Saturday, 1 August 2015

50 Scents of your Man

There is something about a man's aftershave, its as though it is a gateway for them to express which part of their character they decide to focus on that particular day. Woody and mysterious or fresh and clean. Whether you are passing a chap in the corridor or standing next to him on the tube, if he smells lovely, you can't help but have a quick peak at what the wearer looks like. Of course there are some gentlemen out there that can get it a little wrong sometimes, such as emptying the entire bottle onto themselves in the morning and leaving a trail of heavy, head ache inducing scent behind.... a bit like Pepe Le Pew.

With that in mind, I couldn't help but have a rummage through the boyfriends' collection. He certainly has a favourite choice in fragrance, woody and dark, the type you don't need a lot of to last you the whole day and not be overpowering. It was after having a little sniff of all his sprays that got me thinking about how they all seemed to match, yet have their own characters. Something made me realise that aftershave can be quite a special addition to a man's outfit, or even mood he is in that morning. Something similar to how us girls fancy daring it with a red lip once in a while. So, with this idea in my head I chose my personal favourite four. They all carry similar notes of Tonka Bean, Leather, Patchouli, but seem to have their own story to tell. 

You may not be surprised to spy an Issey Miyake aftershave featuring in the favourite list! I love scents that have the power to take you somewhere which is exactly what this beauty does. Smelling this takes me on holiday, just like the time you are both getting ready for dinner. His skin smelling like aftersun and his hair still a tiny bit damp from his shower, this scent settle itself into the skin and carries itself long into the night. You will find yourself catching hints of it during dinner, drinks, then the night stroll along the beach. This aftershave has the personality that is the relaxed, calming, exotic side of your man that seems to come out once his toes meet the warm sands of a foreign beach. 

Now this guy means business, a heavy, rich scent that leaves a lasting impression. Tom Ford fragrances are not for the faint hearted, they hold a lot of body to them and need to be noticed. This is the sort of scent that I picture the better half in when we hit the town together. It's a very noticeable cologne, noticeable for all the good reasons, so intoxicating you can't decided whether its the fragrance or wine that is making your head spin. In a way you want to brush yourself up against your male companion in a feline fashion just so you can pick up the some of the scent too. Truly a seductive little number that will make you go all gooey eyed when you smell him as you leave the house in your glad rags ready for the night ahead. 

Now this fellow has a little bit of sophistication to him, the sort of smell that reminds you of having rich,dark chocolate melt in your mouth. The name really does hint the nail on the head, there is something about the fragrance that makes you feel it contains, whatever is left, of the last, true gentleman. Classic, and forever in style... perhaps Mr Varvatos has created his world famous Calvin Klein slogan boxers into a fragrance? Something that will stay a classic for years to come. 

Now, I have to restrain myself here as I fear I will get carried away with this final aftershave. How to put it in to words... This latest offering from Valentino is something that great love affairs are written about. Every romantic proclamation, sonnet, wedding vow, maybe even the smoothest chat up line has been poured into this bottle. This fragrance is not over powering, but lasts forever, it is a bit like the character of an entrancing man. Perhaps you catch his eye contact and he gives you a smile, just the right sort of smile that is more likely to make you blush like a school and not be creeped out. 

So every morning whilst I spy on my boyfriend getting ready for work, I always like to see which of his 'characters' he going to go for. The dashing Tom Ford? The iconic John Varvatos? The exotic Issey Miyake? Or perhaps The seductive Valentino? I'll look at him in a dreamy gaze, which will all be shattered as he farts with a chuckle and leaves the house. Well, safe to say, at least strangers will think he smells lovely.... 

All of the above fragrances can be found in your local department store 

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