Monday, 17 August 2015

Summer Fete at Firle Place

Last Sunday I waddled my way, with my parents, to a local Summer Fete that was being held all weekend at Firle Place. It was just a gorgeous day that the thought of wasting it inside seemed criminal. So I donned some Ruby Woo lippie  and left the Boy happily waiting for the football to start.

Now, I do love a good old Fete so I snapped away and thought I'd show you what I found amongst the vintage trinkets! 

My palazzo trousers are from Bershka, unfortunately nowhere to be found online, but take a trip to your local store! 

Vintage wall paper *love struck eyes*

I went for a Creamy Caramel, sadly it was so warm that had to finish it off almost straight away...

I don't see drooling over furs in the middle of Summer a strange thing to do...

Beautiful Firle Place is open throughout the Summer season till September for cream teas and general lovely British estate visit, I have already dropped the Birthday treat hint to the boyfriend. 

The best thing I have eaten in a long time! One whole potato with a choice of flavoured salt, ranging from curry to cheese and onion. I went with the recommendation of the owner and had chicken salt. Heavenly tasty and fun to watch being made too!

Day well spent, loved looking through the rails and boxes with a slight annoyance that I couldn't take everything home with me! There literally is something for any member of the family, the proof being that once my Dad spotted all the beautiful, shining, vintage cars we didn't hear anymore grumbles of "I don't understand, its all old junk" and he really started enjoying himself. 

The one thing I would change about the day would be my outfit. I actually do have a number of vintage dresses that would have been perfect for the day, but as you can see, the bump is a little too big. With this in mind, my Mum and I have already agreed to return next year for a visit, of course with an excited discussion on what my, then almost one year old would wear too! 

Take a look at Firle Place here certainly worth a trip and be sure to bring your cameras with you! 

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