Tuesday, 17 July 2018

St Moriz Tan Primer Review

I got this product on a bit of a whim whilst out shopping, as a big fan of the fake tan (oh I'm a poet..) I was intrigued to try out a formula that will benefit it's application. 

The St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Exfoliating Skin Primer preps and primes the skin with exfoliation making it a flattened and even surface, ready for the optimum base for tanning. I must admit, I was sceptical. I had visions of it leaving behind a slimy residue on the skin and creating a patchy finish. 

I was however, totally wrong! It's application was easy, just use it whilst in the shower and you aren't left with any nasty residue. It smells lovely, a bit like a suncream so you feel like you're on holiday! 
I found my tan developed flawlessly, I usually find tans to sit in the pores of my skin, especially on my chest. It's not a good look! But with the primer prepping my skin beforehand I didn't have any of that, I was able to achieve professional results at home.

3 to 4 days later I used the primer again to help buff away my fading tan without any ugly streaks. My skin was ready for a fresh tan again! I even found you can use the pro formula to work away any build up of product on those pesky areas such as your knees or ankles. 

All in all I am very impressed by St Moriz Primer! It has been designed for tanning so works a lot better than any other body scrubs I have used previously, and I still can't over it's lovely scent!

Safe to say this tube has made it's place firmly into my tanning routine! Find yours in Superdrug here, it's currently in the sale too!

Now I expect to see you all looking flawlessly tanned with help from my new favourite product! 

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