Friday, 11 March 2016


The trend of baking your makeup was ignored by me for quite some time, I'm not going to lie, when I saw the pictures on Instagram I laughed to myself. No way will I ever find the time to do that! 

With that said I found myself with some spare time so gave it a whirl, worth a shot as it claims to give your concealer a flawless and creaseless finish, sounds impressive huh? Here is how I do some baking! 

First off I conceal my under eye area, I use a mixture of the Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer and the Nars Creamy Concealer. I tend to use a lighter shade of the Nars concealer as it doubles up as a highlight too. Then using a damp Beauty Blender, I smooth and blend everything. Now take that same Beauty Blender and dip it into a loose powder, I use the Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, now press the powder into any areas you have concealed. For me, that is my under eye area, forehead and just below the hollows of my cheek. Don't be scared to pile it on, as it will help it work a lot more if you do.

Now you can continue with the rest of your face whilst the powder does the baking. Yes you will feel like a total numpty with a load of powder on your face, but it will all look complete in the end. 

Finally take a light, fluffy brush and dust away the excess powder. You will be left with an absolutely, stunning, airbrushed under eye and any other areas you've baked! This little trick has set the concealer to leave it all creaseless, honestly, the perfect look for a night out or special event. Truth be told though, I won't be doing this on a daily basis, but I glad to have given it a go, as now I know exactly what to do if I'm off out for an evening. One tip I would certainly recommend is using eye cream before you start or you will notice it feeling very dry. 

It's going to take a tiny bit more practise to achieve the amazing Instagram standard, definitely a handy little trend to learn though. One huge downside to it all has to be no bowl or spoon to lick after you're done. 

There you have it, my recipe for baking! Do any of you bake and have some tips to share? I'd love to know xo 



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