Monday, 7 September 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

So sorry for my lack of activity on the blog recently cake lovers, the day after my last post I went into labour with my little girl! It's been a crazy time and I have never been so happy, my daughter Zara is doing really well and it feels like she has always been with us. So, back to business, this morning I had a little treat arrive in the post. 

Charlotte Tilbury's new Magic Foundation sample, just what the doctor ordered, I couldn't wait to give it a go and see how this new product will work with my new mummy skin...I've had a flare up recently which has really put a bee in my bonnet! No more pregnancy glow, but tired, red, blemished skin in its place. Reading up about the foundation it explains how the full coverage will feel weightless and smooth, just like a second skin. It is said to help with a number of concerns, such as redness, blemishes, dullness and mature skin types. With a large selection of 15 shades to choose from you can be sure to find your perfect match! 
My sample shade was 4.5 Medium which matched me rather well and I love the fact it had a warmer, golden tone to it.
Application wise, there is a Magic Foundation Brush to team with it or you can use your fingers. I cheated a little and used a Tom Ford brush that, to me, looked quite similar... but shhhhh....
Oh, and one more thing, it helps with oiliness in 9 weeks too.....

...Sounds too good to be true right?

Well I didn't really have anywhere to go today, apart from a walk in the park with my new little buddy, so I let it do all the work and kept the rest of my makeup simple. Two hours later, I was back from feeding the ducks and still looking airbrushed. Honestly, this stuff really is magic. I noticed it reduced the appearance of pores and lines with a gorgeous finish that gave the skin a beautiful, youthful look. When it comes to a foundation announcing it is full coverage, yet still weightless, I usually brand it as nonsense, only because of pervious products I have used in the past that have said the same. This however, isn't telling porkie pies! Flawless coverage, without that cakey feel and a finish that looks as though you are having a really great skin day. 

It is safe to say that I will be using this sample up until there is no drop left and treating myself to a bottle of this wonderful foundation. It wouldn't surprise me if the Gods themselves had created it...only messing, but you have to hand it to Charlotte Tilbury and her team that spent five years developing its formula, well worth the wait in my personal opinion, makes me feel guilty for wasting it on afternoon park strolls. Oh well, at least I'll look flawless for the ducks. 

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  1. Wow! It does a fantastic job in covering any hormonal acne because you look really nice in that picture! What would you say 4.5 would be in mac shade? And do you think it would hold up for sweaty ladies?

    1. Hello there, so glad you liked the post! Oh I'm not too sure which shade that would be in Mac as I've never really been successful finding my correct shade there. It has a warmer undertone so taking a long shot I'd say perhaps NC30?! But don't quote me on that! I've been suffering with some extra oiliness since having my daughter, it lasted really well one night I had recently in a warm restaurant, just needed to use some blotting sheets to take away some oil from around my nose. Hope this helps and sorry for the late reply xxx