Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Three Favourite Blushers

I've always been a blush fan, even when I was a teen and it was the done thing to look extremely rosy cheeked (I still can't bring myself to look at the pictures) Needless to say my blusher collection is rather vast with a smorgasbord of shades and textures. However saying this, I found myself reaching for three shades in particular recently, so thought I'd share them with you.

Benefit Cosmetic Dallas 
Now Benefit describe this blush as an outdoor glow for the indoor girl. Quite a good description if I'm honest, you can look as though you've been up with the larks working hard around the farm on horseback..when really you've pressed the snooze button an alarming amount of times. This blush is a beautifully natural tone which would suit a fair few skin tones. I find that once I pop some of this on I look instantly more alive and find it super easy to use on a "no make-up, make-up day" for shaping out my cheeks so can give the contour a miss. You can find your own here

Nars Cosmetics Orgasm 
The infamous blusher with the name that makes you giggle like a school boy. Name aside, there is a reason this blush has a bit of a cult following. This blush in particular really benefits from being applied in other areas apart from just the apples of your cheeks. The hairline, jawline and end of nose are great places to apply a light hint of product for a natural all over colour. Find your orgasm *sniggers* here.

MAC Cosmetics Harmony 
I find that I reach for this shade in particular when I'm aiming for a certain look, such as all those mauve, nude, brown you see all over Instagram. You know the type I mean, very Kardashian-esque and when teamed with a camel coat and peep toe boots will be a very on trend look. Mac themselves describe the shade as a muted rose-beige brown. 
I do love those types of looks I must admit and with this blush I can really sculpt out my cheekbones and look very polished (quite the comparison to the messy mum I look like on most days) Take a look at it here

So there you have it, the three blushers I keep finding myself reach for of late.

Do any of you use these blush at all? XO

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