Friday, 8 July 2016

Has contouring just been executed by the Queen?

By Queen, I mean Queen of contouring, Kim Kardashian West.

For those of you who may not know, contouring is used to sculpt the face, if done correctly, you are able to reshape your face entirely. Sharpen cheekbones, minimise the size of your forehead and nose, all using products that are a few shades darker than your skin tone to create a natural looking shadow. Clever huh? Team this with a bright, light catching highlighter to the high points of your face, such as bridge of your nose and cheeks bones and there you have a perfect, contoured face. Certainly a look the Kardashian clan have become famous for.

Contouring burst onto the scene thanks to various pictures of Mrs W covered in yellow highlight. Safe to say it's been ruler of the beauty trends ever since.... until now...

During an interview with makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, Kim confessed to easing up on the contouring and instead opting on mainly highlighting her face. Strobing, as it's been called, is a bit of a controversial trend. Die hard contouring fans claim it to be a fade and contouring will regain it's throne, were others are adoring this look! Honestly, I have't heard of such devision since the black/blue, white/gold dress debate... 

So, is strobing going to be the next big trend around? I'll admit it does take half the time to get ready and gives you the most beautiful, glowing look, perfect for the summer months. Unlike contouring, strobing calls for a collection of highlights and many have taken to layering powders over liquids to really make the look pop and dazzle.... sometimes potentially blinding the public, at least that's what I go for.

Hold your horses though, don't go throwing away your treasured contour palettes as Queen K still uses a light contour every now and then... let's face it, once you discover contouring, you can never go cold turkey completely. So why not give strobing a go, you may even love the look yourself, if not, well, you tried! Let me know what you think cake lovers xo 

Oh, and I always saw the dress as black and blue... 


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