Wednesday, 28 September 2016

5 Hacks For Your Old Beauty Blender

The trusty Beauty Blender has be a firm favourite in our make up bags for quite some time now, nothing really comes close to the flawless finish. What do you do once old faithful is on its last legs and isn't performing like it use to? Well, here are five hacks to use! 

1. Cut It In Half 

I know, pure madness. But once you've sliced the sponge in half you reveal fresh new, clean surface to work with again! Hurray! 

2. Remove Deodorant Stains 

Dampen the Beauty Blender and brush it over said stains and voila, vanished! Now you LBD is safe from any threat of ugly white stripes.

3. Nail Art 

Use the BB to try out all those cute ombre nails you keeping pinning on Pinterest. The texture gives a great effect.

4. Self Tanning 

Worried about getting streaky after your Thursday night tan? Dab the Blender on any areas you think won't develop properly. 

5. Skincare 

With your Beauty Blender freshly cut in half you can always use it for applying your skin care. Using it damp and popping the products onto the sponge will help you waste less and give you a perfect base ready for foundation. You can try it with your primers too! 

There you have it, some hacks to use when the idea of throwing your beloved little, egg shaped wonder away is too much to bare. 



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