Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting to know your palettes

You are going to think I've lost the plot, but eye shadow palettes have their own characters... bare with me and let me explain myself. No matter how many you have, or how many you use, there's no doubt you have different relationships with your palettes. So I thought I'd share with you some I have with a couple of my own. 

The one I forget about // Smashbox Full Exposure Palette here

 Now, I really don't understand why I constantly forget about this palette. The colours are right up my street and look stunning on. Have to admit the shadows with sparkle in them won't be used by me a lot of the time. However, I love how Smashbox have done the thinking for you and laid out the shades in a way you can never go wrong with a look. One thing I would improve would be the pigmentation of the black, I am always after a black that really packs a punch and gives the ultimate smokey eye. 

The let down // Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette here

I had such huge high hopes about this rose gold beauty when it was first came out. The packaging alone is just stunning. I think I got this palette without really paying too much attention to the colours and whether I would actually use them.Before I knew it it was in my hand, paid for and settled in next to its fellow naked sisters (ohh err) There it has stayed collecting dust, I just couldn't think of a look, I'm not a pink kinda girl you see. With the current fashion and style of makeup being worn at the moment, I could possible change my mind....

The what did I do without you // Bobbi Brown similar here

 The tones, the shades, the packaging of this palette is right up my street. Perfect for a daytime look or a dramatic evening smoke out! I wasn't able to find this palette on the Bobbi site, however the one in the link has very similar tones. 

The too pretty to use // Givenchy here

Yes I will admit that my personal collection of makeup is enormous. I collect it, and those of you who don't understand this will think I'm crackers! I came across this palette during an internship and was allowed to take it home. I gazed at the beautiful leather inspired cover of the box for what felt like hours. Don't you think it's something you would find on the vanity of a stunning Geisha? No, just me? Well I think it's breathtaking and I am just too scared to use it, so it sits on my vanity just in eye shot for me to look at it dreamily.

The great for beginners // Bobbi Brown similar here

This palette is perfect for beginners! The colours all blend so smoothly together you can't really go wrong! Just like the other Bobbi palette mentioned earlier it also has the shades for day and night looks too.  

The Traveller // Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics here

When I pack for a holiday you can be certain that this little fellow is tucked away ready to go. Handy little size and not too bulky so the chances of the shadows breaking from being thrown about are very low. I also think that these particular shades really suit my eyes and complexion when I get myself a bit of colour! My trusty little travel buddy.

The ol' faithful // Urban Decay Naked Palette here

Behold, the Naked palette.... This palette offers so many different options of looks, you honestly do not know where to begin. For any self respecting beauty junkie, this palette will be in your collection, it's like the key to success. I know, you're thinking I'm mad, but it's true. It also has the most perfect shade of brown in it too. 

So there you are loves, any of you have the same palettes as me? What are your relationships like with them? xo 


  1. Love eyeshadow palettes, they're just so pretty to look at! I've asked for the Naked 1 for Christmas and fingers crossed I'll get it haha :) love the look of that Bobbi Brown one too! Lovely post & blog xxx

    Phoebe & Abida ||

  2. Thank you so glad you enjoyed the post! Ohhhh I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Xx