variety of their best products to help you achieve the most perfect Christmas hair do. Admittedly, these boxes would make fab presents, but for me, the handy sized products are a brilliant way to try out various styles without spending a fortune. To make things even better, the boxes come with tutorials on how to achieve different looks. How handy is that? Sort of like a helpful Christmas hair elf! 

First of all, there's the TRESemme 7 Day Smooth Wash Bag. Inside the bag you will find a 50ml Shampoo, Conditioner and full sized Heat Activated Treatment. This little trio will give you sleeky smooth locks, the perfect look for a beautifully conditioned straight style. You could also always pull it back into a low, Kardashian-esque sleek pony tail. This is a brilliant kit to take with you on your christmas travels as the wash bag is a great size and has a heat resistant panel for resting your straighters on.

Next up we have the 24 Hour Body range. With a Shampoo, Conditioner, Hairspray and the sweetest paddle brush I have ever seen. The tutorial for this collection is a voluminous half up, half down. Using the paddle brush when blow drying your hair will make your hair dry smooth.Take horizontal sections of your hair near the crown and spray with a little of the extra hold hair spray, then using the paddle brush again to gently backcomb to add lift. Work through to the midpoint of the top of your head. Smooth the top surface of the hair and gather all your hair at the back of your head, secure the hair with bobby pins and ta dar! One stunning, voluminous half up, half down look. Team the hair with a cat flick eye and ruby lip for a modern twist on this retro look. 

Finally, there is the Beauty-Full range which contains full size bottles of the Shampoo, Conditioner, Volume Maximizer and another handy size brush. This innovative range asks for you to use the Conditioner before the Shampoo for outstanding, beautiful volume! Teaming it with the Volume Dual Maximizer will allow you to achieve a stunning Hollywood red carpet waves. Trying using the Beauty-Full range with rollers, curlers, straighteners, anything you find easiest to have waves and curls that will defy gravity and last all night without going flat! Of course you can also use this range for the half up, half down look as I mentioned before too. 

So, with the help of these handy little gift sets, you are all sorted for the festive parties. With all the compliments you'll receive for your perfect locks you could always leave a lovely surprise under the tree for family and friends too! You can find the products here. However, I wouldn't hang about for too long as they are going fast! 

Have any of you tried any of the TRESemme range mentioned today? Which styles do you achieve with them, I'd love to know! XO 


*the small print, the products featured in todays post were very kindly sent to me to try. However, the wording and opinions are all written by yours truly. Thank you TRESemme! 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Coconut Lane Favourites

I am totally obsessed with Coconut Lane. It has become my go to when I have a friend's birthday coming up and you can bet your bottom dollar that Father Christmas will have a sleigh full of treats from there too. 

Besides the fact I want to buy the entire collection, I've popped up a couple of my all time favourite pieces you can find online here. Of course, if you do have your eye on something, don't forget to use my code for 20% off roguelipstick20. 

Oh, and let me know what you decide to get, I'd love to know. XO 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Bath Time With Radox Kids

Bath time has recently become a bit of a dreaded thing for me, at the end of a long trying day, to then have Zara scream the place down about getting washed was the cherry on top of the cake. 
So when I received a couple of Radox bath time products I was interested to see if they could have a positive effect and turn bath time into something wonderful? 

First off, the bottles, besides the bonus fact they had Star Wars and Elsa on the front, the pump tops are so incredibly handy to use. Something I had never really thought about before. With me usually feeling like an octopus, having one hand out to stop Zara climbing out, one hand to open to the top to then have two spare to squirt the shampoo then massage it in her hair. This, compared to a shift pump and all that stress is over and with the fact the rose scented bubble bath creates some impressive bubbles, Zara much prefers to be sat down surrounded by them and has learnt that kicking her legs creates even more bubble friends. Quite the transformation, I don't even mind the fact I get soaked. She has recently taken a liking to grabbing the bottle and trying to pump more product into the bath herself. Something I can imagine as she gets older will be a great way of growing independence, especially when using the hand wash available too, find that here.

The formula of the Radox Kids products are extra gentle and dermatologically tested which leaves my little ones skin clean and super soft. The scents are lovely too and after using the apple fragranced shampoo I find myself sniffing her hair constantly! Speaking of the shampoo, her luscious locks are left soft with a healthy shine. Her little ringlets seem to bounce along as she runs riot looking like she has just stepped out of the salon! However, I've learnt that you don't need a lot of product as it can weigh down her fine hair and look a little greasy after a while, but that could be considered a bonus too as you won't use up the shampoo too quickly. 

So, as if by magic, bath time is no longer a formidable ordeal. Instead, she now cries when I take her out... These toddlers aye? You can grab yourself a bottle or two of these in most supermarkets and I believe they are currently on offer in Superdrug here

Have any of you tried Radox Kids before? Let me know if it transforms your bath times too. XO

*the small print: The products featured in this post were very kindly sent to me. The opinions and wording are by yours truly, with a little help from Zara. Thank you Radox for allowing us to test these out! 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Collection

The craziest thing happened to me last week, I received a package that allowed me to travel back in time, right the way back to 1996. Yep, back in the early days of Urban Decay, a 
whole 20 years ago. With some shades that haven't been seen for over two decades, I was super excited to step back in time with this Vintage line up. 

Amazingly, the shades are still totally wearable, yes even the blues! If you aren't confident 
enough to give the blues a go, try mixing them with the other shades or perhaps layered on top of a dark berry lip liner for a cool toned pout? 

With a beautifully conditioning finish to the lips, these buttery little lovelies are a fabulous new (vintage) addition to your collection. I gave the shade Roach a try for the day and found the formula very comfortable to wear, not in the least bit drying. Quite the contrast to some of the new lipsticks now available on the market recently. 

Compared to the super pigmented liquid lipsticks around nowadays, these lighter formulas are a very welcome break. Still packing a punch without the dangers of becoming impossible to remove. It's as though Urban Decay read my mind and so relaunched these classics as a breath of fresh air in a world full on thick, heavy Kylie Jenner Lip Kits... 

All in all, these have provided a fabulous trip down memory lane, with even the packaging keeping hold of it's original look. There will be a huge demand for this selection I am sure of it, so grab yours now, you'll regret it if you don't. Take a look at the full range here

Have any of you tried the Vintage Vice Lipsticks? XO

*the small print: The products featured in this post were kindly sent to me. However, the opinions and wording are my own and written by yours truly. Thank you Urban Decay sending these to me to try! 

Monday, 12 December 2016

My Top 5 Independant Children's Companies

I don't know about any of you, but since having a baby I've become rather soppy.... anything I buy for Zara somehow feels extra special, this usually leads me to go on the hunt for independent shops that stock a selection of pieces you wouldn't necessarily find on the high street, if they are hand made, even better! 

So I thought I'd share with you my favourite selection of independent and local companies I'm obsessing over at the moment. 


Now this online store only opened recently, but I'm already a fan. The fabric choices are totally adorable. Boy, girl, unisex, anything you look at is beautiful and all handmade in East Sussex. They provide a number of accessories and leggings that have the durability to survive lively three year olds! My particular favourite are the handmade teething rings, the ideal thing if you aren't a fan of the bright, garish plastic ones you find everywhere. You can find their website here, but also take a look at their Instagram for sneak peaks of upcoming products and snaps of the owner's cute two boys! Having achieved so much already for a fledgling company, watching it grow is something I am so excited to see!


I have no doubt written about this company before, but it is still a firm favourite. Super comfortable fabrics and beautifully made. The owner Sophia is a one woman show and puts so much detail into producing unique pieces, all whilst looking after her toddler and expecting her second! The images featured on Instagram are also stunning and you manage to get a behind the scenes look at Bluebird HQ which really adds a personal touch to the company. Take a look at the website hereHowever, be prepared to have a tot looking more fashionable than you. 

What A Curly Life 

Now, I've got to be careful here, as once I start talking about this shop, I honestly won't stop. What a Curly Life is a selection of handmade cuddly creatures. I don't know how it's possible to stitch an toy and have it looking so adorable with so much character! I generally think these come to life whilst you sleep. From tiny hand sized friends, garlands, mobiles and even larger companions, these are something to get your child and watch them to become friends forever, it's taking all my will power to not buy one for myself, all I seem to do is like every picture on their Instagram. Take a look and fall in love with these adorable critters here

The Little Natural Co. 

This store is how every children's store should be. Bright, colourful and full of wonderful organic garments and products. The owner's daughter featuring on the shops Instagram as the most perfect little model, showcasing the selection of things available, you feel the need to buy everything, literally everything, even the shop fixtures! If a trip to Lewes is a little too far for you, you can find everything on their online shop here. Don't blame me if you spend all your wages though.... 

Velveteen Babies 

Whilst I was pregnant, 80% of my time was taken up by imaging how I would decorate my daughter's bedroom. You can only imagine how beside myself with excitement I was when I stumbled across Velveteen Babies on Instagram. Chock full of the most astonishing garlands you will ever see. From ice creams to grizzly bears, you will find the perfect one for your decor plans. No baby room is complete without one! Take a look at their selection here.

So there you have my top 5 children's brands that I can't stop thinking about. It is so important to support independent and local companies in my opinion. You always receive great service, beautiful products which are always delivered in the best packaging! Something this sentimentally soppy mummy adores!

Have any of you got any favourite stores for children, I'd love to know! XO 

Friday, 9 December 2016

5 Things To Do This Weekend

The weekend is here again, can I get whoop whoop?! So whether you have plans or are a little stumped for ideas, here are 5 things I plan on doing, or have done this weekend. 

Luxury Bubble Bath 

How gorgeous does this Laura Mercier gift box look? It screams Christmas present, but if you're like me, you may feel the need to test it out first. The delicious almond coconut scent is to die for and will last forever when you use the bath milk and body wash followed by the body creme, pure heaven. All the products leave your skin so soft and moisturised. I'll defiantly grab another as the perfect surprise on Christmas morning for someone special. 

Girly Night In

I had my group of girls round for a relaxed night in fuelled by mulled wine and a baked camembert recipe I found on The Londoner. I lit all my favourite candles and even used a trick of popping a Youtube video of a open fire onto my living room TV. Sounds odd, but it instantly added warmth and amped up the cosy factor! The evening was spent laughing and chatting and there was not a crumb left! Great idea for a freezing night when the thought of leaving the house is too horrible to think of. 

Hair Pamper 

With my greys worse than ever, I find that I have to dye my hair a great deal more now. It pains me to see my chocolate tone turn red as the pigment fades, not ideal. This can become a thing of the past now thanks to the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask. Packed with almond butter, licorice and buriti oil, this nourishing mask will leave your hair super soft and undesirable mahogany tones are banished. The best part is that it's totally mess and hassle free! There is a selection of shades to get, so why not give your locks some TLC, you'll really notice a fantastic difference. 

Spring Clean 

I know, wrong season. But with the move around of furniture to make space for the tree why not do a little decluttering? The timing is great as you will no doubt be drowning in more things to find a home for after the big day. Get yourself organised and chaos free so the only thing you need to worry about this season is not burning the pigs in blankets!

Country Walks 

A friend of mine was telling me all about her weekend away to The Cotswolds. I must admit, it sounded totally dreamy. Nothing but walks and country pub pit stops. Why not set off on your own adventure around your local country villages? I'm going to grab my favourite trainers and head out myself.... don't worry, I'll have some wellies with me too for extra muddy areas! You can get similar nikes from Liberty here.

What are you lovelies up to this weekend? XO

*the small print: Some of the products featured in this post were very kindly sent to me. The opinions and wording however are all my own. Thank you to the companies that sent me the products to try. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How To Really Spoil Him This Christmas

I'm not going to lie to you all, but shopping for men can feel so limited at times. I feel as though my poor dad has received countless socks, ties and biscuits during Christmas past. Us girls are super lucky with the huge variety of treats we can receive! 

So with this in mind, I made it my mission to find something that be brought for any man over 20 that they will undoubtedly adore... You know what, I think I found it.... 

Barbeshops have existed since Ancient Roman times believe it or not, usually a place to obviously get a weekly trim, but also a place to relax and gossip of the comings and goings. Time has flown by and it's safe to say that a Barber's still holds a special place in a fella's heart. Whether he visits his Barber religiously, or once in a while. You can bet he throughly enjoys his time whilst he's in there. 

Murdock London is the ultimate brand when it comes to male grooming. From the products you can buy, to the shops and even the services available. Murdock are the leaders of the barbering world. You can only imagine how excited I was to find the most handsome little package waiting for me one afternoon. Obviously the products I found in the box wouldn't benefit me, but I got a tad giddy at the thought of casually handing over the goodies to my chap, who happens to be a barber himself. It's as though I was passing over a key to a secret, exclusive club. The trio of products found in The Gentleman's Shave Set allow a close shave using an oil and balm to keep the skin moisturised, nourished and left feeling super soft! This is only one of the variety of sets available, you really are spoilt for choice! Take a look at the fabulous collection of gifts here 

Needless to say, it was Christmas come early for him. What about the other out there with facial hair? Well, Murdock have you covered there too. With their website full to the brim of every beard, shaving, skincare products you could ever think of, you can certainly find something that will be the ideal present. There is also tips and videos to watch, as well as features on The Murdock Man page. The best part of all, is the opportunity to book a service in one of their beautiful shops. I personally had a peak at the shop in Liberty and thought it was simply stunning, I wouldn't blame my chap for wanting to spend hours in there. 

So if like me you were at a loss this festive season of what you can leave for the man of the house under the tree, I most certainly recommend giving him the Murdock Treatment. A chance for him to feel totally spoilt and in touch with a tradition that has developed over centuries. Not to mention being considered the most outstanding wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter!

Have any of you got someone a Murdock goody before? I'd love to know XO 


*the small print: The product featured in today's post was very kindly sent to me, the opinions and wording however has be written by yours truly. Thank you Murdock! 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

When A Veggie Pouch, Saved My Bacon...

Making sure my daughter has her 5 a day is something that has taken over my life, I honestly don't know what I thought about before I worried about this....constantly. 
Packing a newly weaning baby with veggies is super easy, its all mushed up purees after all. It's once they get that little bit older that it becomes tricky. I'll admit it is quite funny when Zara will blow raspberries and screw up that tiny nose of hers, humour aside, how on earth can I get her to eat her greens?! 

You can only imagine my excitement one morning when a super cute package arrived on my doorstep. Piccolo's new vegetable pouches have sprouted! Something I have never thought about before, but all other pouches always seem to have some form of fruit with them. Great for sweet taste and will no doubt be finished in seconds. Would these all veg pouches become a new favourite of my toddler? 

I must say the carrot, sweet potato and squash pouch was used as a post nap snack... and it didn't touch the sides, the other pouch I had an idea in mind to use as part of Zara's lunch, inspired by the recipe card included in the package. 
Seeing as she is now 15 months unfortunately one lovely pouch would only fill a hole and not be satisfying meal for an older baby. So with that in mind I got myself a pack of spinach pasta, I use this one. Once all cooked and mashed an avocado and mix the courgette, pea and leek in and create a super green pasta sauce! It was devoured and I could sit back and relax, knowing that Z was full of organic vegetables! 

I wasted no time and dashed out to stock up with these wonderful little packets, you can find them in your local Waitrose, I haven't found a flavour Z doesn't like yet!  Now my kitchen cupboards are full of opportunities for a healthy snack, or sneaky veggie addition to a meal.

Save to say, my bacon has truly been saved, by a bunch of vegetables.  

You can always follow me on snapchat for daily recipes and general baby-ness. I try and be entertaining to watch! jessieconstanti 

Have any of you given these a go with your tots yet? Let me know if you gave my super veggie pasta a go!

*The small print:
The products featured in this post were kindly sent to me for try, all the opinions and words were written by yours truly. Thank you to Piccolo for sending them to me, and Zara!

Friday, 25 November 2016

How A TV Advert Made Me Feel About Christmas

Christmas adverts are becoming a bit of a thing nowadays I feel. It's as though we all sit and wait for the John Lewis ad to be released and we all start dropping the C word (Christmas that is you rude so and so) 

2016's selection of festive ads have been rather lovely, but there has been one that's really hit home for me this year. If you haven't seen it take a look here. It's a story about a father dashing about filled with the stresses that come with this time of year, shopping, work deadlines, missing time at home, awful weather and miles of crazed shoppers to battle against. This is until he has a little thought to himself and thinks it's time to really spoil his family this year, by having him at home more. (Oh, and the song is fab too with some lovely vocals by James Corden)

Now, I don't know about you, but I have to appluade Sainsbury's for this. They've really gone back to basics and has made me totally rethink Christmas. I'll admit I feel very pressured to spend an absolute fortune on everyone, especially on my daughter. But why? Will she really understand just how much money was spent on all those presents for her under the tree? Or will ripping off the paper and laughing her head off whilst playing with the boxes be enough for her? I'm a huge fan of making memories and snap her like some sort of paparazzi. When we look back at those pictures, will she ask "how much was that toy mum?" or will she laugh a her crazy bed hair and embarrassing, festive pjs? 

I am by no way giving all you super generous lot a telling off, if you want to spend lots on your loved ones then you go ahead! But for me, having a child is an expensive life choice and would rather spend a majority of my money on various classes and a pass to our local Zoo. 

The idea of baking gingerbread men, decorating the tree, chilly woodland walks all as a family is what Christmas is about for me now. I really look forward to all these activities becoming stories we tell each year filled with warm, fuzzy nostalgia. 

I am aware that my Facebook feed will be full to the brim of parents showing the piles of presents waiting for their little ones to open in the morning. I'll admit I went a little crazy last year as the excitement got too much for me. Of course I'll end up buying a few bits for my family, this year however, I won't feel guilty about not over doing it. Thanks to Sainsbury's beautiful advert, I get the feeling my Christmas this year will be a lot more special. Just like the message in the ad says, the greatest gift to your family, is you and your time spent together.  

How are you all spending your Christmas this year? XO

*The image used today is from Pinterest