Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Festive Green

Nars single shadow in Malacca

Just look, look at this eye it not, stunning. I mean, it's the sort of shade that creates a gasp when you spy it on the counter, followed with a "oooooh", then followed with a swatch on the hand. It's when you swatch it you find it turns into a rich, dark cocoa brown with undertones of fabulous peacock greens. It has a beautiful iridescent shimmer that I feel can be used for a variety of striking looks! For me, I would love to play up the emerald green tones so use a damp brush and really pack it on! It gives a very pretty look too when just blended over the lids, simple and stunning. Not really my usual colour for this time of year but gives a festive nod to all things Yule Tide, with perhaps, an ever so tiny hint, of the famous Grinch.... 


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