Monday, 26 February 2018

I Don't Speak French, But My Skin Does

I was terrible in my french lessons at school, never did the homework, rarely participated in class, never, really enjoyed myself. Saying that, I still had a total love affair with anything french, Paris was my dream city (still is) Coco Chanel was my idol (also, still is) I even wore Chanel perfume to school for crying out loud! 

So when I discovered the brand Sanoflore my obsession went to the next level. This wonderful collection of products, which were once only found in infamous french pharmacies, have now landed on our shores! 

During an event back in the Summer I explored a number of products from this brand were all the ingredients are organically grown in secret Botanical gardens deep in the Vercors Regional Natural Park. How dreamy does that sound?

The scent, texture and feel of these products lifted me away from the trendy London rooftop party and instead I was strolling through beautiful lavender fields in France. Sanoflore aim to provide this same experience for their clients. The chance to escape the everyday all whilst helping you have the best skin you have ever had. 

Pure, Power, Sensorial and Sustainable is their mantra and they certainly stick to it. Using the pure ingredients grown in the valleys surround their labs and allowing the power of nature to really speak for itself. Your senses are taken into overdrive when you apply any of the oils, creams or cleansers and you can enjoy them even more by knowing it is all sustainably harvested. An added bonus in my opinion in this throw away society we live in today. 

You're probably thinking this all sounds out of this world, but do these deliver any results? I kid you not, they are incredible. Beauty insiders are going crazy for this brand, and I for one am a teeny bit infatuated! Check out the whole range here. You can find anything for any skin type and skin concerns. 

I for one can no longer live without the Essence Magnifica, a night time concentrate that works wonders for my blemish prone skin. While you are snoozing it helps to rebalance your skin and reduces the production of excess sebum, the nasty suff that creates spots! Leaving you with fresh, clearer skin for the morning. It smells glorious too,  fresh citrus teamed with rosemary. 

My tired mum eyes are also looked after by using the Veritable Eau Florale soothing eye toner with organic field cornflower. I soak cotton pads and rest them on my puffy peepers and really notice a difference! Fabulous stuff! 

Finally the Aciana Botanica makeup remover leaves my skin clean and happy without any traces of make-up left behind, not even any pesky mascara! 

And for days when I need extra help to restore glow back into the skin, I reach for the Elixir des reines, or rather, the perfect skin creating concentrate. It really does give you perfect skin with an ridiculous glow. Packed with royal jelly it feels like you're applying pure gold to your skin. Pure luxury.  

So I may have only got a C for my GCSE French, but at least now my skin is fluent in the language of love thanks to Sanoflore! 

Have any of you tired Sanoflore before? I'd love to know!

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The products featured in today's post were kindly sent for me to try, however all the opinions and words are by yours truly. 

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