Monday, 20 July 2015

Clinique Face Forward

Clinique's new Face Forward to be honest couldn't come at a better time for me personally. This campaign is an all over fresh start, when it comes to your skincare, and also aiming for your dreams and goals. 

I have been using Clinique for a few years now and have really noticed an amazing difference. I honestly couldn't think of using anything else, so long as I have my trusty 3 step, everything is correct with the world. 

So Clinique is a firm staple in my skin care, the other part of their campaign is something that I need to work on. Reaching my goals and making my dreams come true. Well the dream part is basically complete for the moment, I found someone to spend the rest of my life with and in less than five weeks (if she behaves and arrives on time) I'll have my very own mini me to look after. Family dream has a big, old, accomplished tick by it. Now goals is something to work on. I have heard a lot of comments from people which feature the word "can't " in them a huge amount. 

"You can't get any rest now" 
"You can't ever have a lovely holiday until she's in school"
 "Can't really have a great job anymore"
 "Can't get your figure back after baby turns up" 
"Can't have any time for just you two anymore" 

I could let these comments weigh down on my shoulders, or I can use them as a boost and show these "can't-ers" what I'm made of. So my goal is to improve on my blogging, I let it slip every now and then. I don't expect to make my millions, but I do like the idea that this little corner of this vast internet universe is all mine. There's a great feeling when I see my own snaps and posts up and out there for people to stumble across. 

So with thanks to the new Face Forward campaign I have the confidence to take on the world and have myself some gorgeous skin at the same time! 

Visit your local Clinique counter and ask for a Seasonal Skin Check to find out which of their products best suits you. Then there will be nothing stopping you. 

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