Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Goddess Halloween Look

I have to admit, this look sort of happened. I was going for a eerie, spooky goddess look, pretty can be achieved so easily, but come on now... it's Halloween, the time of year you can go a little bit scary looking! So here it is, if you fancy having a go at this quick and easy look then take a look at this post, hope you enjoy it cake lovers xo 

 First things first, get your base ready! You want your make up to last all night so primer is your best friend. I also applied Chanel Base Lumiere to give my skin a glow then concealed any blemishes or uneven skin tone. You don't need to be too worried if the concealer isn't 100% matching to your skin tone as your foundation is going to be much lighter than your usual colour. 

 Once my skin was all primed and ready I moved on to foundation, I used Illamasqua's Cream Foundation in CF110 which is very light, almost white... so nothing near my skin tone. I focused the colour mainly on the areas we would naturally highlight, so under the eyes, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin and middle of the forehead. I then blended it all together with a damp Beauty Blender. Don't forget to blend the foundation onto your lips to really knock the colour out of them.

Next I took a MAC paint pot in IndianWood and did some severe contouring! Draw a curved line from your ear towards your mouth and down the sides of your chin. You want to make yourself look quite quant and frail looking, that's what makes this look a little more eerie. The trick is, if you're starting to look ill you're doing it right! Blend out the paint pot colour into the foundation and add depth with a dark eye shadow, I used Factory from the Naked 3 Palette. 

For the eyes I took a number of shadows from the Naked 3. I used Strange, which is a light cream all over the lids and then Dust all over, from the lid meeting the eyebrow and into the inner corners of the eyes onto the nose. I then used a soft white Kohl from MUA and lined my top and bottom lash lines and water lines. I blended the pencil together with the Naked 3 shade called Limit to give a soft appearance. For the lashes I used an old clean mascara wand and dabbed it into the Illamasqua foundation, then coated my lashes and brows.

To finish off my brows, instead of my brows looking grey I lined them with a white Liquid Liner from Illamasqua called Scribe. This made them look a lot whiter and bold, you of course can use a Kohl pencil but my brows are quite dark so needed all the help I could get! To give the look an bit of an evil twist, I continued the line I drew on the brow down onto the top of my nose to give the look a constant frown. To give the brows a touch of goddess I used Make Up Revolution's Awesome Metals Eyeshadow in the colour Rose Gold and used the mascara wand to brush the shadow through the brows. 

Finally, finish the look by dabbing the rose gold eyeshadow onto the centre part of your lips, then paint your fingers with a mixture of the rose gold shadow and the MAC paint pot IndianWood, don't worry about it being too neat! There you have it, one spooky, eerie goddess look. Let me know if you give it a go! Happy Halloween! 

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