Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Current Baby Favourites

So I talk a lot about my beauty favourites, figured it was time to share some baby/toddler favourites! I love trying out new things for Zara but I do like to make sure everything I use will be gentle on her skin and tummy. So take a look, there's all sorts in this post so read on to find out more! 

Bath Time 
The Mustela Nourishing Cleansing Gel is a newbie for us and I was very excited to try it on Z. With the fact it contained Cold Cream, I knew this would be great for keeping my tot's skin well looked after, especially during this absolutely freezing weather we've got at the moment! Take a look at the Mustela range here
Now you are able to use the Mustela Gel on hair too but I found Zara's hair got rather flat and greasy quickly, so I love using the Kiehl's Baby Hair & Body Wash instead. This leaves Zara's hair super soft with a lovely gentle baby smell. Delicious! Find Kiehl's here

Handmade Accessories 
Much to the dismay of my mum, I dress Zara in a lot of neutral tones and grey. Seeing her in an outfit I would even wear makes me feel all fuzzy! I love to add flashes of colour using her accessories, especially stunning, handmade ones like the ones found on Willow and Ivy. The scarlet red leather Aurora clip has been glued to her head it feels during the past few weeks. Such a simple but stunning piece that's just the right size to keep Z's locks out of her eyes. I'm personally not a huge fan of those enormous things you can get nowadays, but the collection from Willow and Ivy are just right. I've found the clips to be smooth and very easy to pop in without any nasty tugging, my little monster doesn't even feel it, so they are a huge success! Have a look at the beautiful collection here. Oh, and give their Instagram a follow too, I swoon every time I spot their images, @willow_and_ivy 

Feeding Time
Now I know I've spoken about Piccolo before, but I still love it and I recently received the loveliest little letter from them containing little seeds for herbs to plant. I must admit I became very excited at using the planting as a little activity with Zara. As I read the information I found they are working on increasing the understanding of adding herbs and seasoning to your children's food. I love this campaign and am lucky enough to be joining them investigate more! I will have an entire blog post dedicated to this topic so I will keep you post! For now, take a look at Piccolo's site here.

When I collect Zara from the child minders I sometimes get a little keepsake they had worked on in the morning. My heart swells with just how lovely it is to be surprised with her artwork. I do a lot of colouring and crafts with Z at home, but the pictures are usually surprises for her Daddy, so it feels really special to receive something that she worked on without me. I just know I'm going to be one of the mum hoarders though... 

Story Time 
We do love a good story and are currently obsessing over Oliver Jeffer's book The Day The Crayons Quit. A story of a little boy, named Duncan who's collection of crayons have decided they have had enough, and each leave for various reasons. It's so brilliantly written and terribly funny. An absolute favourite, and the sequel The Day The Crayons Came Home is just as good! You can find both books in your local Waterstones. 

Body Care For Mummy
I know this one is a little different but I have found the Pai Stretch Mark duo to be fabulous products. I luckily didn't get stretch marks on my stomach, but I do have some on my outer thighs. The stretch mark cream is thick and blends into the skin so smoothly with a gentle scent of pomegranate. The oil also absorbs into the skin quickly and you aren't left feeling greasy and slippery. They both leave your skin hydrated and cared for, with a sort of spa like vibe, and they work too, my pesky stretch marks are a lot less visible! Take a look at their full range here

So there you have it, my current baby favourites! Have any of you tired any of the products? I'd love to know. XO 


*the small print: Some of the products featured in today's post were very kindly sent to me to try. The opinions and wording are all written by yours truly. Thank you to the PR Companies for sending me the products to try! x

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