Sunday, 9 August 2015

Feel Good Smoothie

I am a huge smoothie fan, so quick and easy to get your five a day in a yummy blend! I've had a number of failures and success with this smoothie lark and my favourite will have to be this little number I'm about to share with you.

What you will need:
1 Banana 
2 Handful of spinach 
5 Strawberries (depending on size)
4 Fresh mint leaves
1 Coconut Actimel 
3 Slices of fresh mango 

You don't have to stick to the recipe religiously, I just found this blend to be my favourite. Simply pile in all the goodies and give them a whiz. I swapped over using milk to the Actimel as in my head it was a healthier choice and the coconut adds to the flavour, so really its a win win smoothie situ going on.... 

I try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible, give any of these a google and you will see they all benefit you in same way, whether its spinach for iron or mango for your skin. I love having this as breakfast, it fills me up of goodness and I feel very energised and awake. It's worked really well weaning me off my coffee addiction a little so if you are after a bit of a caffeine detox then give this a go! 

The blender I use can be found in your local large Tesco, its not hugely expensive and a great little tool to start out with if you are new to all this smoothie craze! Of course for me the dream is to upgrade to the big leagues with a Nutribullet one day, perhaps if I'm good Santa will treat me... 

Find the blender online here 

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