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How to get the cut you want

How to get the cut you want

So there you are sat in a robe, the remains of your hair tickling your neck and dying to inch your nose when the hair dresser in a final flamboyant scissor snip says you are all finished. With a the excitement rising in your belly you take one last glimpse of the haircut you spent hours searching for in various magazines. This excitement,gone in an instant as you gaze bewildered into the reflection of the back of your head.... 

"That looks nothing like the picture I showed them, Oh my god I hate it...why did they cut off that bit? Why have I got one bit longer than I wanted? When did I ever say I wanted an undercut?" 

These thoughts race through your mind at a hundred miles an hour, yet, remarkably, you smile your biggest Beauty Queen smile, pay and leave thanking them as you go. What is it about Hairdressers that do this to us all? I can hardly think of any other profession that we pay happily for something we didn't ask for. If you were a vegetarian that was wrongly given a steak during a meal would you still eat it with a smile? Today's blog is going to be some tips and advise on how to get the look you were after without the post cut tears. 

1. Don't be indecisive- It is always best to know exactly what you are after, I find that getting images of celebrity hair styles you love to be the best and easiest way. Show your hairdresser on your phone and ask if that look will suit you. With their knowledge and training they should be able to advise you. Even if that particular style doesn't work they should match it as close as possible and explain what they will do and how the finished cut will look. 

2. Don't let them intimidate you- They may be the ones holding the sharp scissors but that does not give them the power to do whatever they may like to your hair. Remember you are the paying customer, it is your opinion you will share with your friends and so really for their reputation it should be a good one. 

3. It's ok to say no- You've had your head knocked about for the last 45 minutes, your complimentary tea is cold and your magazine is covered in hair. This doesn't mean you have outstayed your welcome and need to be booted out your seat as soon as the hair dryer is switched off. If you don't like the look of your hair, say so, ask to have it finished until you are happy. Now, if you have a similar experience as me, you may receive a look that makes you feel as though you have just slapped their grandmother's face with a wet fish. I once even got a bottom lip quiver.. Remember, you are paying for this.... you are the client and you will have to deal with styling it once you get home. 

4. Price has nothing to do with it- My experience has led me to believe that price has nothing to do with the quality of the hair cut. I have been to some over priced salons and have been totally miserable with the results. The best haircut I ever got was in a salon local to my hometown. Friendly staff, purse friendly prices and honestly, the best hair cut!

One final thing to remember, if you do fall victim to a scissor happy hair dresser, luckily, hair always grows back! It's a good idea to chop and change around salons until you find your favourite cut and stay with that hair dresser. 

Hope this short little blog post helped with some hair raising (sorry couldn't help it) issues you may be experiencing. Happy Monday Cake Lovers xo 

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