Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rogue Girls

Everyone meet Louise

Like the pervious Rogue Girls I’ve also worked with Louise. I get the feeling that all us girls spoke about was beauty and celebrity girl crushes...

Louise and I bonded over our love for beauty Youtubers and would find ourselves making note of any beauty news or products we liked the look of to share with the other, generally our days were filled with beauty chitchat and a hours of laughter. 

I owe a lot to Louise for always being such a positive source of advice about anything, literally anything. I once had a self loathing moment of not being able to fit into a white jumpsuit for a staff party that evening, within minutes positive Lou came back with the response of “It’s ok, you’ll find something better, and think of how messy that jumpsuit would have got if you spilt something on yourself” Now, that may not sound like much, but it was just the right amount of logic I needed to feel a thousand times better about myself. Louise had a lot to do with me getting the courage to follow my dreams into beauty, just a daily motivational nudge from her is all I needed to take the plunge and do what I am doing now. For that, I will always be thankful.

Besides being my little motivational speaker, the girl is a beauty expert so I suggest you take note of what this stunner has to offer. Enjoy cake lovers xo

So Louise, who is your celebrity beauty crush?

Cheryl Cole! I love her eye shadow colours. I find myself taking a lot of inspiration from her as she a brunette, I also think I have quite a similar eye shade to her so that helps a lot too. 

Do you change up your make up look make up look when we get into colder months?

In the evenings I will, for the summer I love using pastel colours and highlighter, I really overload with it actually to achieve a summery shimmer. My daytime look is pretty consistent throughout the year though. 

What is your daytime look?

I attempt a flawless skin, I can’t live without NARS sheer glow foundation, I have acne scarring and it really helps cover them without looking cakey, it's a dream product! I'd then team that with a cat eye, nude lip and pink cheeks using NARS blush in Orgasm .

Which beauty brand is your favourite?

Benefit… I’m a sucker for the packaging! Their primers, blushers and concealers are brilliant.

Have you got a feel good mantra?

My mum once said; "You’ll end up with the face you deserve," so to avoid looking like an old bag at 40, I  always try to be a nice and happy person.

When do you feel most beautiful?

With a tan! I feel like I look slimmer and it makes my teeth look more white!

Share a beauty tip!

Tackle your tired eyes with a yellow based concealer on your lids, I like lemon-aid by Benefit. Then apply a light/bright pink in the eye's inner corners. Finish it off with a liquid concealer like Mac pro long wear under the eyes with a damp beauty blender.. It makes you look wide awake!

What does your skin care consist of?

Brace yourself... So, in the evenings I use a Kiehl's face wash with a hotcloth, and finish with the Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate. Then in the mornings I use a REN moisturiser. Weekly I use a clay based mask from Eve Lom, also, recently I've started getting monthly Decleor facials which are brilliant- if like me your skin is your nemesis.

What is in your make up bag?

My NARS foundation, orgasm blush, BarryM liquid eyeliner and a Rimmer mascara, I'm not big on mascara so I only have one, but I love concealers! I like Benefit's Fake Up concealer for when I'm on the run and I can't be dealing with creasing.

Rogue reckons this glowing, fresh look from AW'14 Ralph Lauren catwalk would be right up Louise's street! To give yourself a dewy base that doesn't turn oily looking, prime the face before foundation. Primer will blur out the appearance of exposed pores, fine lines and will give longevity to your makeup.  Set it all with a light coverage powder focusing on the t-zone for a natural, flawless finish. 

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