Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beauty Intern Problems

The problems of being a beauty intern have to be the best in the makeup world..

Why I hear you ask? Well as the Beauty girls are crazy busy with countless press launches and breakfasts I was asked to attend two appointments in one morning. 

I played it cool obviously, my response was calm and put together when I actually wanted to do a little jump of glee!

My first appointment was with Maybelline to be introduced to the new colours in nail varnish and lipsticks that are out. It was from their long lasting collection which also included long wear foundation (yes please!) 

I had the lovely Michelle give me a mini manicure and I decided on the pretty pastel blue available from the new collection. It's called Downtown Blue and I have to admit I haven't seen any other blue like it on the market. 

I was then colour matched and had my base finished flawlessly by THE Georgina Pelosi, who for roughly 12 years was Bobbi Browns Head MUA. George was a dream to talk to and parted with some handy tips for a budding makeup artist like yours truly! 

Downtown Blue 

Once my nails were dry and I'd finished chat tin George's ear off I dashed my way up the road to the Coty PR event that was also happening. 

Coty have a number of different brands under their care and today focused on the new nail varnish available in the various collections ranging from OPI to Miss Sporty 

Now I must admit I smudged my Maybelline mani, I know... shocking... however I was then offered a OPI one instead. Two manis in one morning? Could be worse I guess! 

I really like both colours and already have OPI's Funny Bunny, however, whenever I seem to paint my nails with this colour it turns into more tipex than fashpack chic. 

So, all in all I had myself a rather enjoyable morning! There seems to be a great deal of benefits to being a beauty intern, I could certainly get used to this!

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The adventures of an MUA

Adventures of an MUA 

Well, it started like any other normal day... I was woken up by my very heavy footed cat climbing her way up my body, she does this every morning, sort of like a furry lump of an alarm clock! 

The first thing I do is check my emails - I know, obsessive, but I always have the thought in my head that if I don't check them I'll miss out on something great! I was right in thinking this, as sitting in my inbox was an invite to Instyle Magazine UK to intern with Beauty for roughly a month. 

Needless to say I was delirious with excitement and jumped out my bed pulling out outfits from my wardrobe in preparation. The next couple days was a mist of uncontrollable chatter about all the products I could have a peek at in the beauty cupboard, the fancy office desk I would sit at and countless references to The Devil Wears Prada scenes and quotes. Yes I truly annoyed everyone with my nonsense dribble but this is so amazing for me! No amount of 'you'll just make tea' comments could rain on this Chanel painted, Tom Ford scented parade of mine!

Here are a few snaps of what my first week involved....There aren't many as I am still finding my feet and don't want to be known as the weirdo beauty intern constantly snapping. I'm sure the shyness will fade as the weeks go on and I will be some sort of Rogue Paparazzi! Enjoy Cake Lovers xo 

My view from my walk into work

Never thought I would love a desk job, but this is perfect 

Meet Celine, my lunch date

I deal with post....So basically imagine it Christmas every morning 

Couple of Foot selfies for you 

Outfit Inspiration 

What my train journeys look like 

Outfit Inspiration 

Some goodies found in the Beauty Cupboard, too gorgeous to use! Plus got myself a mani! The colour is OPI Funny Bunny 

Yes I make tea every now and then, but as the mug suggests, I love it 

The commute home 

So there you have it, a little insight to what I've been up to. For more images, keep on eye on my Instagram @roguelipstick

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty 

Couldn't have said it better myself John Keats..

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Wannabe Blogger

Wannabe Blogger...

So, it appears that I am pretty useless at this blogging malarky.. No self respecting fashion or beauty blogger will leave their blog silent for as long as I do!

Well this will stop from now, I've sorted out the logging troubles I've been having and I will handle my time in a more productive way! 

So here is a quick update on where I have been for the last couple of weeks and I have a lot more planned as I have landed myself a very exciting opportunity in the next coming weeks... keep those little peepers peeled.. 

If the donkeys or blue roofs haven't given it away, I was lucky to visit Santorini for a week. First time of being in Greece and, apart from the windy weather it was truly lovely and plan to visit again. Have any of you been to Santorini? Hope you enjoy this post cake lovers xo 

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Beauty at The Met Ball

Met Ball 2014

Now, in my opinion, the beauty of this years Met Ball was fabulous! So many trends on so many gorgeous faces! I had a little thought and came up with my absolutely favourite looks I spotted at the event. Let me know what think cake lovers xo  

Bronzed Goddess

Gisele B√ľndchen

The sun kissed hair, tanned skin and sparkling eyes is all this super model needed! Only Gisele could pull off a relaxed beachy wave and barely there makeup on the red carpet. Having serious brow envy too!

90s Grunge

Cara Delevingne

In the words of Beyonce "I woke up like this" and Cara always looks like she puts no effort into looking drop dead! The dark brown smoky eye and matte lips teamed with the curly side sweep is a cocktail of pure gorgeous!

Statement Lips

Joan Smalls

Miss Smalls has had the Sir John magic touch! Violet lips and long lashes are the perfect team especially with the sleek side plait. Stunning 

Statement Brows

Victoria Beckham

With her side sweep and earthy coloured smoky eye, Mrs Beckham looked her very best. The main focus to this look would have to be her statement brows! Who would have thought Cara could be out browed! Thumbs up VB! 

Hollywood Glam

Kendall Jenner

Of course one of the famous Kardashians/Jenners pulled off the Hollywood Glam look perfectly. With her hair up out of her face so the defined eyes and peachy undertones to her lips and blush is shown off so well. Just look at that flawless skin too!

Of course there are loads more looks that were incredible but the ones above will have to be my favourite! Here are a few more for you all. 


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