Saturday, 19 December 2015

It's about the giving

This time of year can get totally out of control, the presents, the food, the drink. It's easy enough to get lost in it all and suffer with a huge January anti climax accompanied with an enormous credit card bill. We never learn and do the same the following year all over again. 

It was one evening my fella mentioned he wanted to save up his tips, find someone homeless in our area and give them the money. This got us talking, after I made a little joke of him being the next Bob Geldof (I make awkward jokes when I'm speechless) we finally decided on using the money to buy soup that we'd hand out Christmas Eve. So we've stocked up and are ready to get it all sorted, a small gesture that will give someone's Christmas a bit more cheer. Here are a few more ideas for you to give a go this winter to help our homeless. 

1. Fundraising- These events can be so much fun, literally anything can be a reason to raise money for a charity. Take a look at the Shelter website for ideas here

2. Clear out that wardrobe- Admit it, there are at least 3 jumpers you don't wear anymore... which means your friends have at least 3 they don't wear either. Get your girls together and gather up warm layers to take to your local homeless shelter, or even head out as a group and hand them out yourselves. 

3. Blankets & Chocolate- Don't worry if you only help out one person, that is still making a difference. Foil survival blankets are easy to get online here, you could get one blanket and a hot chocolate from a coffee shop and pass them on to the first person you see. You could make someone's day for less than a fiver! 

4. Handbags- I first saw this idea on Facebook. Grab one of your handbags you don't use anymore and fill it with useful bits. It could be anything, from tampons to a toothbrush. Just think of what you would like to find in a handbag and you can't go wrong! 

5. Finally, don't blank someone that speaks to you asking for change. If you are against handing money over, simply apologise and say you haven't got any spare. Just acknowledging whoever is speaking to you would feel better than being ignored, and if anything, it's just good manners.  


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