Tuesday, 8 March 2016


I do love a bit of Snapchat, it's one of the apps I check on my phone in the mornings. I have a number of various, friends, family and celebs on there so it can get a bit hectic. Most of which if I'm honest I don't open, or when I do I skip through it all. However, there are a couple I religiously look for and watch every minute of, so I'd thought I'd share with you my top five favourites. 

Snap ID: desiperkins 

For those of you who may not know, Desi Perkins is an LA based YouTuber. I'm throughly hooked to her channel and totally obsessed with following her snaps throughout the day. Desi is a regular snapper and you can usually find her stories to be full of her adventures with fellow Youtuber Katy (Lustrelux), her husband being a babe and bringing her treats of morning coffee and shots of her makeup (dat nose highlight doe...) If you want to follow someone who will make you laugh, and I mean a full on, seal flipper flapping howl. Mrs Perkins is the one for you. She's honest and down to earth and doesn't try to hide away when she's having a bad day. You will honestly feel as though you are watching a friends story, she always gives mini reviews on new products she's tried that day too. 

Snap ID: sarah_ashcroft 

London based YouTuber Sarah is another snapper I find myself looking for during my morning scroll. This heart faced beauty is the best at showing you hauls of clothes and inspiration for outfits. Her style is unique and always interesting to see what she'll wipe together, usually combinations I would never think of. Daily beauty tips are featured a lot on her stories too which can be from a face cream, to even a fellow snap chatter Sarah enjoys watching herself. Oh, and don't get me started on the dip dyed mane.... that deserves a snapchat all of its own! 

Snap ID: rosiehw

Ok, if you don't know who this is, you've been under a rock! Miss HW is a super model famous for her perfect pout! In recent years Rosie has launched a number of collaborations with M & S, from underwear to now her own beauty line. Her snaps are always a variety of different things. One day it can be a sneaky preview of pieces from her sportswear line or making a mouth watering roast chicken. Oh, not to mention the odd appearance of her truly gorgeous dachshunds. Rosie's stories make you feel as though you are living in the pocket of a super model (which I guess you sort of are) and see all sorts from the trips she takes or advice she passes on. I particularly like the excuse my chap came up with for having her on his snapchat too. Interested to see if Rosie will feature a cameo appearance of her beau, Jason Statham. He must think I was born yesterday, but to be fair, I can't blame him, I'd expect everyone to follow this beauty.

Snap ID: Amrezyyy

Insanely talented make up artist and Instagram sensation Amra has got to be one of my favourite snap chatters of all time. If I see a story from her I will usually wait until I can watch it all undisturbed. Her snaps are heavily beauty and fashion based, perfect for a makeup junkie like myself. Amrezy features a number of shots of her makeup of the day, great for inspiration and the odd carefree miming to a song in the car, which is something we all do. I must warn you though, if you are of a nervous disposition, brace yourself as Amra is also know for her legendary rants which can get a little heated, I personally love to watch a Rezy Rant. The sassy New Yorker has a brilliant devil may care/ haters gonna hate attitude which is just the kind of boost you need for a Monday morning.   

There you have it, some of my current favourite snap chatters. Please feel free to give me a follow too, my Snap ID is jessieconstanti

Do any of you follow these? Let me know some of your favourites in the comments! xo 

email: jessietereza@icloud.com

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