Friday, 14 March 2014

The Tilbury Touch

The other day I spotted the March edition of Allure Magazine with Victoria Beckham on the cover, and my god, Victoria looks stunning! 

It was whilst I was looking at the cover trying to figure out how that amazing smoky, yet wet looking eye make-up was done that I thought to myself.. 

'This looks like it's a Charlotte Tilbury!'

Just like the super fan I am of Charlotte's work I could see it a mile off! I've grabbed a couple images from the shoot to show you all just how beautiful Charlotte's work, and of course Victoria look. Enjoy!

Have a look at her youtube channel for some great tips and inspiration for your make-up and also visit her website for her products! Hope you enjoyed the post today everyone, sorry it was brief but I had to finish before I begun screaming and collapsing to the floor in a similar style as a Trey Songz fan! Happy friday cake lovers xo

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