Friday, 25 March 2016

Hairburst Review

I'll admit, I did chuckle to myself when I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Hairburst tablets....seeing as though I have a crop... However, I heard it not only helped give your hair a helping hand to grow, but also to give you, thick, luscious, super shiny locks! Just what I needed after being left basically bald by the birth of my baby! 

I got a month supply that you can find here I took two capsules a day. The packaging is bright and simple, the sort of bottle you wouldn't mind sitting on your bedside table. The tablets themselves are coated and easy to swallow, a huge plus for me!  

The price isn't too bad I think for vitamins, especially as they claim to do so much for your hair! The tablets are packed with all types of vitamins and collagen to really give your hair that it needs to stay healthy and nourished. 

I must admit, I did notice a great difference in the overall appearance of my hair, so soft and gleaming! Growth wise, I felt like I became Rapunzal overnight! My style of crop has a longer fringe which basically turned into a beautiful, glossy statement that I could style any way I wanted and look salon fresh!  

The down side to all this super quick hair growth is the effect it had on my undesirable hair (damn my Greek background) yes the tablets did mean my loathed upper lip hair and dark side burns grew very quickly. Of course, nothing a quick trip to the salon for some threading won't fix! 

So, before trying Hairburst, my hair was weak, lack lustre and had the most horrendous receding hair line. It was so flat and lifeless you could literally hear it going "meh" when I'd style it. Post Hairburst my hairline is noticeably full with what feels like tonnes of healthy hair, just a shame long hair just doesn't suit me or I would definitely keep bottles of these tablets up in my tower with me whilst brushing my long mane! 

Thank you to Hairburst for letting me try out their tablets, all the thoughts are, as always, my own

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