Monday, 13 July 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review

 I must admit I found myself doing a double take the day I found a picture on the Nars Instagram page hinting towards a new foundation. "Say whatttt?? They plan to match Sheer Glow? What are they smoking in that place?" 
Yes, I was sceptical, you see, I'm a Sheer Glow girl through and through, chop me in half and I'll still be Sheer Glow, Sheer Glow girl fo' life.... Get the idea? Sheer Glow was on a pedestal so high I can't even see it anymore. Curiosity however, was just too strong (it killed the cat after all) so one day I went to a little trip to Bluewater and found myself at the Nars counter ooo-ing at the variety of shades. That is one of the benefits in my opinion of buying Nars foundation, such a fantastic choice of shades!

I got matched up to the shade Punjab which is just the right warm undertone for me and I found I can use it even when my fake tan has well and truly been scrubbed off. Whilst being colour matched I asked just what the difference was between Sheer Glow and All Day Luminous was. First of all, the coverage, now this coverage is dreamy, light weight yet still remaining full without looking or feeling cakey.

Whilst I had my colour match, I asked just what was the difference was with this foundation. This little number is an innovation featuring new treated pigments on the market. It contains green pigments to counteract redness to the skin and gold to combat the appearance of dullness. Now this was right up my street. It wasn't until the makeup artist mentioned a root extract that conceals uneven skin tone that I was sold! Due to my pregnancy, I have developed dark pigmentation on my face, nothing new to me really as I suffered from acne scaring in the past. These new bad boys are in a league of their own. Two unattractive lines down my cheeks looking as though I have been crying mud, and one across my top lip that would make it very easy for me to join the circus as the bearded lady.... not exactly what you want when you are already feeling the most unattractive you have ever felt. I tired using the fullest covering foundations and even colour corrected, yet those ugly brown marks merely turned grey. The Luminous foundation however, vanished them in one fine swoop! I am in awe. 

I have found myself using a little of Mac's Strobe Cream on the tops of my cheeks under the foundation for a 'glow from within' appearance too, handy little trick if I'm feeling a little flat. The cheek contouring duo by Tom Ford is another product I've thrown into the mix for my make up base recently. Well, what's a preggo to do when you are still feeling a little green around the gills every now and then. Highlight the living hell out of your face for a disco ball gleam, it's worked a treat for me and been receiving daily "Oh you're glowing" comments.

This foundation really has knocked my socks off and has a firm spot on my vanity. Flawless, natural-looking coverage, that lasts literally all day, what more could a girl want, safe to say it now has a firm spot on my vanity. Now, you may be wondering what my relationship status is with Sheer Glow, well it's forgiven my jaunt with Luminous and there is still a firm love and understanding we share.... I guess you can say I'm having my Nars cake and eating it too.

Nars All Day Luminous here
Tom Ford Cheek Contouring Duo here
Mac Strobe Cream here

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