Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The last minute guide to Christmas shopping

This is to all of you out there who leave the Christmas shopping until the very last that I mean.... you men out there, I know, a stereotype... But you boys are a little rubbish... So here are a few ideas for perhaps last minute gifts or even some stocking fillers for your lady. 

You can get subscriptions to almost every magazine out there nowadays, so why not get her favourite one for a Christmas treat? It's a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year too! This gift, in my opinion is great and shows a lot of thought, very easy to wrap too! Take a look at the various subs you can get here 

Now, even if your lady doesn't wear a lot of makeup, give this one a go! It is all about how you word yourself. Throwing over a designer lipstick without explanation will result in her thinking "right, he put no thought into this and just went for something expensive to show off" Yes, believe me, that's how we think. It isn't about the price tag or flashy brand, but whether you have actually thought about what you are getting. So why not try taking some time to look at some lipsticks and deciding which shade you like best. Then on the big day hand it over explaining that you spent a good amount of time choosing one you liked and thought she would like too. Perhaps you could match it up to a top of hers that is your favourite. Or even say she could wear it for a date night you have planned once Christmas is out the way. It wouldn't matter if she isn't the biggest fan of the colour, it would still be a lovely gift to receive. 

Every woman and their goldfish have a Pandora bracelet, but please don't just run in, grab a bead then run off again. Pandora also do a beautiful selection of other pieces. Take a look for yourself, the rings are my personal favourite here.   

Now, I know the situation. It's Christmas Eve and blind panic has kicked in so you just grab anything you can, really try and stay calm and trust yourself. You know your girl, and somewhere buried in your head will be all the times she's pointed out something to you whilst out and about. If that fails go with anything you see that reminds you of her and that you know she will love. From her favourite Lush bath bomb here or some amazing cashmere sock from The White Company here to even the smallest thing, like the compact pictured above. 

Taking the time to think about it all and wording yourself will be your life support during the crush in the shops. Oh, and perhaps next year, try not to leave it until the last minute....

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