Monday, 17 March 2014

Desert Island Products

'If you were on a desert island, what product couldn't you live without?' Now I enjoyed playing this game, almost as much as 'What would you do if you won the lottery?' 

I found myself getting really involved in thinking about this, as if tomorrow I'll end up Tom Hanks-esque with nothing but a battered beauty blender as company on some little island. 

(wouldn't mind it being the one in the picture above though!) 

I have to admit to you all, I don't think I could handle having just one product either.. back in the day I could have survived with some lip balm, but my make-up addiction has grown to a serious state, not meaning I wear tons of the stuff, but like collecting it all and trying out all the products I've not yet used. With this addiction, I've found myself to be a bit jaded in thinking about what I couldn't actually live without, after all its all there, neatly tucked away in my storage ready to grab. So, with that I sat down and thought about what I couldn't survive without. 

I've come up with five products that if forced to use day in day out I'd be happy with what I'd look like! Yes I know its five products, but can you really expect someone with such an addiction to go completely cold turkey? Do you not remember Train Spotting? God knows what I'd have crawling across the ceiling towards me... 

Here they are, Enjoy cake lovers xo 

What would your desert island products be? 

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