Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Bronzed Age

Summer has got to be my favourite season when it comes to how I wear my make-up. Colour takes centre stage and glowing bases are a must, rules fly out the window and we are all able to have fun with getting ready for the day or evening. 

I have recently changed my everyday routine lately and I must admit I'm a fan of it's speedy simplicity. Natural skin with a hint of glow and flushed hue which makes you look less kissed, and more liked snogged by the sun! You can step out your door looking like some angelic, bronzed goddess. Here's how to get the look! 

1. Firstly start with a well prepped face, clean and mositurised with a little primer if needed. Next I apply a light coverage base, like a CC Cream buffed into the face with a brush. For me, the Summer allows you to really lighten up with coverage. With this heat we've had you've no doubt picked up some colour, or have a splash of pretty freckles, why not show them off!

2.Next take some concealer and place three dots under the eye, close to the inner corner then blend in with your fingers. This is an area we are most dark so using a touch of concealer will really brighten your face.  

3.Adding bronzer with a medium to large brush to the outer part of your face will give you that Summer tan as well as adding in dimension to the your face. Bronzers usually have more orange undertones to them so I would suggest not contouring for this look. Just brush the colour onto all the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit you. 

4. Peach tone blushers are my absolute favourites for Summer, however a more natural flushed tone will work well for this look also. When applying blush take the colour from the high points of your cheeks right the way onto the bridge of your nose. Then add a dash more onto the highest point of your forehead and a little on your chin. I am obviously meaning a wash of colour and nothing too pigmented. This application will make it look as though you've had a fabulous day on the beach. A subtle change with some very pretty results! Trust me, it's a lovely Summery look! 

The rest of your face is up to you, but in my opinion keeping it simple will give you the best results. Some bushy brows and a couple coats of mascara will bring all this look together.It is so easy and quick you'll find you have some spare time to give yourself some effortless, beach waves, and there you have it... Perfect, Summer, bronzed look. 

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