Wednesday, 11 July 2018

5 Things To Do This Weekend

How gorgeous is this weather we are having at the moment? Us Brits have actually seen a summer for once! 

So with the weekend fast approaching I thought I'd share with you some ideas of what to do! Take a look and let me know what you think 

1. Declutter 
I know this first one seems a tad boring, but having a good sort out does wonders. You get a lot more space and everything fits in place better. So whether it's a certain kitchen drawer that needs a tidy, or maybe even the garden shed? You'll really notice a difference once your task is complete!

2. Breakfast in Bed 
Butter some toast, make a pot of tea and jump in bed! You could be enjoying your cosy bed to yourself, or maybe the whole family, including your pets! Just take some time to enjoy your bed, just make sure you dust off any crumbs once you're done.

3. BBQ Roast 
Finding it too hot for a Sunday roast? Well throw it all on the barbie instead! Use all the ingredients you would for your roast, but with a BBQ twist! Why not make your veg into kebabs, wrap your potatoes in tin foil and cook in the coals or rub some yummy piri piri on your chicken. Team it with a crisp salad and cloudy lemonade and you're done. Delicious BBQ Sunday roast! 

4. Get Walking
I know I say this all the time, but a good old walk is always a good thing. You can go the whole hog and hike somewhere, or have yourself a stroll. There's so much to see and I find you have the best conversations on a walk! There's also no excuse with this glorious weather too!

5. Have A Catch Up
Keep thinking how you haven't seen a friend in a while? Then get on the phone and get them round. Head out into the garden with some wine and nibbles, or chill out on the sofa and just chat, no need to clock watch, just chat and chat until your throats hurt! If they live too far away to visit then set aside some time to catch up over the phone or better yet, Skype!

Well I hope that has given you a few ideas for the weekend my loves! Let me know what you get up to! 


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