Friday, 17 July 2015

Why French Girls don't wash their faces..

Whether you like to admit it or not, the French are a cool bunch. Effortless and achingly fashionable, you almost feel ashamed for even looking at them for too long. You may be thinking to yourself after reading the title of this post.. "Well they can't be that great if they don't even wash their faces!" Well that, mon ami, is just the secret to their beautiful skin and believe it or not has become an idea embraced by the beauty world! For those of you who are already up to date with the gossip from the glossies, you will know I am talking about Micellar water. 

This little wonder product can't really be called a toner, cleanser or even a face wash. This beauty is in a league of its on, strong enough to remove your entire makeup and cleanse the skin without any need of a rinse. You are left squeaky clean without any nasty stinging or tightening sensations. How this is achieved is by the tiny round shaped cleansing agents that sweep away oil and dirt from the face. 

I must have been using Garnier Micellar water for quite a while now, I believe I grabbed it purely because it had itself a "NEW" sticker on it at the time. It wasn't until I heard more about it's qualities I really started to appreciate just how great it is! Let's face it, as soon as a product has been given the "as seen backstage in LFW" label it truly hits the big time and becomes a sort after cult product. It makes you almost annoyed that the French have been hiding it away in their notorious pharmacies for so long. 
For me personally I have really noticed a difference in my skin from using it, clean and fresh without any discomfort. Seeing my face in the mornings with just the right amount of healthy shine is a lot more satisfying than having it feel tight, and looking greasy, a look that will never be tres chic... Therefore I recommend you give it a go and do as the French girls do, ditch the face washing! 

Perhaps after that you'll find yourself sipping on coffee and tasting macaroons in Laudree, wearing an gorgeous ensemble of soft tailored, peg leg trousers and to die for loafers. Having a sultry, dark haired Parisian tucking your thick, glossy mane behind your ear as he whispers sweet nothings in to it. You'll response to him with the slightest approving head nod as you take a toke of your red lipstick stained, thin cigarette, all in one smooth move that will make him fall even more deeply in awe of you...... Then again, maybe not.... but you'll have yourself some healthy cleansed skin to be proud of, that's got to be a bonus right? 

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