Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lush Cravings

The other day I fancied getting myself a treat, it is good to now and then don't you know. I went to my usual hot spots for something that will satisfy my spoil yourself moment. I tried on shoes, strolled down makeup aisles, even gazed at freshly made cupcakes. Nothing tickled my fancy, nope this craving was more specific than I had anticipated, this was a Lush craving. So I followed my nose and found myself spending, what felt like hours, sniffing. I decided on my treats and dashed home, fighting the urge to throw them all in my bath at once.

The Butterball

The Butterball smells good enough to eat, even its name makes you want to sink your teeth into it. With Cocoa Butter to leave your skin feeling super silky soft and Ylang Ylang acting as your own spa at home aromatherapy claiming the nervous system by easing stress, anger and fear. 

The Yuzu & Cocoa

This has to be my favourite of all time, I can't visit Lush without getting one! This macaroon shaped treat will hit the spot, and not the damage the waistline. Simply crumble this under running bath water if you need a little comfort. The coconut oil and cocoa will leave your skin feeling totally gorgeous, whilst the citrus oils will work away lifting your mood, perfect finish to a long day  

The Sea Vegetable 

Now, I personally can't take credit for buying this soap. I'm a bit shallow when it comes to bath bombs, you'll find me reaching for the prettiest looking or nicest smelling ones, not a soap that looks as though it's been dragged up from Davey Jones' Locker. Vain, I know... This little number was picked up by the boyfriend. I get the feeling that our recent visit to our favourite Spa has felt him feeling a bit blue having to return to work and not being able to stroll around in a hooded dressing gown. It has been seaweed this, and seaweed that and in all honesty, a relaxing bath is wasted on this man, so soap is the answer. The Sea Vegetable soap leaves the skin feeling soft with the help of the nutritious seaweed and exfoliating sea salt. It has a fresh, limey scent too which is perfect for a proper bloke's bath product. 

The Honey Bee 

This final bath bomb hasn't really not a strong smell like the others, to be honest, it was the name that got me! It has a lovely trio of products that will give the skin a bit of pampering and cleanse. Honey will leave the skin clean feeling, aloe vera will act as a soothing agent and the Rhassoul mud contains natural cleansing properties! Just what you need to feel squeaky clean and as soft as a baby's bottom!  

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