Thursday, 16 October 2014

Clinique's New Sonic Facial Brush

Everyone, the skin charger, skin charger, everyone….Right, now the introductions are out the way I’d like you all to get to know more about Clinique’s Sonic Facial Brush. Yep, Clinique have taken the plunge into the big wide world of electrical beauty tools. Boy have they done good. This Swiss made, 100% waterproof brush has changed my life, not just my skin!

I mentioned in previous posts about how the Clarisonic changed my skin, but to be honest with you, once I used the Sonic Brush, the thought of going back to using the cumbersome, heavy Clarisonic sends shivers down my spine.

The Sonic is deigned to use with Clinique’s famous custom fit 3 step, which includes a liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturiser. I’ll be honest, I actually used my liquid facial soap on my Clarisonic before I even caught wind of what Clinique had in the pipe line.

So, what you do is pop some liquid soap onto your brush and away you go for 30 seconds….yes really, only a teeny 30 seconds. During that time the soap, with the help of the brush clean your skin of any dirt and grim and all things yucky you’ve picked up during the day, leaving your skin feeling so clean and incredibly soft to touch. They recommend to only use it for 30 seconds of an evening as the vibarations are a new sensation to the skin so you don’t want to freak it out! I used mine for the first couple weeks in the evening then bunked it up to 60 seconds a day, 30 in the morning, then again before bed. Once your face is all clean and lovely carrying on with your usual skin care, you may notice how everything absorbs quicker and even your make up goes on better. Yep, this brush even helps with days that your make up just isn’t doing what it’s told.

The ends of the bristles are all rounded at the ends so that means it is so soft to the skin, good thing really as Clinique is all about being gentle on the skin, their slogan after all is “Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free.” It’s oval head and firmer green bristles get right into all the nooks and crannies your fingers could never reach.

This brush really has helped my skin so much so, I attacked the poor significant other with it, after a few huffs and puffs and mumbles of him ‘not needing it cos I’m a bloke’ I’ve caught the cheeky so and so using it on the sly! Luckily though, you can grab spare heads from your local Clinique counter. I’d probably suggest grabbing yourself a new brush head every 4 months too, oh…and take your make up before you put that brush anywhere near your face! Trust me, the moment those bristles start to look beige is more heart breaking than the ending of The Notebook…

I guess I best share with you the boring, sensible bit now, the price… For someone who went on finance for the Clarisonic, a mere £79 seems reasonable, I mean, the brush will last you at least up to it’s 2 year warranty, and I’m sure if you don’t take up practising your juggling with it, it would last longer.

I strongly suggest making your way to your local Clinique and taking a closer look at this remarkable little brush. If you ask one of the girls nicely, I’m sure they would give you a demo on your hand and face too!

Check out further details of the Sonic:here

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