Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Current Morning Skincare Routine

I've got a thing for skin, not in a freaky, Silence of the lambs type way... But I do have an obsession with skin and, in particular, how I look after my own. 

I've gone through a number of different routines over the years. Quite a bit has changed I must admit and I'm sure it will change again. For the moment though, this is working out for me, so read on if you wish to find out more. 

First off, I can't wake up without a splash of water to my face. Instantly revives me and gets me set for the rest of the routine. I love using a cleanser with added exfoliation to really help get the skin looking it's best. Buffing away dead skin cells and leaving my skin smooth and easy to work with. I'm loving this Clarins one at the moment. 

Then what I like to do is pop some of the Simple Hydrating Cleanser over my skin. I know, I'm doing a strange double cleanse, but my skin isn't the sensitive type and I love how calm and hydrated my skin feels after using this cleanser. Plus, if there are the little spot of rogue make-up left on, it sure won't be after this! 

Sometimes I swap the Simple cleanser for the Pixi Glow Tonic as my stage two, depending on how my skin is feeling that day. With a combination skin type you really have to play it by ear and see how it's feeling in the mornings. So on a more oily feeling day I like to pop this tonic on for a good old clean so I'm fresh and prepped! 

Next up is the eye cream. I've recently been using the Skin Chemists London Advanced Caviar Eye Serum. I know right, how fancy am I adding caviar to my morning skincare! But it's with the help from the caviar that the delicate eye area is protected from harmful rays and harsh environment. The serum rejuvenates the eyes and I instantly look rested with a brightened a smoothed pair of peepers. I honestly really notice a difference if I miss this step as my concealer looks terrible! 

From eye serum to face serum. I can't stand the look of my pores, nasty little buggers that always ruin a close up. I understand that there is little that can be done to make them disappear entirely. Perhaps you may be wondering why I even bother using the Khiel's Precision Lifting & Pore- Tightening Concentrate. Well, I'll have you know that I have noticed a difference! Though they haven't completely gone, I have noticed their appearance and size are dramatically different! Ignoring my pores for a moment, this serum has always helped with the elasticity of my skin and somehow given me some structure back into my face. So for those reasons alone, this little goody is staying put. 

The final step is moisturiser. Now I skip from various ones depending on how my skin is looking, however, I'm having a little love affair with Clarins at the moment so find myself choosing this one a lot. The Multi-Active Lotion feels so glorious to put onto my skin. It's never too greasy feeling and my skin drinks it up with complete delight. Hey, if it helps with ageing and has an SPF in it, how can it go wrong? Take a look at the lotion here

So there you have it, my current morning skincare routine! Do any of you use these products? XO 



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