Monday, 7 March 2016

Mr Blanc, a new mum's best friend

Coffee, a new mum's best friend! 

If you've ever seen the episode of the Vicar of Dibley, when Dawn French sticks her head straight into a chocolate fountain, I would do something very similar with coffee if I could. So you can only imagine how awful my teeth have been stained, not a good look. 

I had seen Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips everywhere all over Instagram and wondered if it was really that good? I'd tried a number of teeth whitening in the past so you could think of me as a bit of a connoisseur. That said I'm super fussy and gentle formulas that are enamel safe are the top choice for me now. 

So let's see if this dazzling gentleman will live up to the hype!

First off, the strips are non peroxide and enamel friendly, big tick for this sensitive toothed mumma. The formula works gently to remove any unsightly stains and it claims you will notice a difference in 14 days, your little nashers could be up to 5 shades brighter! 

I thought the packaging and strips were great, no mess or fuss, perfect! All you need to do is wipe your teeth dry with a cloth or tissue, then apply the correct strip to your soon to be, pearly whites. Leave them on for about 15/20 minutes, the right sort of time for me to give the house a blitz whilst the babe is napping. The only con I would say is the residue that the strips leave behind after, however this is easily solved by a quick brush. 

I have to admit, I was astounded by the results, you really can see a difference even the first time you try them. One thing I noticed though is that if you don't press the strip properly, in-between your teeth, there is some staining still visible. I got the hang of applying the strips more successfully as the days went on and soon those remaining stains were gone too. Oh, and it's best to keep your mouth open during the progress, just try to do your best cheesy grin. 

All in all, this course has been a great success! I'm very happy with the results and my teeth are looking so white that I'm even receiving compliments on them. 

Obviously Mr Blanc is not just for caffeine crazed mums out there, they are available for everyone. So I recommend this product to anyone who wants to see results and fast, however, I would say to not just rely on the stripes to keep your teeth white. Regular visits to the dentist are important (especially to you new mothers out there) brushing and flossing your teeth daily will also keep your teeth, healthy and strong. Oh, and try to cut down on those fizzy drinks!

What with the weather becoming a lot more sunny, you really have no excuse to not be smiling now! 



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Just a note to say: Thank you to Mr Blanc for sending me a sample of the whitening strips! This post is not sponsored and all the thoughts of this review are all my own. xo 

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